Author: Robert Burgee

April 5, 2016 – New Vid Lessons – 2015 East Coast Camp

Greetings DBMA Association Members! 2 Hours and 40 Minutes of new material is now available on the Vid Lesson Page. This is from the 2015 East Coast Camp at Guard Dog’s school, Central PA MMA, in State College, PA. Lots of great knowledge shared here by Guro Crafty and Guro Guard Dog. Here is the direct link to the new content: New Topics: The Salty Game Bolo Game Kali Tudo™ More coming next week, in addition to some new website improvements! All the best. Bob. =============== Bob Burgee. EDGES2, INC. Technical Director

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Website Updates: January 18, 2016

Greetings! You may have noticed a few changes around here lately! The website upgrade is almost finished. Just a few more posts to move and links to clean up and we will have one of the most organized systems you will find anywhere! One of the best new features is the new My Courses page. Members of the DBMA Association have access to a vast library of material and it is easier than ever to find! Now you can track your progress by marking “Complete” on the lessons you have completed. 5 new gathering posts have been added from the 2015 Open Gathering to get us started with the new content updates. Enjoy! All the best. Bob. =============== Bob Burgee. EDGES2, INC. Technical Director 2015-09 – Open Gathering – 56 – Double Stick vs. Double...

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