Dog Brothers Are A Unique Breed

from Black Belt Magazine
LOS ANGELES-Marc Denny, also known as “Crafty Dog,” is, along with Eric “Top Dog” Knaus, co-founder and head instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts Inc. At 6-feet-l-inch and 190 pounds, Denny cuts an intimidating figure as he wields his single or double sticks in the face of oncoming attacks by a fellow “Dog Brother.” This interesting and extremely effective system has been turned down by the Ultimate Fighting Championship as “just too extreme.”

At their Gathering of the Pack, an event that has been held semi-annually for eight years, the Dog Brothers and other martial artists test their skills in “real-contact” stick fighting. This, according to Denny, is basically a Vale Tudo-version of Kali with one or two sticks. Denny says there are only three rules: “Use any attack you can think of, be friends at the end of the day, and no suing no one for nothin’ no how, no way!” The credo of the Dog Brothers is “higher consciousness through harder contact.” ? The term “real contact” is used to distinguish it from “full contact,” which usually means one or both fighters and/or the sticks are padded and some techniques are prohibited. [Read more...]

Higher Consciousness Through Harder Contact(c)

from Martial Arts Illustrated, by Terry L. Wilson

The Dog Brothers. An unusual name to be sure, but after watching these guys in action it’s obvious that they run on a different octane of testosterone than others of their species. The Dog Brothers claim to fame is that they beat each other to a pulp with hard rattan sticks for fun. “Real Contact Kali” is the name of their game and they play it for real. They use the term “Real Contact” to distinguish themselves from tournaments that use the term “Full Contact” but the fighters and/or the ticks are padded. In the early days of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, before there were rules, the Dog Brothers were approached by the UFC about participating in a special weapons event to be held between the semi-finals and the finals. There were extensive conversations held. Eric “Top Dog” Knaus, the group’s best fighter, would have carried the flag for the Dog Brothers. But after seeing the Dog Brothers in action, the UFC had to pass. In a letter to Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny, the group’s guiding force, they wrote: [Read more...]

The Dog Brothers

from Men’s Fitness, by Marc Jacobs

Iron John? Big wuss. Real me, say the Dog Brothers, beat the crap out of each other with 30-inch clubs.

Underdog is flailing away at Dog Steve with a pair of 30-inch sticks before the watchful eye of the Crafty Dog and his canine cohorts. “Stop backing up!” Top Dog orders as Dog Steve charges forward, slashing his club at Underdog, who is backpedaling furiously in an attempt to avoid massive head trauma, broken bones or a kidney-popping thrust into his bare body. [Read more...]


written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

What follows is a reworking of something that was originally posted on the Eskrima Digest on the subject of trapping. It began with a good question, a slightly edited version of which follows:

“, , , , In short, Burt Richardson (and some others I know) seem to doubt the usefulness of the Jun Fan/Wing Chun type trapping (or at least how they’re trained — and I think this might be more the issue). [Read more...]

He Had His Art

written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

Several years back, a man I had fought at a “Dog Brothers Gathering” went out behind his school and blew his brains out. He was involved in intense law enforcement work and I was told that his marriage was ending. He left two daughters and a separated wife.

He was a part of the extended Inosanto Tribe as well the Dog Brothers tribe and so I mentioned it to Guro Inosanto. He was surprised, and instantly exclaimed “How could he have done that? He had his Art!” [Read more...]

The Days Before A Fight

written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

The days before the fight are always a powerful crucible. I have a non-martial art teacher who when someone seeks to leave a situation that makes them uncomfortable says, “Whatever you do, keep on being here in this moment.” I may not have the quote exactly right, but I hope I have the gist of it. [Read more...]


written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

In DBMA, we have a considerable emphasis on developing both hands ability to work individually and in non-symetrical coordination with either hand be able to function as the dominant one. Through my exposure to NLP and a random sermon by one Rev. Terry Cole Whittaker caught while surfing one Sunday morning, I have come to place great importance on expressing oneself positively as versus negatively. Thus it mattered to me not only for myself but also in my teaching to not call me left hand my “bad” one and my right hand my “good” one. To put the power of my word into calling my left “bad” was a violation of the principle. I struggled with what to call my left hand for quite a while until I came up with calling my it “my good hand” and my right hand “my better hand”. Of course this would be utterly confusing to anyone who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about and so I limit its use to myself and my students. I made reference to this in a post on the Eskrima Digest and someone asked the following question:

Maybe Marc Denny could enlighten us on his NLP research and application?? Is this exclisively from Richard Bandler, or is it the Anthony Robbin’s hybrid?? Just curious……. [Read more...]

State of New Jersey to Regulate Martial Arts

written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

Recently there has been a push in the State of New Jersey to regulate martial arts. Originally it was pushed as protection from child molesters, but when it was pointed out that if that were the case then those regulated should be all who dealt with children, not martial arts. So now they’re baaack, seeking to set up 5 bureaucrats to study things and make rules. This of course shows that “the children” had nothing to do with the original impulse to regulate. These 5 bureaucrats are the proverbial camel’s nose and we must stop hit this initiation of yet another attack on our lives as a free people. So I will be writing yet again and ask you to do so as well. I know that many people are not sure of what to say and this hinders them from getting started. So, if you want to use any passages from this for “write-your-congressman” efforts, then DBIMA and Marc Denny waive copyright. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Do your part.

Crafty Dog [Read more...]


Bienvenidos a la pagina oficial en Espanol
de los Dog Brothers Martial Arts U.S.A.

“Conciencia mas alta a traves de contacto mas duro ?”.

Como pueden ver nuestra p?gina en ingles es bastante amplia, y traducirla al espa?ol no es tarea de un solo d?a. Pero como cualquier viaje comienza con un primer paso, poco a poco lo haremos. Estamos formando la ADBMA — La Asociaci?n Dog Brothers Martial Arts y esta p?gina se convertir? en nuestro sitio oficial exclusivamente para los miembros tanto de la ADBMA como para los de la DBMAA (?sea, la Asociaci?n en Ingles.) [Read more...]


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Entrevista con el “Crafty Dog” (El perro astuto) de los “Dog Brothers”

Este articulo fue publicado en la revista Cintur?n Negro n?117 del mes de Octubre y n?118 de Noviembre de 1.999.

[Read more...]


Este art?culo es una revisi?n de algo que fue originalmente enviado a la revista Eskrima Digest sobre el aspecto del trapping. Comienza con una buena pregunta, lo que sigue es una versi?n ligeramente resumida.

?…En resumen, Burt Richardson (y algunos otros maestros que conozco) parecen dudar de la utilidad del tipo de atrape de Jun Fan/Wing Chun (o al menos como ellos lo han entrenado ?y yo pienso que este podr?a ser el asunto.

?Como puedes reconocer, que todas esas cosas que aprendemos de las Artes Marciales Filipinas como la sombrada, pu?o sombrada, hubad, y 1001 desarmes, tienen poca utilidad en los enfrentamientos de alta intensidad como las peleas sin reglas que realiz?is los Dog Brothers. No es necesario decir que tal entrenamiento es in?til, pero ?En una situaci?n de desventaja que es m?s importante el trapping o el trabajo de potencia y las t?cnicas de evasi?n?. A los ojos de Burt, esta clase de situaciones, de aplicaciones al trapping, a menudo no suceden o, al menos no de la misma manera que se entrena. Por ejemplo: das un pu?o, ?l bloquea, te da un punto de referencia alto exterior y t? haces pak sao, etc. [Read more...]

Stick Grappling

El Kali se enfrenta al Jiu Jitsu Brasile?o.

Cuando las artes marciales salen de su pa?s, abandonan el ambiente en el que fueron creadas. Guardar su esencia tradicional mientras dan respuesta a nuevas condiciones, puede convertirse f?cilmente en un esfuerzo Sisyfiano.(Aqu? podr?amos sustituir esta palabra por algo mas sencillo) Las artes marciales filipinas (FMA) se enfrentan en Am?rica a un mundo muy diferente a la jungla en la que se desarrollaron. El extraordinario nivel de sofisticaci?n del entrenamiento de las artes marciales Filipinas, desarrollo sistemas mas seguros para practicar con armas y con las manos desnudas. El entrenamiento que te deja f?sicamente da?ado puede provocar serias lesiones o incluso la muerte en una situaci?n donde el enemigo puede aparecer en cualquier momento sin previo aviso. [Read more...]

Seven Ranges

Las siete distancias del combate real con palos

“Ignorar las siete distancias es arriesgarse a sentir la ira del rattan”

Actualmente, en los Estados Unidos, la mayor parte de sistemas de artes Marciales Filipinas ense?an el concepto de distancia mediante la divisi?n en tres de ellas Larga, Media y Corta. Algunos sistemas prefieren una distancia en concreto otros otra y algunos prefieren trabajar en las tres por igual. Larga se define normalmente como la distancia que puedes golpear la mano armada de tu adversario. Media define la distancia en la que puedes golpear la cabeza o el cuerpo de tu oponente y en la que tu mano viva (?sea la mano que queda libre cuando se combate con un ?nico palo) puede atrapar cualquiera de las extremidades del oponente. Corta es la distancia en la que el pu?o del palo y la mano libre pueden golpear la cabeza o cuerpo del oponente. [Read more...]

Interview With Guro Crafty

(Por Ricardo Diez Sanchis)

El Maestro Marc Denny, fundador del grupo m?s temido y respetado en la actualidad dentro del mundo del Kali Filipino, los Dog Brothers, visit? nuestro pa?s para impartir unos seminarios acompa?ado por uno de sus alumnos m?s destacados de Europa, Benjam?n ?Lonely Dog? Rittiner. Adolfo Acosta su representante en Espa?a organiz? estos cursos para acercar esta forma de vida a todos los artistas marciales espa?oles. [Read more...]

Dog Brothers (Freres De Chien) Street Kali (Kali de Rue)

IL ne s’agit pas de une association des amis des chiens, ni d’un groupe de chiens arm?s de b?tons, mais bien d’un groupe d’amis de b?tons qui se battent comme des chiens. Certains d’entre-vous les connaissent d?j? gr?ce ? une s?rie de vid?os qu’ils tourn?rent en 1994 avec la maison “Panther” sous le nom de “Real Contact Stick Fighting” ou “Combat au b?ton de plein contact”. Et c’est bien de trop peu si nous nous limitions ? cette d?finition. Les Dog Brothers ont plusieurs visages. En apparence durs et agressifs, au fur et ? mesure que l’on enl?ve les masques, un peu comme si l’on pelait un oignon, on d?couvre au c?ur, derri?re les larmes et les blessures, une philosophie et une mani?re de vivre id?aliste ? la poursuite d’une meilleure connaissance de soi.

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E83 (Download In PDF Format)

Fratelli Del Cane Via Kali

NON si tratta di una societ? di amici dei cani, neanche di uno gruppo di cani con bastoni, ? piutossto un “gruppo di amici che, con bastoni, si scontrano come cani”. Alcuni di voi hanno avuto l’occasione di conoscerli attraverso la serie di videocassette che hanno girato nel 1994 per la “Panther” intitolata: Real Contact Stick Fighting, ovvero “Lotta reale con bastoni a contatto pieno”. Si tratta essenzialmente di questo, ma limitarci a questa definizione sarebbe troppo vago.

I Dog Brothers sono come una cipolla con tanti spicchi. Da fuori duri ed aggressivi, ma quando si levano questi spicchi, con tante lacrime e contusioni, si scopre che al loro interno c’? una filosophia, un modo di vivere che si aiuta a conoscere noi stessi.

[Read more...]

Mais Do Que Uma Irmandade Canina

N?O ? uma sociedade de amigos dos c?es, nem ? um grupo de c?es armados de paus; ?sim um grupo de amigos que armados com paus lutam como c?es. Alguns dos nossos leitores j? os conhechem por meio da s?rie de videos editada em 1994 pela cadeia “Panther”, intitulados “Real Contact Stickfighting”, ou seja “Luta real com paus a contacto pleno”. E isso basicamente ? do que se trata, mas reduzir?se a essa explicac?o resulta insuficiente.

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