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51  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Black Sharpies Matter! on: November 11, 2016, 11:45:42 AM
52  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: The US Congress; Congressional races on: November 11, 2016, 10:45:50 AM
CD interesting to see there is a way to get around the fillibuster.  If the Repubs really can do this -> they MUST.   There may not be another chance and we KNOW the Dems would do the same and will endlessly hammer us with ZERO mercy.

THEY have turned this into a war.  Not us.  So we must fight back using all legal means.

If we learn nothing else over the last 24 years starting with the Clinton crime mob we should have learned this.

If there is any lesson from the last election, it is that we must be as ruthless as our opponents. The nice, civil approach only empowers our enemies.
53  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Iran's Death to America on: November 11, 2016, 10:41:07 AM

Our new best friends! Thanks Obama!
54  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Clinton temperament on: November 10, 2016, 09:33:13 PM
We keep hearing about trumps temperament but read this:

It is all "Comey's fault".  And Obama "let" him do it.   Folks this is sick.  It is always some one else's fault when someone has a personality disorder.  She does not take responsibility for her crimes and lies etc.  The problem was Obama did not help her cover it up.

She should be prosecuted if not for the emails then for the Clinton Foundation corruption.  We should not let her and the Democrats get away with this.  We all know they will go after Trump every second they are out of power.   Here comes the Trump U law suit.
55  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: The Way Forward for the American Creed on: November 10, 2016, 08:55:23 PM

”Nice election.  Everybody deserves a little credit.  We defeated an incompetent, inexperienced candidate under federal investigation with no charisma by -300,000 votes. “

Doug wins best line of the week
56  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / More Oakland riots on: November 10, 2016, 05:49:55 PM

Enjoy lefties!
57  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Armed and Unarmed Resistance? on: November 10, 2016, 05:42:19 PM
"They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind"
58  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / We Stopped Hillary on: November 10, 2016, 05:34:51 PM

We Stopped Hillary
Kurt Schlichter

Posted: Nov 10, 2016 12:01 AM

Well, that could have gone a lot worse.

In the wake of Hillary’s massive, unequivocal, humiliating rejection, I was going to write this column on the critical need for us conservatives to have a big group hug and restore the shattered bonds that should unite us, whether #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary or #IHateEveryone. But that can wait. Right now, I have some savoring to do. Let’s see, we have the executive branch, the legislative branch and we’ll be taking back the judicial branch. The mainstream media is in a state of shock. Liberals are having fits. And the ocean is still rising, as one of my Twitter followers observed, only it’s because of liberal tears.

Tuesday was a good day for everything awesome in America except for my book series. Then again, maybe not. With the #NotMyPresident hashtag happening among devastated millennials who, for the first time in their bubble-wrapped lives got told “No,” maybe they’ll be the ones demanding succession from that hateful, racists, sexist, imperialist, transphobic, and racist big red blob between the liberal cities called “America.”

Don’t worry, libs. California still seems eager to buck the trend and stick with stupid. You can all come out here to slake your thirst for socialist failure, slowly paying off that gender studies degree getting me my dry cleaning as part of your career doing Task Rabbit gigs.

Or, maybe, just maybe, someday you’ll be able to get a decent job that will let you support a family like your parents (or, really, their parents) had. But you’ll have to forgo the palm trees and random Amy Schumer sightings in Santa Monica.

I could take this opportunity to extend my hand to my liberal co-citizens and the non-citizens they wanted to just hand the gift of citizenship in return for the implicit promise to vote for whichever corrupt leftist the Democrats decided to wheel out on a Hannibal Lector handcart. But no. That can wait too – for now, the only thing I’m extending is my middle finger.

You built this. Now suck on it.

You jerks thought we normals were terrible and stupid when you thought of us at all. How do you like us now? Are you worried that an unfriendly executive branch might unleash its dogs at the, say, IRS upon you? That bureaucrats might destroy the entire industry that you work in, that supports your family, to satisfy the whims of the regime’s ideology? That the government is heading toward the time when it might send armed federal agents to your house to arrest you for exercising your constitutional rights?

Welcome to the last eight years as a normal.

Not so big on unlimited executive power anymore, are you? Seeing how maybe those Dead White Cis-Het Males with funny wigs back in olden times might have had a point?

Well, you need to do a little sweating, a little worrying. Fear is the teacher, and class is in session. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll stand up for what’s right the next time your side is honored with America’s steering wheel and some leftist serpent starts hissing that you should throw all that due process and Bill of Rights stuff out the window in the name of progressive expedience.

How’s it feel with the Doc Marten on the other foot?

But I doubt you’ll learn. You’re kind of dumb, and you tend to sniff along behind aspiring fascists. So we’ll still keep buying guns and ammo at record rates, thank you very much, because we doubt you’ll learn anything about the rule of law from your time wondering if you can rely on it.

Heck, if we had any money after eight years of that creased-pants joke’s misrule, we’d use the stock market panic dip as a buying opportunity for loading up on otherwise skyrocketing gun company stocks. Oh, and also shares of whoever makes Crown Royal– I hear that’s Hillary’s booze of choice.

There’s more good news. For at least the next four years we’ll see a renewed interest in that quaint concept called “checks and balances.” Watch for Donald Trump – excuse me, President Donald Trump – to be the most checked and balanced chief exec ever. And that’s terrific.

Oh, and the media will re-discover curiosity about governmental misconduct and inefficiency again – once the collective weeping ends. Watching their faces collapse like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark when President-elect Donald Trump crossed 270 was one of the great moments of my life. Their collective pain is our collective joy. And they have a long time and a lot of hard work ahead if they hope to ever regain our trust – but, of course, I have zero confidence that they even understand how completely they have destroyed their own credibility. A few professional journalists knew what was coming – Salena Zito saw what was happening because she left the comfortable cities and went out to actually talk to the people who just shocked the world. Any media outlet interested in actually covering America should swoop her up.

Back to savoring.

We rejected corruption. We rejected the elites who hold us in contempt. We rejected the political correctness and its posse of lies that was designed to silence us, to make us kneel, bow and obey. We stopped politely asking for respect – we took it. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

We are the majority – at least of electoral votes, suckers – and we are awake. This election shows that we are no longer going to be silent.

Yeah, that could have gone a lot worse.
59  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / As Anti-Trump Violence Perpetrated By Hillary/Obama/Soros Minions Spreads Across on: November 10, 2016, 05:14:11 PM

November 10, 2016
As Anti-Trump Violence Perpetrated By Hillary/Obama/Soros Minions Spreads Across America, Media Blesses It and Encourages It With Their Silence and Even Support


Is it true that "dark rhetoric" encourages violence?

I think it might be true. I'm not convinced it's true, but I'm sensitive enough to the possibility that it may be true that I'm cautious about writing things that might stir dark hearts to perform dark deeds.

But I know who definitely thinks it's true: the media, which is always on vigilant patrol about "dark rhetoric emanating from rightwing quarters" and said dark rhetoric's ability to spark genuine political violence.

Well, the political left is right now calling for a lot of violence.

Last night, CNN interviewed a protester who explicitly called for violence -- people will have to die for there to be real change, she avowed. And CNN didn't seem particularly fussed by it.

    "If we don't fight, who is going to fight for us? People had to die for your freedom where we’re at today. We can’t just do rallies, we have to fight back," said Lily, a Latina woman from Los Angeles.

    "There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world," she continued.

This call for violence -- political murder and assassination -- went out over CNN's bandwidth. Seems to me that as they were the conveyor of the call to assassination, they have a moral duty to repudiate it -- but I do not see this story on their front page, nor in politics, nor any mention in Opinion, where I'd expect CNN to sternly warn people from this kind of "dark rhetoric."

If it's there, I don't see it. I did see a headline on "Trump's tax trick, explained," so you can tell, they're really up-to-the-minute on breaking news.

So which is it, media -- is hateful, violent rhetoric something to be sternly vigilant about, or is a little exhortation to murder just fine and dandy if you want to kill the right people for the right reasons?

Think this has no effect? Think again. In another story the media is embargoing, an older man was dragged from his car and beaten by a mob which shouted "He voted for Trump!" as he was subject to a beat down from multiple people attacking him in wolfpack style, one attacks while the other waits for his turn.

Is this just some Dark Rhetoric by Conservatives Making up Racist Stories?

Nope! It's all on dramatic videotape. The perps videotaped themselves doing it.

They seem to steal his car at the end too, but we don't see them drive it away, because the video ends there.

So: which is it, media?

I know #WhiteLivesMatter is a politically incorrect thing to say, but are you really now standing behind the actual declaration that white lives don't matter?

If so, then say so: If it be war, then let it be a declared war, so that both sides know the agreed-upon Rules of Engagement.

Please: Watch language in comments. I know this story is infuriating but never forget their violence is speech but your speech is violence.

And remember, there are bad people and criminals of all races. Race is not the issue here -- except indirectly, in that the Orwellian culture promoted by the media is single-mindedly set to detect and shame conservative misbehavior, while pretending away any bad actions committed by a member of the Obama/Clinton Coalition.

Either the rules bind all or the rules bind none.

The media, more than any institution in America, is undermining and actually now destroying the very fabric of American political stability.

No one is willing to be the last person to take up violence. The last person to take up violence usually winds up dead or at least bleeding on the street.

By not condemning violence on all sides, the media is doing its level best to promote violence by all sides.
60  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Non Citizens Voting on: November 10, 2016, 11:41:21 AM
Very good work, DDF.

Rachel Maddow states that Donald Trump talked about rounding up and deporting more than 10,000,000 people at the 23:20 mark in her/MSNBC's election night coverage here:

Which means, that by democratic admission on total numbers of illegals in the country (because she didn't dispute the number, and in fact used it as a quote against Trump), that the article posted by Doug yesterday, having 13-25% (per the article) of noncitizens casting votes (noting that at times, they are only discovered by their own admission during Customs interviews):

13% of Illegal Aliens Admit They Vote

A poll by John McLaughlin confirms again we may have a significant problem with noncitizens participating illegally in our elections. Based on a sample survey of 800 Hispanics in 2013, McLaughlin found that of foreign-born respondents who were registered voters, 13 percent admitted they were not United States citizens.

This translates into untold numbers of fraudulent votes. Those are only the ones that admit to it. The number could be as high as 10,000,000. If there is no penalty, no danger of being discovered, and huge rewards awaiting, people who are prohibited from voting, could consider themselves foolish not to vote, especially when Barack Obama himself mentions it, if not encouraging it, (and I'm purposely citing SNOPES because of their liberal slant, in order to take away any defense of the matter):

Snopes: "The claim originates from an interview with Obama published on 3 November 2016, in which millennial actress Gina Rodriguez asked the president about a number of issues facing young Latinos. Many of the outrage posts were written around a video in which the majority of the president's response was edited out to give the misleading impression that Obama was urging undocumented immigrants to vote illegally.

In the full interview, it's clear Obama is urging Latino citizens to vote in order to give voice to members of their community who are precluded from doing so by lack of citizenship, not urging non-citizens to vote illegally. Rodriguez's question seems to be addressing a fear that voting will result in scrutiny on one's family which could result in deportation of undocumented relatives." End.

It is clear who Obama is addressing, per Snope's own admission.

The interview transcript:

RODRIGUEZ: Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens -- and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country -- are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?

OBAMA: Not true. And the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. If you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote.

RODRIGUEZ: This has been a huge fear presented especially during this election.

OBAMA: And the reason that fear is promoted is because they don't want people voting. People are discouraged from voting and part of what is important for Latino citizens is to make your voice heard, because you're not just speaking for yourself. You're speaking for family members, friends, classmates of yours in school...

RODRIGUEZ: Your entire community.

OBAMA: ... who may not have a voice. Who can't legally vote. But they're counting on you to make sure that you have the courage to make your voice heard.


Obama could not have possibly been referring to a citizen having "fear" to vote, because it is clearly established by law that any citizen can vote, and he clearly states that:

"there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera."

Obama made it a point, to make that portion clear, when he didn't have to, because there is no legal reprobation for claiming a legal right available to any citizen. The only reason he could make an issue of investigatory practices, is solely to inform people that are legally prohibited from voting.


1.) It is clear that Obama encourages the practice from his own words:

2.) Non-citizens by their own admission and through existing authorities have both admitted to voting and been caught doing so.

3.) There are at least 10,000,000 non-citizens in the country. Other sources claim it to be as high as 13.7% of the total population of which:

     a.)The term "foreign-born" includes naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents, visa holders and undocumented immigrants.

     b.) Making it clear, that it isn't just "undocumented" people that can vote illegally.

     c.) USCIS themselves state that in the last decade, 6.6 million naturalized citizens were admitted and that roughly .6 million are admitted annually.

 - (curiously, in 2008, a key election year, more than a million were admitted - bottom of page)

4.) Based on USCIS statistics, US Census figures (Table 1.1 of the following link) and the article quoted above, there are 21,707,000 people pending citizenship (6.8% of the current US population of 318.9 million) as of 2005 , plus, an additional 10-15 million people that are not documented (4.7% at 15 million), making a full 11.5% of the total population (36,673,500 people).

5.) Total voter turnout in 2016 was 130,840,000, with 231,556,622 being eligible to vote (56.5% of eligible voters, voted) , which means that of eligible voters, the numbers from #4.) now represent 16.59% of documented aliens that don't have citizenship in regard to votes actually cast, and undocumented people in the country represent 11.464%, combining to make a total of 28.054% if total population of the US were counted as "cast ballots, and of which 28.054%, 13-25% admit to voting illegally, comprising  4,771,734 to 9,335,434 illegal votes cast,

NOTING: that though the percentages from USCIC constitute the total documented population number regardless of age, that owing to lack of voter registration laws, there is nothing stopping them from casting a ballot for everyone in their household.

ALSO NOTING: that the above numbers only reference people that admit to the practice of voting illegally, based on percentages.

ALSO NOTING: That many "Dreamer" children ln liberally, are very politically active, and are the children of people not permitted. It bears mentioning, that the children of immigrants who are naturalized citizens, ALSO vote Democratically.


1.) There is no inherent right to immigrate to the US, and the idea that there is, perpetuated largely by the Left, needs to be rectified.

2.) Voter ID laws need to be in place.

3.) ALL electronic voting machines need to be removed immediately, and replaced with paper ballots.

4.) ALL polling sites need to be monitored by both CAMERA and multiple, non-serving, citizen representatives from each party represented on the ballot.

5.) STIFF voter and electoral fraud prison sentences of 10 years or more need to be in place.

6.) Voter and electoral fraud investigative units cannot be made up of any politicians, lawyers, nor any businessman and must have civilian oversight.

7.) ALL undocumented individuals need to be deported without judicial representation, to their point of entry into the States, including any children born to them on US soil, and the 14th amendment rectified, to avoid people from cheating existing immigration laws that other legal immigrants sacrifice much in order to obey.

61  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Martha Raddatz' employer on: November 09, 2016, 10:31:36 PM

ABC News staged crime-scene shot, photograph shows
by Dylan Byers   @CNNMoney November 4, 2016: 3:07 PM ET
abc news
ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis stood in a field in Woodruff, South Carolina, and relayed the gruesome details of how a 30-year-old woman had been held captive in a storage container allegedly by a registered sex offender.

Behind her, yellow police tape with the words "SHERIFF'S LINE DO NOT CROSS" flapped in the wind, indicating the scene of the crime.

In fact, the police tape was tied to ABC News' own equipment just off-camera, a photograph obtained by CNNMoney shows. Sources with knowledge of the matter say the tape was placed there by ABC News for the purpose of its inclusion in the live shot.

The photograph, sent by an anonymous source, shows the tape running no more than 30 feet and tied to camera stands at both sides. In Davis' segment, which was broadcast on ABC's "Good Morning America," it is impossible to tell where the tape ends.

"This action is completely unacceptable and fails to meet the standards of ABC News," Julie Townsend, the vice president of communications at ABC News, told CNNMoney. "As soon as it was brought to our attention, we decided to take the producer out of the field, and we're investigating further."

This is not the first time ABC News has doctored a shot.

In April, ABC News producer David Fazekas created a fake reservation list for a segment about a restaurant in upstate New York that was thought to be among the most exclusive in the world.

Fazekas later told The New Yorker that the chef "wouldn't let us see his actual list, so I wrote it myself—like a reenactment in a documentary."

"There are services on the Internet that generate fake names," Fazekas said.
62  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Repudiation on: November 09, 2016, 10:18:03 PM


Before the media and the leftists figure out how to make the Trump victory, a victory for them through all the traditional means, such as describing how the Trump victory was really a dying last gasp of white racism; or how Trump fed all of the unemployed a false narrative about jobs aplenty; or that the nation under Obama has made Trump's desires inaccessible, let me explain what the Trump victory meant.

It meant that we want a true nation, with borders and to decide who comes in, what they want to do here and how they intend to embrace the formula, which has made this nation successful over the past two hundred plus years. It meant that the majority of us do not want to invest billions of tax dollars into the "green" industry which is only "green" because it takes money from the many and gives to Silicon Valley hucksters. It meant that the majority of us do not agree with government by phone and pen and want and expect our representatives to vote against budget-busting government giveaways to organizations dedicated to the destruction of the middle-class. It meant that the majority of us do not want the government to be at war with its citizens and taxpayers. It meant that the majority of us do not want the Attorney General's office to obstruct justice. It meant that the majority of us do not want Black Lives Matter to have an adjunct office in the Attorney General's office. It means we like the Second Amendment and intend to deny Obama's Supreme Court the opportunity to do more damage to it than they already have.

In essence, the Trump victory simply means that the average American is tired of being belittled, ignored and trampled on by the various special interest groups all claiming that they have somehow been disadvantaged by a system that is based on merit.

Obama's vision of this nation is flawed, but by sheer bully tactics it got its way for eight years, simply because the people of this nation did not want to hold Obama, or his cronies accountable for his inability to govern a diverse people. Instead, they let the first black president do as he pleased, but now recognize Trump as a means of "draining the swamp" of politicians that take advantage of those good intentions. Reparations? We just paid it for eight years. Now, we are even and we want a nation of accountability and fairness to return. We want to return to a nation of people who work hard and need jobs and don't want to be on the government dole. Obama's constituency of "the needy" did not show up for him, because he was not on the ballot and the good people of this nation had absolved themselves of their sins by tolerating his brand of government corruption. Obamacare? Tried it and didn't like it. Open borders? Tried it and didn't like it. Importing terrorists? Tried it and didn't like it. Giving Iran billions of dollars to foster and encourage worldwide terrorism? Tried it and didn't like it.

The Trump victory is not a repudiation of blackness or brownness or Islam. It is a repudiation of self-annihilation through embracement of those qualities alone. Obama viewed blackness and brownness and Islam as a means of destroying whiteness and Christianness. Trump's victory is a repudiation of that method of reconstructing the nation.

The United States of America is an open society, welcoming of any shade of color or religious fervor, but it is expected that entrance to the bounty of America comes with a corresponding respect for the values and methods by which, for over two hundred years, it has built the society capable of that bounty. It is not a nation to be plundered by those who enter, but bolstered by those who enter and as the creators of the bounty (black, white, brown and whatever other color is associated with people) we have the right and the obligation to protect it by choosing those who enter for their potential ability to build upon that which has been laid as a foundation.

Obama's method of governance was to destroy that which made this nation wealthy and prosperous by allowing the plunderers special access to the bounty. Repudiation of that method of governance is what a Trump victory meant.
63  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Please God, let this happen. on: November 09, 2016, 10:06:12 PM

Time for a divorce.
64  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: 13% of Illegal Aliens Admit They Vote on: November 09, 2016, 09:38:28 PM
Trump bought us time, but the cancer is far from remission.

13% of Illegal Aliens Admit They Vote

Just based off of Hillary's voters in California, where they get driver's licences, that translates to 712,681 votes (at 13% of the populace).

It more than underscores the fact that the Democrats are giving the United States away to people that will vote for them.

Time to send Dreamers home and fix the 14th amendment (IF one still cares about having a country).

"13% of Illegal Aliens Admit They Vote"

That would certainly be more than enough to explain Trump's popular vote loss.

No rigging folks.  Move along.   Keep order here.

Exactly my appraisal, bearing in mind, those are just the ones that admit to a crime.
65  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Trump Presidency, Trump Administration on: November 09, 2016, 09:32:37 AM
I hope I am surprised at what a great job he does. Please don't fcuk this up!

New thread?

Today the Trump administration begins, getting ready to start work.  The Trump analogy to Reagan begins too.  Trump starts with a huge advantage over Reagan by having the House and Senate in his own party.  He also starts with a 5th vote Supreme Court vacancy to be filled.  It is almost too good to be true.  (Don't screw it up!) He does not have and never will have 60 votes in the Senate.  The broken filibuster and reconciliation vote issues are the hurdles to enacting change; He also has to work well with congress - after he ran largely against them. 

Hugh Hewitt says Trump should appoint and get confirmed 100 judges in 100 days, including a Supreme Court justice from his list.

He promised to cancel executive orders, get over-regulation repealed, overhaul the tax code, re-open TPP and other agreements.  He needs great cabinet members.  He needs to sweep the corruption and ethical issues out the door.  He can't have scandal or make serious unforced errors.  He needs to move first and strongest in the areas that have the widest agreement with the people and with congress.  He needs to work quickly and boldly on healthcare.  What an opportunity.
66  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: 2016 Presidential on: November 09, 2016, 12:48:38 AM
I have never been so happy to be wrong. Props to DDF for calling it.

This really feels like getting a pardon by the governor a minute before execution.

I honestly pray Trump does a good job. God really loves this country despite our best efforts.
67  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Tea Party, Glen Beck and related matters on: November 07, 2016, 08:14:31 PM
Sorry I don't think Beck should be lumped with Tea Party or related matters anymore.  He really sounds like a lost soul:

Come to think of it he has become so bizarre that I wonder if someone or some people have some sort of dirt on him.........he is just so strange although I always though there was something funny about him.

What is he dying of this week ?
68  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: 2016 Presidential predictions PP, RCP on: November 07, 2016, 07:41:30 PM
There will be an epic level of dead and illegal alien voters turning out this year, oh and outright fraud as well.

Our Pat (surprisingly) thinks the polls are wrong and it will be Trump in a landslide.

RCP Average is currently Clinton +2.9%   Assuming a 2-3 point under-count, this is going to be close and the Republican is the underdog.  Prove them wrong! 

There are a number of ways they can be wrong. 

1. People vote differently in the privacy of the polling booth than they tell pollsters.  Each percent of that has a 2 point swing.  A few Hispanics who already have jobs, citizenship and good lives might fall into into this group, not wanting to say they support Trump.
2. Turnout models turn out false.  Blacks aren't excited about Hillary.  Women aren't excited.  The young aren't excited. 
3. Polling methods have worsened since people abandoned home phones.
4. Polling firms tweak their results to fall in line with other polls.

Republicans have been winning non-Presidential year elections and state races.  Perhaps this election year will have more in common with those years.

69  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Obama encourages illegal alien voting on: November 06, 2016, 06:02:55 PM

70  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: The Hillbillary Clintons long, sordid, and often criminal history on: November 06, 2016, 05:39:42 PM
There is only one way this mockery is going to end. And it will not be by the act of just one person.

The only thing I have not figured out, is if there are people unknown doing it on purpose.

You cannot make a mockery of justice, of class, and of the rule of law, without there being significant cosenquences.

The only good thing about Hillary's election is that it makes where we are as a nation crystal clear.
71  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Wikileaks WTF? on: November 06, 2016, 03:26:11 PM

Fundamental transformation.
72  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials on: November 06, 2016, 03:20:21 PM

Clinton directed her maid to print out classified materials

By Paul Sperry

November 6, 2016 | 4:53am | Updated

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton routinely asked her maid to print out sensitive government e-mails and documents — including ones containing classified information — from her house in Washington, DC, e-mails and FBI memos show. But the housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material.

In fact, Marina Santos was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used.

Clinton entrusted far more than the care of her DC residence, known as Whitehaven, to Santos. She expected the Filipino immigrant to handle state secrets, further opening the Democratic presidential nominee to criticism that she played fast and loose with national security.

Clinton would first receive highly sensitive e-mails from top aides at the State Department and then request that they, in turn, forward the messages and any attached documents to Santos to print out for her at the home.

Among other things, Clinton requested Santos print out drafts of her speeches, confidential memos and “call sheets” — background information and talking points prepared for the secretary of state in advance of a phone call with a foreign head of state.

“Pls ask Marina to print for me in am,” Clinton e-mailed top aide Huma Abedin regarding a redacted 2011 message marked sensitive but unclassified.

In a classified 2012 e-mail dealing with the new president of Malawi, another Clinton aide, Monica Hanley, advised Clinton, “We can ask Marina to print this.”

“Revisions to the Iran points” was the subject line of a classified April 2012 e-mail to Clinton from Hanley. In it, the text reads, “Marina is trying to print for you.”

Both classified e-mails were marked “confidential,” the tier below “secret” or “top secret.”

Santos also had access to a highly secure room called an SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) that diplomatic security agents set up at Whitehaven, according to FBI notes from an interview with Abedin.

From within the SCIF, Santos — who had no clearance — “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” the FBI notes revealed.

Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies — via the secure fax.

A 2012 “sensitive” but unclassified e-mail from Hanley to Clinton refers to a fax the staff wanted Clinton “to see before your Netanyahu mtg. Marina will grab for you.”

Yet it appears Clinton was never asked by the FBI in its yearlong investigation to turn over the iMac Santos used to receive the e-mails, or the printer she used to print out the documents, or the printouts themselves.
Hillary's 33,000 emails might not be 'missing' after all
Hillary's 33,000 emails might not be 'missing' after all

As The Post first reported, copies of Clinton’s 33,000 allegedly destroyed e-mails still exist in other locations and could be recovered if investigators were turned loose to seize them. Higher-ups at the Justice Department reportedly have blocked them from obtaining search warrants to obtain the evidence.

It also appears the FBI did not formally interview Santos as a key witness in its investigation.

This is a major oversight: Santos may know the whereabouts of a missing Apple MacBook laptop and USB flash drive that contain all of Clinton’s e-mails archived over her four years in office.

In 2013, Hanley downloaded Clinton’s e-mails from her private server to the MacBook and flash drive.

“The two copies of the Clinton e-mail archive (one on the archive laptop and one on the thumb drive) were intended to be stored in Clinton’s Chappaqua and Whitehaven residences,” the FBI said in its case summary.

But Hanley says the devices were “lost,” and the FBI says it “does not have either item in its possession.”

In addition to Abedin, Santos worked closely with Hanley at Whitehaven and could shed light on the mystery — if only she were asked about it.

When a Post reporter confronted Santos at her DC apartment Friday, she would say only, “I don’t speak to reporters.”

According to a 2010 profile in The Philippine Star, close Clinton friend Vernon Jordan recommended Santos to the Clintons after she worked part-time for him.

Bill Clinton gave a speech in Manila as part of his foundation and took time to visit with the family of the “mayordoma [housekeeper] of his Washington, DC, home — Marina Santos.”

He was quoted as describing Santos as the “wonderful woman who runs our home in Washington, without whom Hillary will not be able to serve as secretary of state.” The article ended remarking, without a hint of irony: “Marina now runs his house so that he and his wife can better serve interests higher than their own.”

Santos could turn out to be the Betty Currie of the Clinton e-mail scandal. Currie was the secretary for President Clinton. She also came recommended by Jordan, and became famous as a central witness in the Monica Lewinsky scandal for her handling of gifts given to Clinton’s mistress.

Investigators had sought the gifts, allegedly hidden under Currie’s bed on orders from Clinton, as evidence.

The State Department and Clinton campaign did not respond to requests for comment.

Paul Sperry, a former DC bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily and a Hoover Institution media fellow, is the author of “Infiltration.”
73  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / The Great Fear on: November 06, 2016, 03:14:18 PM

The Great Fear
Posted on November 3, 2016   

Imagine if tomorrow, a space ship descends to earth, hovering over some part of the United States. At some point, when the eyes of the world are fixed on the event, the ship lands and out pops a bunch of aliens. These aliens are able to speak to the people of earth in a way that everyone can understand them. They explain where they are from and that earth is just one of many planets with sentient life. Further, most of the people in charge of earth are aliens sent to run things while the talking monkeys get up to speed.

For a fuller presentation of this concept, you can watch the John Carpenter movie, They Live. One thing I liked about that movie, is that when people realized the truth, they were stunned and confused. Paranoia immediately set in as they tried to reorient themselves to the new reality. That’s what would happen in the above scenario. Suddenly confronted by the truth, everyone would know most of what they have been told was a lie. That would lead to questioning of everything else, then mass paranoia and fear.

Something like this happened in revolutionary France. Instead of space aliens, they got a collapse of the old order. Feudalism had been under great strain due to the new economics of the age. Trade and the beginning of the industrial age challenged the old economic system. There was also the rampant corruption in the French economic system that was slowing bankrupting the government. The King was not just broke. Massive borrowing to keep the system running had made the system insolvent.

The French Revolution was not just a money issue. Within one year, the King went from being god-like to merely a citizen. That was not a small thing. Symbolism is an important part of the normal rhythms of human society. The social order of France was built upon the King having a divine right to rule. Once the king became just another guy, the whole system stopped making sense. It was a short trip from there to conspiracies about the aristocrats plotting against the people. The result was the Great Fear.

That has been coming to mind often of late. My twitter feed is full of posts that can be charitably described as batshit crazy. Scan through the news and you see “reports” that range from the ridiculous to the deranged. I don’t have a Faceberg account, but I’m told that all sorts of crackpot stories are popping up there too. I’ve had to reconfigure my news reading in order to filter out the crazy rumors and made up nonsense. It feels like the wheels have come off the cart and we live in a world of nonsense.

The reason, I suspect, is the growing awareness that much of what we have taken for granted is, at the minimum, not what it appears to be. The open hostility of so-called conservatives toward the people they claim to represent, for example, has been quite an eye-opener for a lot of people. You don’t have to be a red-pilled conspiracy monger to think the whole conservative movement was just a money scam all along.

That also means the Republican Party was something other than a good faith attempt to counter the other party. When prominent leaders in the party appear to be backing the other party’s candidate, the system does look rigged. It’s not hard to imagine what these people are saying when the cameras and microphones are off. Throw in some leaked e-mails that seem to conform people’s worst fears and it is not surprising that the peasants are getting a bit paranoid about the ruling class.

The shenanigans in the news media has breached that wall in our minds that separates bias from conspiracy. When allegedly solid opinion polls swing by a dozen points in a few days, it is not unreasonable to wonder if they were fraudulent all along. The revelations in WikiLeaks has made clear that it is not just bias. It is an organized effort by our “news media” to fool people on behalf of the government party. Rigging the debates by feeding Clinton the questions is a pretty big deal.

Just this week we have learned that the FBI and the DOJ may very well be colluding in order to conceal very serious crimes by the Clinton Family from the public. Seeing that the current FBI director let the Clintons off the hook 15 years ago, when he was tasked with investigating them, naturally makes people think the whole system is rotten and corrupt. When people see e-mails from the Clinton campaign chair revealing that he is best buddies with the Feds, it tends to confirm and amplify their suspicions.

Probably the biggest blow to public trust has been the revelation regarding the Clinton Foundation and the shenanigans involved in covering up what looks like very serious crimes. Everyday we get new stories that make a Hollywood thriller sound pedestrian. All of a sudden, the conspiracy guys don’t sound so nutty as their theories are playing out in the news. If the Feds can accidentally find a laptop that brings down the Clinton Crime Family, name a cloak and dagger scenario that is still implausible?

We are in a period where no one takes anything in the news at face value, but lots of people are willing to accept all sorts of outlandish rumors. After all, the crackpots and conspiracy nuts have been right a lot lately. When every scandal starts with WikiLeaks or some anonymous tweet, it is not unreasonable to pay more attention to that stuff than the main stream media, which is often working to conceal these stories. You cannot blame people for being a bit paranoid, given what we see happening.
74  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: 60,000 felons in VA pardoned to vote on: November 06, 2016, 03:12:09 PM

Understand that there are no limits to what they will do to drag Hillary's evil carcass over the finish line. No limits.
75  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Is America on the Brink of Civil War? on: November 05, 2016, 05:09:31 PM

Is America on the Brink of Civil War?
By Roger L Simon November 5, 2016
chat 120 comments

Valerie Jarrett—Barack Obama's closest consigliere who has lived in the lap of luxury in and out of the White House—is calling for James Comey's head because the FBI director reopened the matter of Hillary Clinton's emails only days before the election.

As we all know, Comey did this after some 650,000 digital missives, many from Clinton's server, were discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop by the NYPD.

Obama, however, is a bit uneasy about Jarrett's  hawkishness toward Comey.

    “Valerie argued that Comey was interfering deliberately in the election process and had to be stopped,” a source told The New York Post. The same source said Obama, though, is “worried about the consequences of taking such an action – the tsunami of outrage that would come his way, and possibly become a major footnote, or worse, in the history of the presidency.”

Ah, those legacy problems, not that the president has much of one outside the comically-named Affordable Care Act, which is about as popular as stomach cancer.

Nevertheless, he's right about the tsunami of outrage.  In fact it's an understatement.  The bad news is this:  As miserable as this endless election season has been, the aftermath is likely to be far worse.  You don't have to be Nostradamus to see that putting the American Humpty Dumpty together again is going to be a herculean task. Our country could be permanently fractured in ways few of us would have anticipated even a year ago.  Anything is possible now.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, the very next day millions of Americans will be watching to see what will happen with the FBI and the Justice Department.  Since we can now assume this will be a close election, that would be nearly half the voters in this country, sixty to seventy million people, almost all of whom believe Clinton, the woman a few weeks from inauguration as president, should have been charged with serious crimes and belonged behind bars, not in the White House.

Moreover, many have seen the WikiLeaks that reek of collusion between the Clintonistas and officials at the FBI and Justice, not to mention with virtually all the mainstream media outlets that were distrusted to begin with and are now reviled.

If that's not an explosive situation, what is?  And we don't know what Assange et al have in store for us after the election.  Just now we learned that the Clinton Foundation accepted—while Her Ladyship was secretary of State and in honor of Bill's birthday—an unreported one million dollar donation from that paragon of women's and gay rights, Qatar. This is chump change in the grand Clinton scheme of things, but another reminder of their unending greed and corruption. More importantly, as Tyler Durden points out, this time there should be legal consequences for the Foundation—or would be normally in a country governed by the rule of law.

Only we're not anymore.

This and a thousand other things put Obama, quite possibly liable himself from the email disclosures, and his attorney general Lynch behind a treacherous eight ball going forward, because they are not dealing with a few thousand disgruntled people, but those many millions.  If they were to go ahead with Jarrett's suggestion, take Comey's head (i. e. fire him) and replace him with a yet more complaisant successor, who knows what would happen?

But if they don't, and even if they do, the investigation may reveal things so shocking the nation will never be the same. Rumors have been flying that are so extreme that even a ten percent accuracy rate could ignite a firestorm.

The problem for all of us is that there is literally nothing Clinton can do to get out of this box, even if, as many predict, Obama pardons her.  The corruption is so pervasive there is no way short of an actual military putsch to stop the continuing revelations. And such an action would itself unleash ... well, you know the title of this article.

Would a Trump victory save us from all this?  No one knows.  Dennis Prager perhaps put it best. When you have two doors and behind one is a man-eating lion and the other one may or may not have such a lion, which door do you choose?  Unless you want to commit suicide, the answer is self-evident.
76  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: WSJ: South China Sea Dominoes (Malaysia) on: November 02, 2016, 03:23:57 PM

Another big win for Team Smart Power!

Pivot to Asia! 8 more years!

By Euan Graham
Updated Nov. 1, 2016 11:39 p.m. ET

Are dominoes teetering again in Southeast Asia? The limitations of that metaphor were clear in the Cold War, and are even more so now given the region’s much greater geopolitical fluidity. Nevertheless, anxiety is mounting among the U.S. and its stalwart Pacific allies after the Philippines’ abrupt tilt toward Beijing. President Rodrigo Duterte’s kowtow from Davao suggests a wave of realignment could happen within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is the latest Southeast Asian leader to be feted with red-carpet treatment in Beijing. In advance of this week’s trip, Mr. Najib confidently exclaimed that new heights will be scaled in Malaysia’s already strong economic relationship with Beijing, worth $56 billion in annual trade last year.

China’s planned investments in “maritime silk route” infrastructure astride the Malacca Strait are likely to receive a further boost during the visit. A Chinese firm has been awarded a $13 billion contract to build a new 620-kilometer east-coast rail link to Kuala Lumpur.

The most eye-grabbing element of the agenda concerns Malaysia’s anticipated decision to order at least four, and as many as 10, Chinese-designed warships. Arms deals don’t automatically signal strategic reorientation. But Kuala Lumpur’s first major defence purchase from China has particular symbolism in a South China Sea setting, where Beijing claims territory occupied by Malaysia, and Chinese fishing and coast-guard vessels routinely appear in its exclusive economic zone.

The context is discouraging. Malaysia’s recently announced defense budget will sharply cut air-force and navy spending, denying capabilities that Malaysia needs most as a maritime nation bisected by the South China Sea. Plans for a new amphibious unit within the armed forces have been ditched, curtailing a promising area of engagement with the U.S. Marines. Under these circumstances, earmarking funds to buy Chinese ships looks like supplication.

Malaysia counts less in strategic terms to the U.S. than the Philippines. That is as much a function of geography as of alliance fealty, given the Philippine archipelago’s bulwark position in the South China Sea. But Malaysia also carves a long crescent around the Sea’s southern periphery, from the Gulf of Thailand to eastern Borneo.

Malaysia has longstanding military links with the U.S., but is more directly and historically important to Australia, through the Five Power Defence Arrangements. Australia continues to play a role in Malaysia’s air defence and flies scheduled surveillance patrols over the South China Sea from the peninsula.

There is little risk that Mr. Najib is contemplating a full-fledged “defection,” à la Mr. Duterte, on his visit to China. Nor is he likely to renounce Malaysia’s existing ties to Western defense partners. Malaysia’s security establishment by and large values these links over others. Past acquisitions, including Russian fighters, don’t commend the addition of another untried foreign supply chain, especially one with unseen conditions attached.

But politics trump such reservations. Mr. Najib has none of Mr. Duterte’s visceral animus towards America. Indeed, his balancing inclinations brought Malaysia into the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. But U.S. legal probes, lodged this July, into the country’s sovereign wealth fund, personally stung him.

Battling domestic political opponents on multiple fronts and reliant on Chinese investment to prop up distressed government assets, Mr. Najib’s diplomatic compass has fixed north on China, the obvious source of nonjudgmental largesse. He harks back to the legacy of his father, who normalized relations with China back in 1974. But in reality bonds of political expediency tie him to Beijing.

More likely, Malaysia will gradually shy away from exercises or activities deemed potentially “provocative” to Beijing. Kuala Lumpur is likely to tread with increasing caution in the South China Sea, seeking bilateral accommodation where it can.

Thailand is the other U.S. treaty ally beside the Philippines in Southeast Asia, but its political fate is deeply uncertain and a submarine purchase from China is still potentially in the works. Singapore, a non-ally, is currently Washington’s most dependable defense partner. If the Philippines holds its eccentric course under Mr. Duterte, this odd state of affairs will become the new normal.

Mr. Najib’s visit could also be a nadir. Reports this week that Australia and Indonesia are discussing maritime patrols together in the South China Sea send a countervailing message that exploratory “rules-based” alignments are also possible outside of the traditional U.S. alliance framework. Tenuous as this bilateral undertaking remains, it should ease fears of dominoes collapsing in the South China Sea.

Mr. Graham is director of the international security program at the Lowy Institute in Sydney.
77  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: 2016 Presidential on: November 02, 2016, 09:26:43 AM
I still expect the dem fraud machine to win. What is a pyrrhic victory for 1000, Alex?
78  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / TEMPEST on: November 01, 2016, 10:33:27 PM

How could hostile nation states use this to target unsecure computers at Hillary's and Huma's?
79  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Yahoo security breach on: November 01, 2016, 10:28:17 PM

80  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Politics on: November 01, 2016, 10:07:10 AM
I don't think our "elites" grasp that outside the D.C./coastal bubbles things are getting volatile. America is already in a cold civil war and it could get hot quicker than most imagine.
81  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Interesting theory from sometimes nut case Lew Rockwell on: November 01, 2016, 04:12:05 AM

That actually makes sense.
82  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Schlafly on voter fraud on: October 31, 2016, 09:06:53 PM

This will be a record year for the deceased, illegal aliens and imaginary people voting. 100% will go dem.
83  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / After 24 Years, I Am Leaving the Disaster Venezuela Has Become on: October 31, 2016, 07:20:58 PM

After 24 Years, I Am Leaving the Disaster Venezuela Has Become

And my heart grieves for my friends and neighbors, who are stuck there — for worse is yet to come.

    By Peter Wilson
    October 27, 2016

After 24 Years, I Am Leaving the Disaster Venezuela Has Become

CANTON, Ohio — The question never varied during my last four years in Venezuela. It could pop up when I was waiting in a long line for the chance to buy bread or toilet paper, or while being interviewed by immigration officials when I renewed by residency permit.

Policemen always asked me when they did traffic checks, as did the woman at my post office.

“You can leave this disaster; why don’t you?” Depending on the questioner, I might laugh or smile before launching into my reasons for staying in Venezuela.

The people, the weather, the food and drink, the music and dance, the culture — all were part of my stock responses. If the questioner seemed interested, I might add that I had bought a house 80 minutes outside Caracas and had fallen in love with my village and its breathtaking views. Or how I loved to wake up to the calls of a band of howler monkeys and soft grunts of emerald-green toucans. People were always surprised that I grew my own coffee, as well as many of the fruits and vegetables I ate. They were just as surprised when I told them that I taught English for free at the two elementary schools and was a member of many of the late Hugo Chávez’s social experiments aimed at reducing poverty and creating a more just society.

But after 24 years in the country, I decided last month to do what all of my questioners thought I should have done years ago: I left Venezuela. It was perhaps the most difficult decision in my life, even after a wave of armed robberies in my village and mounting shortages of food, medicine, and spare parts that have made lives a constant struggle for survival.

Sometimes it seemed to me that only President Nicolás Maduro and I would remain in the country, which has seen 1.5 million inhabitants flee to seek better lives abroad since Chávez’s swearing-in as president in 1999. The exodus shows no sign of easing. In fact, it will probably get worse.

    Venezuela is on the edge of a political crisis that could push it into a protracted and violent conflict along the lines of Colombia’s civil war.

Venezuela is on the edge of a political crisis that could push it into a protracted and violent conflict along the lines of Colombia’s civil war. That possibility grew last week when a lower court in the country suspended a recall campaign against Maduro that is being led by the country’s opposition. Protests and rallies are set for this week, aimed at forcing Maduro from office. But with the government apparatus in his corner, as well as the leaders of the country’s armed forces and security services, Maduro may be difficult to topple, even if polls suggesting that 80 percent of the country’s 30 million inhabitants want him gone.

Even if he leaves office, Venezuela will need years to recuperate from the damage wracked by the socialist revolution spearheaded by Chávez and carried on by Maduro. The economy is in shatters, a victim of mass expropriations of local businesses and industries. Twelve years of price and foreign exchange controls, state giveaways, and rampant corruption have pauperized Venezuela.

Venezuela’s economy is forecast by the International Monetary Fund to contract by 10 percent this year, following a 6.2 percent contraction in 2015. Inflation is set to be the world’s highest for a fourth consecutive year, with the IMF projecting 480 percent for 2016; other estimates go far higher. One dollar buys 10 strong bolivars at Venezuela’s official exchange rate; on the black market, one U.S. dollar fetches more than 1,200. And despite the government’s rhetoric, Venezuela’s economy has for all intents and purposes become dollarized given the shortage of foreign currency.

When I arrived in 1992, Venezuela — which has the world’s largest oil reserves — was among Latin America’s richest countries. Today, the monthly minimum wage is barely $20 (at the black market exchange rate), less than Haiti’s. Extreme poverty and infant mortality — both of which dipped in the first years of Chávez’s presidency — are again rising. Oil production has fallen by nearly 25 percent since Chávez took office and decried foreign participation in the country’s energy sector; he milked the state oil company dry to pay for his social initiatives and his own political campaigns. Today, the state oil company is warning that it may default on its bonds. Production at the state steel company has fallen by nearly 70 percent since its nationalization. The power grid, under state control, suffers constant outages and service disruptions. Venezuela, which once exported electricity to Brazil and Colombia, had to ration power earlier this year.

Food production has cratered. In my largely agrarian village, my neighbors don’t have seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides. The government took control of the country’s largest agricultural goods company years ago, promising to make it more responsive and make Venezuela self-sufficient in food. The result has been just the opposite. Today, Venezuela is a nation waiting in line to buy scarce items such as bread, rice, pasta, and sugar; buyers now queue at stores the night before, hoping that hard-to-find items might appear.

Hunger stalks my village as well. My neighbors were innovative as we went on the Maduro diet. In lieu of cornmeal, they began cooking green bananas or yucca roots to make a dough which they then turned into the ubiquitous arepas. Beef and poultry were replaced by what they could hunt in the cloud forest by the village:

Opossums, sloths, porcupines, kinkajous, monkeys, and chacalacas all found their way into their cooking pots.

A few of us started a soup kitchen for the village’s most needy, asking our overseas friends for donations to buy food. Within days, we were serving meals for 90 people, up from the 30 or so we initially forecast. Still, that wasn’t enough for some: One elderly man died of malnutrition. Others began gathering up a paste made of chicken by-products such as guts and bones which one woman used to bring to the village for stray dogs. With a little onion and rice it was palatable, they said.

Medicines are almost nonexistent. Aspirin has become a luxury for many; diabetics, people stricken with cancer, and those with high blood pressure are out of luck. The public health system — which Chávez vowed to make the region’s finest — has been gutted. Those needing operations face waits measuring months, and the cost can be astronomical.

Chávez promised a people’s revolution, a finer form of democracy. Instead, Venezuela is now facing political repression. Under Chávez, the country’s institutions — from the courts to the military to the legislature — lost whatever autonomy they once had. All became appendages of the Bolivarian socialist revolution. Under Chávez, it wasn’t strange for the supreme court to open one of its sessions by warbling a pro-Chávez ditty. Or for the head of the National Electoral Commission to show up at Chávez’s funeral in 2013, wearing the armband of Chávez’s political movement.

Today, Venezuela’s jails are filled with political prisoners: people locked up for their beliefs and opposition to the government. Many faced trumped-up charges; many are still awaiting trial. The persecution continues: Maduro and his cohorts continue to strip opposition mayors of their posts, charging them with corruption. And though the government clearly has the resources to arrest those who disagree with it, they apparently lack the resources to tackle common crime.

This year, about 30,000 people in a country of 30 million will be murdered. In 92 percent of the cases, their killers will never be arrested. By contrast, about 13,000 Americans will lose their lives to crime this year — but that’s with a population 11 times that of Venezuela. Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, now has the world’s highest murder rate. And seven other Venezuelan cities are in the world’s top 50.

In December 2015, I became a victim, like thousands of others, of an “express kidnapping.” I was held at gunpoint for several hours while my captors debated whether they could get more money for me, or for my car. In the end, they decided that I would pay more to have my car returned than my neighbors would pay for me. I knew then it was only a matter of time until I left. I have tried to be optimistic about Venezuela’s future but I see few solutions to this slow-moving train wreck — and none that a reporter and a part-time teacher can affect.

Maduro and his backers refuse to accept that they are in the minority, and that their government and its policies have led to one of the great economic meltdowns in recent history. They have no intention of sharing power with the majority of Venezuelans who want them gone, or to put policies in place that might stop the bleeding and bring this country back together. Instead, they have used whatever means necessary to silence the opposition and remain in power, from jailing protestors to colluding with armed gangs and drug traffickers.

I suspect and fear that Venezuela’s political crisis will only be resolved with bloodshed. In such an outcome there will be many innocent victims, and I left because I didn’t want to be one of them. But my friends, my neighbors, and most Venezuelans unfortunately don’t have that option.

**Good thing that can't happen here!**
84  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Wikileaks shows us the presstitutes on: October 30, 2016, 05:59:25 PM

Bigdog unavailable for comment on the professional journalists, with credentials!
85  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: When Socialism Fails - Venezuela on: October 27, 2016, 05:57:51 PM
Just print more money... it isn't earned, is owned by everyone, backed by nothing, and should be distributed to all.

Good thing that could never happen here.
86  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Politically (In)correct on: October 27, 2016, 02:20:57 PM
"Trump is opening a new hotel in DC??..."

Yes.  It seems like quite an accomplishment, converting an old federal building into something modern and profitable, something Hillary and the government have no idea how to do.  What did she get done on her day job while running for President, sell access and state secrets?

Maybe Fox and Friends, National Review and others are just as intolerant of dissent as those on the other side.

Hillary has turned federal power and access into quite a lot of money.
87  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / OT: Whistling Past the Graveyard on: October 26, 2016, 01:25:11 PM

OT: Whistling Past the Graveyard


We first encountered Gerard VanDerLeun a seeming age ago, soon after 9/11, when he posted a thoughtful musing on a relative’s service in a war that slips out of memory. And the two thoughts that came to us, struck in the moment, were: (1), “This gentleman can write,” and, (2), “His heart is in the right place.” Clichés, both, but apposite.

So it is disturbing to us when sensible Gerard writes this. It is rather more disturbing because it’s true.

    Whenever a class of people, self-anointed, seek to impose Utopia on the world, evil ensues. Whenever a group of people seek to arrogate the power of the people to themselves, evil ensues. It is not merely that power corrupts but that some people are compelled to corrupt democratically distributed power through statist centralization. If the age of kings was the age of rule by one monarch, the current age drifts towards the rule of many smaller kings acting in unison. This is the age of the Multi-Monarchists; of rule by the faction of “Little Hitlers.” Their accoutrements are not uniforms and stark symbols, but cap & gown, press passes, and union cards. Their collective policy is plague.

It is a bleak view of a time that should be a Golden Age. The world is, apart from the tribal throwback lands, at peace; the world’s prosperity is unprecedented; technology and the humane arts save human lives today that were forfeit a few years ago; the flames of freedom burn bright.

And yet. There are those whose only reaction to those flames is to extinguish them, and those whose black hearts year to possess and control (and misuse) them. There is always the urge to power, now with new flowery overgarments of words, but not concealing well the base urge that gives them shape and form.

    All faction, no matter its origin or ideals, is in the end Fascist. The Founders knew Faction and feared it. Much of the Federalist Papers is taken up with the problem of suppressing Faction and the Constitution is the carefully wrought attempt at a solution to it. Of course, the Founders also knew that Faction as Facism is never finished except by fire and fire alone.

via Usurpations and the Plague of Locusts @ AMERICAN DIGEST.

There is no magic inevitability to the Golden Age of the 21st Century. We could as easily ruck back into a subsistence dystopia, as plenty of examples illustrate to us.

    Zimbabwe? Far away, and her people so different from us. “A land far away and a people of whom we know nothing,” in the words of the great statesman who had his hour, and lost it.
    Afghanistan? When we arrived there was scarcely a stone upon a stone; yet in 1973, when forward-looking progressives overthrew a King who was not liberalizing fast enough, there were cosmopolitan cities and decent universities. That is the wages of 25 years of civil war. But it is far away, and her people are so different from us.
    Venezuela? Far away, and her people… but, she walked away from the 21st Century, to adopt the most spectacularly failed ideology of the 20th. And as a result, the citizens of that unhappy land are now living in an experience with poverty, sickness, child mortality and overall privation that hearkens back to the conditions of the 19th that produced the great literature of Charles Dickens — and the mistaken political theories of Karl Marx, which, in every single example to date, have recursively caused the conditions they were implemented to cure.

So, tell yourself “It can’t happen here.” If you whistle past the graveyard, there will not be one in your future, right?
88  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Corruption, Skullduggery, and Treason on: October 26, 2016, 10:58:52 AM
Wasn't Obama also guilty of exposing the White House IT system to attack through his emails to HildaBEAST?  How do we know hackers didn't just trace back through his email up to the WH computer / communications system?  The Right should be pounding the table on this.

Should be. I doubt they will.
89  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: The Hillbillary Clintons long, sordid, and often criminal history on: October 22, 2016, 03:56:48 PM

Yeah right Good luck with that.  Zero Dems will have the integrity or courage to go along even if the Repubs can keep the Senate.

And the media will not stand for it.

So foggettabote it

It would take a lot of spine and testicle implants to make it happen.
90  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Obama's legacy: US foreign policy in shambles on: October 22, 2016, 03:26:03 PM

As Obama’s Clock Winds Down, Revisionist Powers Pounce Walter Russell Mead

The Philippine pivot to China is just the latest consequence of Obama’s feckless foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton has swept her debate series with Donald Trump, and voters seem to like Trump less the harder they look at him. But as Clinton surely understands, even as she approaches the White House, the global scene is getting darker.
This morning, we saw a glimpse of that world, as one of America’s longest-standing allies in Asia turned its back on the United States and embraced China:

    In a state visit aimed at cozying up to Beijing as he pushes away from Washington, the Philippine President announced his military and economic “separation” from the United States.
    “America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow,” he told business leaders in Beijing on Thursday. “And maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way.”

As usual, the Obama administration was caught off guard and flat-footed. John Kirby, the spokesman for the State Department, said the move was “inexplicably at odds” with the U.S.-Philippine relationship. “We are going to be seeking an explanation of exactly what the president meant when he talked about separation from us,” Kirby said. “It’s not clear to us exactly what that means and all its ramifications.”
Kirby is right that the outlook in the Philippines is murky; lots of Filipino officials are as appalled by their president’s remarks as anybody in Foggy Bottom. But what isn’t murky at all is that President Obama’s faltering foreign policy has taken another serious hit. It is hard to think of another American president whose foreign policy initiatives failed as badly or as widely as Obama’s. The reconciliation with the Sunni world? The reset with Russia? Stabilizing the Middle East by tilting toward Iran? The Libya invasion? The Syria abstention? The ‘pivot to Asia’ was supposed to be the centerpiece of Obama’s global strategy; instead the waning months of the Obama administration have seen an important U.S. ally pivot toward China in the most public and humiliating way possible.

Duterte clearly thinks that humiliating Obama in this way is a solid career move. He certainly believes that China will support him against the critics at home and abroad who will wring their hands over his shift. He presumably has had some assurances from his Chinese hosts that if he commits his cause to them, they will back him to the hilt.

This points to a broader problem: Obama’s tortuous efforts to balance a commitment to human rights and the niceties of American liberal ideology with a strong policy in defense of basic American security interests have made the world less safe for both human rights and for American security. As the revisionist powers (Russia, China, and Iran) gain ground, foreign leaders feel less and less need to pay attention to American sermons about human rights and the rule of law. Death squads and extra-judicial executions on a large scale: the Americans will lecture you but China will still be your friend. Barrel bombing hospitals in Aleppo? The Russians won’t just back you; they will help you to do it. Obama’s foreign policy is making the world safer for people who despise and trample on the very values that Obama hoped his presidency would advance. His lack of strategic insight and his inability to grasp the dynamics of world power politics have opened the door to a new generation of authoritarian figures in alliance with hostile great powers. Unintentionally, and with the best of intentions, he has opened the doors to the demons of Hell, and the darkest forces in the human spirit have much greater scope and much more power today than they did when he took the oath of office back in 2009.

Now in the final days of Obama’s presidency, Russia, Iran, and China are all stepping up their game. Putin has been humiliating and outfoxing Obama at one end of Eurasia; Iran has gone from routing Obama at the bargaining table to enabling its proxies in Yemen to fire on American ships. Xi now has a triumph of his own, with one of America’s oldest Asian allies insulting Obama at official events. Clearly, America’s opponents (and some of our allies) have reached the conclusion that this particular American administration is unable or unwilling to respond forcefully to provocations.

This isn’t just a painful and embarrassing time for President Obama; it is a dangerous time for world peace. Secretary Clinton is well aware of just how damaging the Filipino defection is in Asia; she helped develop the Obama administration’s Asia strategy and she knows that China’s challenge has just grown much more dangerous. She knows what a wreck the Middle East has become, and she is well aware that Obama will hand her a region that is in much worse shape than it was when Obama took office. She knows how Putin made a patsy and a laughingstock of Obama around the world, and she knows that Obama’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East by conciliating Iran have had just the opposite effect. She knows that even as Donald Trump’s poorly led, poorly conceived electoral campaign weakens, America’s enemies abroad are using every day of Obama’s tenure in office to weaken the foundations of America’s power around the world.

We do not know what other plans our opponents have to take advantage of Obama’s shortcomings as the clock slowly runs down on his time in the White House. Putin clearly hoped that his interference could muddy the waters of the American presidential race; the Russians believe that Trump is if anything less capable than Obama, and that a Trump presidency would give Russia four more years to work at dismantling American power and the European Union. As Putin now contemplates the likely frustration of those hopes, he is likely to think harder about how he can use the time remaining on Obama’s watch to further weaken the United States and erode its alliance system.

Should Secretary Clinton make it to the White House, her first and biggest job will be to stop and then reverse the deterioration in America’s global position that her predecessor permitted. She will have to convince both friends and foes that the President of the United States is no longer a punching bag, and that the United States of America is back on the stage. She will need, and she will deserve, the support of patriotic Americans in both political parties as she undertakes this necessary mission. President Obama’s mismanagement of foreign affairs is creating a genuine international emergency; the White House and Congress will have to work together to restore American prestige and stop the slide toward chaos and war.
91  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Professional journalists at work! on: October 21, 2016, 07:43:33 PM

92  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Fewer Americans Have Private Health Insurance Now Than in 2007 on: October 20, 2016, 11:26:22 PM

Fewer Americans Have Private Health Insurance Now Than in 2007

No progress whatsoever in 10 years since Democrats took Washington.  More people can't stand on their own, need government assistance.  Remember when we used to judge their effectiveness by how many people no longer need the program?

Now lefties tout how popular free sh*t is with the public.
93  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Subic Bay on: October 20, 2016, 11:25:14 PM
How long until the People's Liberation Army Navy (yes, that is what it's called) has a base there?
94  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Philippine's Deterte changes sides, aligns with Chinese and Russians on: October 20, 2016, 12:34:20 PM

So much for the pivot to Asia , , ,

This is HUGE.  Toss in Australia giving up sailing in the South China Sea , , ,

It's a fundamental transformation. Chalk up another big win for Team Smart Power!
95  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Duterte gets the red carpet in China on: October 20, 2016, 11:20:37 AM

‘We’re neighbours and blood brothers’: Xi tells Duterte as firebrand leader announces ‘separation’ from US

Rodrigo Duterte given red carpet treatment in Beijing amid strained ties between two countries over their sovereignty claims in the South China Sea
PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 October, 2016, 12:05pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 October, 2016, 11:29pm

19 Oct 2016

President Xi Jingping told his Philippines counterpart Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday that the two countries could put aside disputes and improve ties.

“This truly has milestone significance for China-Philippines relations,” Xi said, praising Duterte’s landmark visit to Beijing to reset the relationship that had been damaged by territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

In a further sign of his shifting allegiances, Duterte said he was announcing his “separation” from the United States at a business forum in the afternoon in the presence of Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli.

On the South China Sea issue, Xi suggested the two sides “temporarily put aside” the disputes, and learn from the “political wisdom” of history when the two nations had successfully kept their differences in check through talks.

“As long as we stick to friendly dialogue and consultation, we can frankly exchange views on any problem, manage differences, discuss cooperation, and temporarily put aside what is hard to reach by consensus,” Xi said.

Xi said although relations had “weathered storms, the foundation ... of their relations would not be changed” as the two countries were neighbours across the sea and the two peoples were blood-linked brothers.

South China Sea dispute to ‘take back seat’ in talks with Xi, Duterte says

“We have no reason to take a hostile attitude or confront each other,” he said. “I hope we can follow the wishes of the people and use this visit as an opportunity to push China-Philippines relations back on a friendly footing and fully improve things.”

Duterte said improved and developed relationships would benefit both peoples.

“Even as we arrive in Beijing close to winter, this is the springtime of our relationship,” he told Xi at the Great Hall of People.

He hoped the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank could play a role in Philippine economic development, and said his country would work to promote China-ASEAN relations in regional issues.

The two leaders later oversaw the signing of 13 of agreements on ranging from trade and investment to drug control, maritime security and infrastructure.

[Chinese president Xi Jinping welcome the visiting Philippine president Duterte in Beijing on Thursday. Photo: Simon Song]

Vice-Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin told reporters that China and the Philippines had agreed on Thursday that disputes in the South China Sea were not the sum total of their relations and that the two countries would restore consultations on diplomatic and defence matters.

“It means that a new page has now opened between the two countries in addressing the South China Sea issue through bilateral dialogue and consultation,” Liu said.

He also said China would restore Philippine agricultural exports to China and that Beijing would provide financing support for Philippine infrastructure projects.

On the eve of the meeting Duterte said that “it’s time to say goodbye” to the US as his foreign policy veered towards China.

“I will not ask but if they (the Chinese) offer and if they’ll ask me, do you need this aid? [I will say] Of course, we are very poor,”” he told hundreds of Filipinos in Beijing on Wednesday night.

“I will not go to America anymore … We will just be insulted there,” he added.

But Xu Liping, a senior fellow at the China Academy of Social Sciences, said Duterte’s statement did not necessarily mean that the Philippines would lean to China.

“It’s a pendulum effect,” said Xu. “Duterte is just adjusting and revising his predecessor’s excessive one-sided policy towards the US. I would not call him ‘inclining to China’”.

As ties warmed up, China might be able to resume some of the Philippines halted infrastructure projects like a railway in the northern Philippines, and open other, Xu said. The Philippines form an important part of Xi’s One Belt One Road development plan.

Geopolitically, Duterte’s distancing from the US would reduce the stake the US has in the region, which could lower the pressure on China from the US “Asia rebalance” strategy and improve China’s strategic environment, said Zhang Mingliang, a Southeast Asia expert at Jinan University in Guangzhou.

Next year the Philippines will be the rotating chair of the Asean, where the South China Sea disputes have been on the agenda.

“Without an improved relationship, the Philippines would use the Asean platform to embarrass China on the South China Sea issue,” said Zhang.

Playing the US against China may prove a smart move for Rodrigo Duterte

“China and the Philippines are neighbours across the sea and the two peoples are blood brothers,” Xi said.

He added that both sides should “appropriately handle disputes”, although he did not specifically mention conflicts over the South China Sea.

“I hope we can follow the wishes of the people and use this visit as an opportunity to push China-Philippines relations back on a friendly footing and fully improve things,” he said.
96  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Dem operative behind violence spent lots of time at White House on: October 19, 2016, 02:19:31 PM

Just a guy from Obama's neighborhood. Nothing to see here, move along.
97  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / The system is rigged on: October 19, 2016, 11:54:50 AM

#Invalid YouTube Link#

It's only destructive and destabilizing when Donald says it.
98  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Science, Culture, & Humanities / Re: re. How Roman Central Planners Destroyed Their Economy on: October 19, 2016, 11:37:12 AM
Wait, I have been told that Marxism is scientific! By people with credentials!

Central planning has been a failure for many years, really all of history.

This post is a keeper.  Hard to fully document the failure of central planning without knowing the end of the Roman empire and of the Soviet planners, two very different experiments.

Also note the writing of Ibn Khaldun from the 1300s, The Muqqadimah, noting how government expanding and incentives to produce diminishing ends in collapse.  Excerpt in translation:

"In the early stages of the state, taxes are light in their incidence, but fetch in a large revenue...As time passes and kings succeed each other, they lose their tribal habits in favor of more civilized ones. Their needs and exigencies grow...owing to the luxury in which they have been brought up. Hence they impose fresh taxes on their subjects...[and] sharply raise the rate of old taxes to increase their yield...But the effects on business of this rise in taxation make themselves felt. For business men are soon discouraged by the comparison of their profits with the burden of their taxes...Consequently production falls off, and with it the yield of taxation."
99  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Re: Black conservatives ignored on: October 19, 2016, 12:30:14 AM
The second Black Supreme Court Justice is not a significant enough achievement to mention in Smithsonian (though Anita Hill is) as are the hip hoppers who got their start by selling crack to fellow blacks who have a whole section:

Anything that does not fit the narrative goes to the memory hole.
100  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Science, Culture, & Humanities / Re: Oy fg vey! Male mascara on: October 18, 2016, 08:51:33 PM

Life in the Obama era.
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