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1  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Pulling Out of Iraq... WTF? on: July 15, 2004, 09:18:31 AM
All good commentary, really. You guys have made some good points worth considering. It'd be nice if everything in life could be simple black and white, but that just ain't the case.

And, Quest, I meant no disresect in my jab yesterday. Just wanted to see your response. Thanks for being a good sport...

- Fully Caffein8ed
2  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Pulling Out of Iraq... WTF? on: July 14, 2004, 01:56:55 PM
Quest, your obvious penchant for pop-culture, conspiracy-theory, Michael Moore-ish, dribble barely warrants comment. Consider researching ACTUAL current events, rather than puppeting what you see on MTV and read in the New York Times...
3  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Pulling Out of Iraq... WTF? on: July 13, 2004, 11:26:21 AM
Michael? Is that you? You're a bit chubby for DBMA aren't you?

j/k... Diversity of opinion make the world go 'round. Points noted... Not necessarily agreed with, but noted.

- Fully Caffein8ed
4  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Much Appreciated Guro Crafty on: July 13, 2004, 10:00:58 AM
I guess I can see where they are coming from, in theory...

It still looks like they are opening Pandora's box. I hope that Arroya is ready to release the hounds, with full vengeance... I have a feeling that we'll see a spike in abductions from MILF, Abu Sayef and the rest of those clowns, now that the gov't has shown its willingness to cater to their demands.

May God's mercy, grace and protection rest on the people of the Philippines.

- Fully Caffein8ed
5  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Pulling Out of Iraq... WTF? on: July 13, 2004, 08:43:41 AM
I must admit that I was shocked to hear that the Philippines are withdrawing their 50 person humaniartian staff from Iraq to appease the terrorists. That flies in the face of all logical thought. I might expect a response like that from France, but not the Philippines. They, of all countries, should know better than to bow the knee to terrorist threats.

What are they thinking?
6  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Additionally... on: August 29, 2003, 09:38:48 PM
I've heard much debate over what types and sizes of blades are legal to carry without a concealed weapons permit. In these discussions I've heard arguments from some who say balisongs are illegal to carry and some who say they are perfectly legal.

Knowing that laws vary from state to state, can anyone shed some educated light on this matter?

7  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Blade Assistance on: August 29, 2003, 08:58:38 PM
Greeting all.

I am shopping for a decent, edged, strong balisong. However, I cannot (at this point) rationalize dropping $100+ on a knife.

Can anyone advise me on some good, affordable options (and maybe dealers).

As usual, much appreciated.

8  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Defend your family, go to jail on: June 16, 2003, 12:23:45 PM
I wonder how this same DA would feel if he ever came home to find a criminal seeking to harm HIS family. I bet his "letter of the law" approach to gun control might change...
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