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RCSF: Volume 1 – Power

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RCSF: Volume 5 – Fang Choke & Machado Jiu Jitsu

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Krabi Krabong

The Tao of the Dog & The Why of Dog Brothers Martial Arts

written by Guro Crafty

I am often asked about the our name, “the Dog Brothers.” It can be explained on many levels, but one of my favorite ways of looking at it can be found in a newspaper article by one Jeff McMahon:

“Most actions of men can be explained by observing a pack of dogs. Not wild dogs, just neighborhood dogs who all scurry under the fence on the same night and set off together to reclaim a glimmer of the glory their species possessed before domestication.”

I think that’s right. The dog is the interface of man and the wolf and we can connect so strongly because our dynamics are so similar. Even as we change the wolf into the dog to suit our purposes, we still need its glimmer as wolf. In some breeds, and in certain individual dogs, the glimmer is brighter than others, and that is why you see an Akita named Zapata in our logo. [Read more...]

Kali For The Cage – Black Belt Magazine Cover Story

written by Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

Kali Tudo


Those motivated principally by young male ritual fighting will always be a large percentage of the martial arts world. A very large percentage of them will cease to train as they achieve whatever competitive level that they will and face the prospect of decline.

In contrast, Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) has as its mission “To Walk as a Warrior for All Your Days”. In our vision, The Path of the Warrior is a path Of Life, and it is For Life. As such, it must embrace all facets of Aggression — not only young male ritual hierarchical fighting. [Read more...]

Birmingham Seminar

written by Krishna Godhania

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May. Venue – Newman College, Birmingham, England.

Guro Marc Denny (aka Crafty Dog), the driving force behind the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association, held a unique two day seminar on his concept of the 7 ranges of stickfighting. Hosted and organized by Pangulong Guro Krishna Godhania, the seminar gave a rare opportunity to train with a modern master of the Filipino Martial Arts. This chance was taken up by world champions and beginners alike and proved an education to all who attended. [Read more...]

The Laboratory For Stickfighters

written by Burton Richardson

The Dog Brothers have taken theoretical stickfighting and thrown it right into the laboratory using themselves as the guinea pigs.

Science is a fine discipline. The quest for truth guides the scientist to look for new ideas that can tackle old problems. Years of schooling in the basics give the researcher the necessary knowledge to delve deep into his subject and produce new theories. Many martial artists take this same approach toward their respective arts. We train in the basics and eventually reach a level where new combinations, attacks, or defenses are discovered. In the realm of stickfighting, this has been happening for hundreds of years. [Read more...]

What An Experience

written by Burton Richardson
Martial art is a strange endeavor in our modern society. We strive to better ourselves and understand the art better, but we have one restriction that no other artists have to endure: we are forbidden to truly express the art to its fullest extent.

The arts that we practice are about subduing a violent opponent through various methods under the most stressful conditions when our very life is at risk. Now this is a situation that we are supposed to encounter in the first place. Urban problems do make it more likely that we will find trouble, but most people will go through a lifetime without facing death at the hands of another. [Read more...]

Mad Dogs And An Englishman

written by Paul Taylor

“Mad dogs and an Englishman beat the living daylights out of each other in the mid-day sun.” Apologies to Noel Coward for the misquote, but it seemed so apt.

IN September, 1998, Richard Killick flew to L.A. to fight at the tenth anniversary meeting of the infamous Dog Brothers. In doing so he became the first person from the U.K. to be invited over to participate in the “gathering of the Pack”.

The twice-yearly gatherings are seen as the ultimate test for the serious stick fighter and boast some of the very best exponents in the States. October’s event, held in Hermosa Beach, saw thirty-five such fighters take part and over three hundred spectators. [Read more...]

Los Triques – Budo International

written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny
Crossbreeding Kali and Krabi Krabong

SECTION ONE: Cross breeding and fear of Inbreeding

One of the great strengths of the Dog Brothers is that we have different clans. Dog Brothers are spread around the United States, Canada, and now Switzerland (and Spain is under consideration) and those who train with a particular Dog Brother and become the clan of that area under his leadership. Thus, each clan develops its own distinctive flavor.

But it was not always so. [Read more...]