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1  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / London hit by multiple explosions on: July 09, 2005, 10:35:01 AM
Easy Rogt

Yeah,just about every square inch of london is monitored by CCTV. The only problem is,this can not really prevent a suicide bomber from jumping on the tube or from getting on a bus. It will in time show us who probally did it (An arab looking fella) but it really does not prevent what as already happened. You also cant go around stopping every arab carrying a bag.

All day long people are leaving bags on the underground and public transport and nobody batters an eye lid. I think people will obviously be abit more aware of their surroundings now though.

As for the I.R.A., even though they are no better, there was always a warning before the bombs went off and as you said was mostly millatary targets or property.

I have no doubt that the terrorist will soon be identified,but as I said its not like the guy could be brought to justice.

All we can do is show these people that we will not change the way we live or run scared

Dog Kris
2  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Thankyou on: July 08, 2005, 10:33:30 AM
Just want to say a big thankyou to all you  fellas for the kind words and words of support.

We're pretty used to this kind of thing in London. The London spirit is just to get ya head down and to get on with it.

Thanks alot for the messages again lads

Dog Kris

Britain and America back to back as usual wink
3  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / post-Gathering/thank you... on: July 08, 2005, 05:31:22 AM
Easy Tom

Thanks alot mate,as I said Im really chuffed about being accepted into the tribe.

Im gonna try and make a point of fighting somebody different everytime I come to a Gathering. Im sure me and Pappy will get to dance again soon,except this time i'll have hair,so I dont have to explain why I have teeth marks in my head.

Hopefully I will catch you in November Tom,any excuse to go back to Hermosa Beach lol

Take care wildman

Dog Kris
4  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Ultimate Warriors on: July 05, 2005, 04:47:39 AM
Woof Marc

The DB section on Ultimate Warriors was excellent. As you said, it was nice that they gave you the opportunity to get across the ethos and thinking behind the gathering rather than focusing on the "violence".

Take it easy mate

Dog Kris
5  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Gathering of the Pack on: July 05, 2005, 04:40:56 AM
Easy Fellas

Just want to say that I had a great time at the Gathering. It was cool to see all the people i met last year and meet new nutters this year.

Speacial thanks to the big guy Miguel, you hit me so hard on the temple man, i swear i nearly screamed. I tied to explain to some people back home how i got the resulting black eye,they could not grasp the concept. Which pretty much explains what kind of people we are that do this kind of thing. Warrior Cast.

Also thanks to Gints for the knee strikes to the gut, just glad I have a little more protection around that area than most  cheesy

Was really chuffed to be made a "Dog", it took a few days for t to sink in because my head was in another place, thanks again Gints and Miguel.

Hoping to make it out again in November, but more likely to be next June.Until then fellas, Fight Feed and Breed

Dog Kris
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