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51  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Nutrition for Training on: January 31, 2008, 12:53:09 AM
I heard Yams are great for a after work out sorce. Is this haga I am hearing?
I would not sell haga to a slayer such as you.  This is Stygian...the best!! cheesy cheesy
52  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Mai Sok vs... on: January 30, 2008, 12:20:19 AM
As long as you can find someone willing to go up against you with the mai sok, they're permitted.  Sheep Dog has been trying to get someone to fight him with mai sok for a while.

Aloha, Poi
53  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Nat Geo Documentary on the Dog Brothers: Fight Club on: January 23, 2008, 12:33:40 AM
Just saw the commercial on NatGeo tonight.  Commercial was a great teaser for the show.

Aloha, Poi
54  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Nat Geo Documentary on the Dog Brothers: Fight Club on: January 20, 2008, 01:04:42 PM
Woof C-Dog Pound,

Looking and sounding very cool, brother.

Aloha, Poi
55  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: *Mark "Animal" Macyoung - Good/ Bad or just full of his own BS? on: January 09, 2008, 10:54:43 AM
I like the guys books, funny entertaining reads.
Take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Two favorites i am reminded of are
I'm with you.  I particularly like the term "giving him the hairy eyeball".

56  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Comjuka Kali any good? on: September 08, 2007, 08:29:46 PM
Hey Tex,

If this is the same Comjuka Kali that I had some run ins with about 9 years ago (~1998) in El Paso, TX, I would be very hesitant to recommend it.  Maybe my experience was unique, but I had a very negative experience with Ruby Gaudiosa and one of her students when I was living in Las Cruces, NM.  IMO, the skills demonstrated by one of her instructors was extremely sub par for an instructor in the FMA.  And the cost of training with the organization also left a bad taste.

Again, this is just my opinions based on my experience with the organization.  YMMV.

Aloha, Poi
57  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Some Jun07 Gathering Pics on: July 16, 2007, 01:20:52 PM
Here are some that Raymie took.

Aloha, Poi Dog
58  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: June 2007 Gathering on: June 28, 2007, 02:43:59 AM
Woof all,

Tim's name was "C-Scurvy Dog"!!! grin  (Must be said in true pirate voice)

59  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour on: April 14, 2007, 02:51:52 AM
A scene from B13.

Aloha, C-Poi Dog
60  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Grandfathers Speak Vol. 2: Sonny Umpad on: August 16, 2006, 12:24:56 PM
Actually I want to see if I can pull off some of the centerline straight \ stick blast against Dogzilla someday, lol.
Just don't get caught by his thai kick on the way will ruin your day.

TomFurman, wow, a reference to "Full Contact"!  Good job.  I remember that article as well.  In fact, I think I still have all 8 or 9 issues in storage back home in Hawaii.

Guro Crafty, I really look forward to this release.  Great job, as usual.

Aloha, Kalani
61  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / MMA on: July 28, 2006, 12:57:28 PM
Woof all,

Just a head's up regarding 2 well regarded MMA fighters, Steve Cotter (one of 9 Senior Russian Kettlebell Certified instructors) posted on the Dragon Door forum that Chuck Liddell has contacted him looking for training with KBs for his upcoming fight against Wanderlei Silva.  In addition, Brendan "The Truth" Vera has also gotten in contact with Steve Cotter with an interest towards training with kettlebells.  The Kettlebell Revolution grows.

Aloha, "C-Poi Dog"
62  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Your carry folder on: July 28, 2006, 12:53:03 PM
My 2 daily carry's(sp?) are a CRKT Point Guard and a Kershaw Ken Onion Leek.

Both are simple, easy to open and quick on the deploy...especially handy when I'm surprised by an envelope's assault and need to defend myself from wicked paper cuts. cheesy

Aloha, Kalani "C-Poi Dog"
63  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Hawaiian Clan Stick Fights. on: April 06, 2006, 03:18:14 PM

My sincerest condolences, brother.  Semper Fi.

Aloha, Kalani
64  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Albuquerque stick fighting on: February 28, 2006, 03:16:55 PM
Quote from: scomith

Located in Albq., NM, I'm looking to find regular sparring partners.
Currently used to sparring with heavy padded sticks and minimal gear. Looking to progress to rattan. I would like to match intensities.

It has been hard to find committed training partners. No one really wants to do it. Or, they do it once and are satisified with that. I'm looking for once a week or once everyother week. All depends on our schedules.

Hope to hear from someone!

You're not too far from Santa Fe.  You should try and get in touch with Salty and see if his group is still going.  I drove up from Las Cruces a couple of times to train/fight with his group and it was well worth the trip.  From Albq. should be no problem.
65  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Dog Brothers Tribe on: February 17, 2006, 09:48:38 AM
Good job, gentlemen.  KATN!
66  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Hawaiian Clan Stick Fights. on: January 12, 2006, 01:32:10 PM
I'm losing weight, getting stronger, and training hard.  Better bring your A-game, Mike.  My Beer-jutsu is near undefeatable!!  Tongue
67  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Essential street ground fighting on: January 12, 2006, 01:27:51 PM
Quote from: Sweeper

We can make all kinds of scenarios - instead of being a man and exchanging blows I could have kneed him in the balls.  

He didn't slam me onto my hood as it has no dents, he threw me - which was really more of a push and my hood undercutting my legs (just to clarify).  With his arm extended it became a broken one.  He didn't have the ground knowledge to know that an arm abr was coming.

Shane was asking about the ground.  I wasn't my choice to go to the ground per-say, it just happend that way.  

How does "exchanging blows" = "being a man"?  So kneeing someone in the balls makes me less of a man?  Why did you choose to engage him?  To teach him a lesson...or something else?  Not questioning your "manhood" so much as your mindset.
68  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Headgear & Gloves on: November 22, 2005, 12:19:01 PM
Island Dog,

First off, great seeing you in action, you truly are an inspiration.  For an in between glove, I like football lineman's gloves.  I've been using various brands for about 4 years now and I think they'd fit the specs you're looking for almost perfectly.  Check out this website for an example.  I was using a pair of Nike lineman's gloves at the Gathering.

Aloha, Kalani
69  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / London hit by multiple explosions on: July 07, 2005, 02:10:20 PM
My prayers to our British brethren.
70  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Sort of related... on: May 27, 2005, 11:21:53 AM
"Those willing to give up a little liberty for a little security deserve neither security nor liberty." --Benjamin Franklin,2763,1493851,00.html?gusrc=rss

Doctors: Ban dagger-type kitchen knives

Sarah Left and agencies
Friday May 27, 2005

A group of doctors today called on the government to ban long pointed kitchen knives in an effort to reduce the number and severity of stabbings.

Knives are the most common murder weapon in Britain, and three doctors from West Middlesex University hospital in London said their experience indicated that at least half of stabbing cases involved a kitchen knife.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Emma Hern, Will Glazebrook and Mike Beckett said the use of dagger-type kitchen knives owed more to tradition than culinary necessity. The knives, they argued, could be banned without unduly inconveniencing cooks.

A Home Office spokeswoman refused to say whether or not the government would consider such a ban.
The doctors quoted findings that 24% of 16-year-old boys reported carrying knives or other weapons, with 19% admitting they had attacked someone. In the first two weeks of 2005 alone, 15 murders in the UK were linked to stabbings as well as 16 other non-fatal attacks.

The doctors said many assaults were impulsive, often triggered by alcohol or other drugs, and the long pointed kitchen knife was an easily available lethal weapon, especially in the home.

"Government action to ban the sale of such knives would drastically reduce their availability over the course of a few years. In addition, such legislation would make it harder to justify carrying such knives and prosecution easier," they said. "The Home Office is looking for ways to reduce knife crime. We suggest that banning the sale of long pointed knives is a sensible and practical measure that would have this effect."

Most kitchen knives are based on two designs: the dagger variety with a pointed tip, such as a carving knife, and the blunt round nose variety, such as a bread knife.

"When using a knife to harm, a blunt nosed knife is unlikely to cause serious injury, as penetrating clothing and skin is difficult with it. Similarly an assault with a knife with a short blade such as a craft knife may cause a dramatic superficial wound but is unlikely to reach deep structures and cause death. A dagger type knife, however, can penetrate deeply," the doctors wrote.

With a long, pointed knife, cutting into vital organs was no more difficult than cutting into a ripe melon, the doctors wrote. They argued that continued use of the dagger design may just be a tradition stretching back to between 3000 and 700 BC. The doctors asked 10 well-known chefs about whether large pointed kitchen knives had a culinary purpose.

"Some commented that a point is useful in the fine preparation of some meat and vegetables, but that this could be done with a short pointed knife (less than 5cm in length). None gave a reason why the long pointed knife was essential," they wrote. The Home Office said the law already prohibited the possession of knives in a public place without good reason, with the exception of a folding pocket knife with a blade not exceeding 8cm (3in). The government has also announced plans to make knives harder to buy and to raise the minimum age for ownership from 16 to 18.
71  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Happy Mother's Day!!! on: May 08, 2005, 12:45:53 PM
Happy Mother's Day to any and all mommies on the board.

Aloha, Kalani
72  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / how to choose a good rattan stick? on: April 19, 2005, 09:56:07 AM
I always go with  I've never had any problems with Nick's sticks and am willing to pay the price for his top quality sticks.  They last a long time even through hard training.
73  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / training in chicago on: April 01, 2005, 05:17:44 PM
Shot you a message.  Gimme a holler if you have any questions.  Peace.
74  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / training in chicago on: March 21, 2005, 09:41:17 AM
Tulisan, I'm going to be in Chicago on 4/3 for a bit of MMA/stickwork against some Chitownies.  As soon as I get the where I'll give you a shout so you can come watch/talk/play if you'd like.

75  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Marines, Estalilla, History Channel on: December 13, 2004, 12:24:36 PM

Mahalo for the heads up!  I'll be looking for the Marines/Lebanon show.  And I'll definitely be looking for all y'all on TV.   Cheesy

Aloha, Kalani
76  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / TOURNAMENTS IN INDIANA OR CHICAGO...? on: June 10, 2004, 07:54:31 PM

I don't know of any Chicago/Indiana tournaments, however I'll be up in the southern Wisconsin area come early August and if you're interested in crossing sticks, I'd love to get in some 'ring' time.  Just send another shout out on this forum come August 5 or so.

Aloha, Kalani
77  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / DB in Mexico City on: April 05, 2004, 07:55:15 PM

Marc, gracias por las palabras amables y el gran cuento.  Espero realmente aprovechar de esta oportunidad.

Mauricio, es tambi?n un placer de conocerte por lo menos por palabras, y gracias por la oferta de la hospitalidad. Espero la reuni?n con tigo en persona y entrenando con tigo en SIC. Parece que estare en Cuernevaca al fin de septiembre, y estoy muy entusiasmado.

(Thanks to my good friend Angelica for helping me with the translation)

Aloha, Kalani
78  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / DB in Mexico City on: March 15, 2004, 02:36:37 PM

I may be able to take advantage of an opportunity this summer to study spanish in Cuernevaca.  If I do, I was wondering if perhaps making weekend trips to Mexico City to study at the "Sistemas Integrados de Combate" would be a feasible option?  Anyone with any relevant experience/ideas, please feel free to offer any suggestions.  Mahalo in advance for any and all help.

Aloha, Kalani
79  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Spain's terrorist attack on: March 15, 2004, 02:29:24 PM

Anyone else's thoughts on this?  Personally, I think it's a shame that the new prime minister is taking this route, but if that's the path he feels the country needs to walk, that is his decision and the right of the people of Spain.  I'd also like to add my deepest condolences to the Spanish people and my sincerest wishes that those responsible be brought to justice swiftly and severely.
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