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1  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: VIDEO CLIPS OF INTEREST on: June 04, 2007, 10:20:45 PM

2  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / the last samurai! on: January 14, 2004, 10:40:31 AM
I ended up not going and talking to the Iai people but regardless...

with all due respect I disagree.  I think that to become proficiant at Iaido you are a true swordsman.  You learn alot of the ettiquette behind swordsmanshiip.  The litteral translation is "drawing of the sword".  

I am not talking about people who study Iaido as a hobby either, I am speaking of people who hold 3rd and 4th dan in Iai, which gives then 20someodd years studying.

Another point to make is that I am speaking also of people who are affiliated with Myomoto Musashi, Hyoho-Niten Ichiryu.  I would assume you consider Myomoto Musashi a true swordsman would you not?

The point is nil though.  Anybody that has studied japanese swordsmanship ior japanese ettiquete I believe would find similar faults in the movie.
3  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / the last samurai! on: December 31, 2003, 10:42:33 PM
I agree with what was said about the skill already being possessed.  But that still leaves some rather unforgivable gafs.  Not to take anything away, it was a great movie...


1) If you killed the number 2 man, which the man he killed was, your life would most definately not be spared no matter how good your skill.

2) the was he presents the sword at the end of the movie to the emporer he would have imediately been executed.  taking it out of the wraping could be interpeted as an act of aggression for the simple reason that when wrapped it cannot be drawn, when he unwrapped it to present it it could be drawn, which would be completely unexceptable in the pressence of the emporer.

3) If you were to present something, anything to the emporer you would not present it directly to him, you would present it to one of his advisors who would give it to him.

4) He talks directly to the emporer and the emporer speaks back.  The emporer maybe has 10 people total that he speaks to, EVER.  And they are all close advisors.  He would never speek directly to somebody.

5) the "love intrest" between him and the woman whose husband he killed would never happen.  Nor would she open up to him like she did, nor would her children.

Just some things that I have been thinking about.  Saturday I will be spending time with some people who study Iaido whom I want to ask some questions of ettiquette and such and find what true "swordsman" thought of the movie.
4  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / the last samurai! on: December 15, 2003, 11:11:35 AM
Besides some flaws in etiquete that would have been seen as major no-no's it was a great movie.

The biggest flaw I saw was that they portray him as a great swordsman after only a winter of training.  I refer to it as "the karate kid syndrome".  But all in all it was a very good movie.
5  Politics, Religion, Science, Culture and Humanities / Politics & Religion / Political Rants on: September 24, 2003, 11:52:02 AM
From Neal Boortz to all of the bedwetting Liberals:
Please answer as many of the following questions as you can, and as many with a straight face as possible. Please answer quickly as you already have all of the answers.

1. Since George W. Bush is evil, and thought by some to be far more dangerous than Saddam Hussein, could you please list the instances you are aware of where George W. Bush has ordered the murder, torture and rape of American citizens, like yourself, who oppose his presidency.

2. Could you list any sites of mass graves of American citizens ordered to be killed by the Bush administration?

3. Further, could you please list the instances you are aware of when George W. Bush has ordered the murder of members of his own family.

4. Do you feel that Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons he was specifically forbidden to have by the UN; for example, the Scud missiles he fired into Kuwait during the first two weeks of the war?

5. How do you think Saddam was able to fire weapons that he didn't have?

6. Are inspectors inspectors, or are inspectors detectives?

7. How many more months would you have given Saddam Hussein to comply with the 17 UN resolutions, passed over 12 years?

8. If you owned an apartment building, for how many months would you allow a tenant to defy you to kick him out for not paying the rent he owes?

9. If the UN, and the previous administration, were convinced Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and used that as a basis for their actions against Iraq, how do those reasons evaporate when applied by the Bush administration?

10. If the Bush administration, led by the evil GWB, lied about weapons of mass destruction in order to go to war, why haven't we found any WMD secretly planted by the Bush administration?

11. If you feel it would be too difficult to plant WMD in Iraq, because there are too many people watching, such that no one can do anything sneaky in Iraq, then why can't we find Saddam?

12. Do you disagree with the statement..."The weapons of mass destruction used in the 9/11 attacks were box-cutters"?

13. Do you think finding an airplane fuselage in a terrorist training camp in northern Iraq means terrorists were practicing hijackings? If not, for what purpose do you think they were using the airplane?

14. Knowing what little you may know about spy satellites, what do you think Iraq was hiding using the tunnel-digging equipment they bought from the French some 5 years ago?

15. Why do you think Iraq had a 'Higher Committee for Monitoring the Inspection Teams' headed by Hussein's Vice-President, and son, Qusay?

16. The fact that Iraq trained experts to foil UN weapons inspectors is documented not just by U.S. intelligence organizations, but by those of many other countries. Why do you think Iraq needed to use these tactics, if George W. Bush is lying?

17. In 1995, Iraq admitted it had biological weapons. They declared they had, for example, 8500 liters of anthrax. Where did they all go? If Iraq destroyed them, why would there be any need for more UN resolutions after that?

18. When do you think Iraq abandoned their existing Weapons of Mass Destruction program? What do you think was their motivation for abandoning it- the 17th time the UN said 'pretty please', or the fact that it was spending too much money that could used for social programs to improve the lives of Iraqi citizens?

19. Do you think the bio-weapons lab vehicles found in Iraq were being used as lunch wagons, or as mobile auto detail trucks?

20. If a terrorist organization attacked America tomorrow by spraying anthrax over a large city, would you blame George W. Bush for not doing enough?

21. Would Hillary?

22. How many minutes after the attack do you think it would take for Hillary to appear on CNN?

23. If an illegal U.S. president declares an illegal war, wouldn't the two cancel each other out?

Bonus Question: Do you think O.J. killed Ron and Nicole, or was he the victim of a massive conspiracy to plant evidence by many separate divisions of the LAPD?
6  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / 1 stick vs. 2 sticks on: September 09, 2003, 06:42:15 PM
If you look at the progression in the DBMA videos it goes as follows
Power Training (one stick)
Footwork (one stick)
Siniwali (double stick)
Jiu Jitsu
Blocks Punyos etc.(one stick?)

IMO, i would work both both double stick...and make practicing power strokes part of your workout so you can build up your week side.  

The way I see it, (I could be wrong so take this with a grain of salt) They  bring in double sticks somewhat early, and there is probably a good reason for that.

If you train with one, even when you fight with two you will use them as if you only have one because thats how you trained.  If you train with two you will instinctively use your free hand as if you had two.

just my $.02
7  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Equipment on: September 04, 2003, 07:32:26 PM
I've ordered sticks from him too

some regular sticks
a pair of ironwood sticks that are absolutely beautiful and great for training because they are considerably heavier than normal sticks
and the stick bag for some free advertising for him  cheesy
8  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Hunted on: September 03, 2003, 07:02:17 PM
thats what i thought.  so the lack of wirework in a movie thats supposed to show realistic fighting is bad how?  I'm at a lack of words for this guys ignorance.  I guess even in realistic movies people want to see the actors flying and doing unrealistic things?
9  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / Re: Blade Magazine Review on: September 03, 2003, 07:20:33 AM
Quote from: Sun_Helmet
(another reviewer didn't like it because it lacked wirework)

whats wirework?? sorry for my ignorance, i think i know what your refering to i just want to clarify in my own mind  wink

I agree, if you like or don't like.  Agree or don't agree with something say why.  I hate it when people insist "that won't work" or "i don't like that" but won't tell you why they feel as they do

10  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Hunted on: August 20, 2003, 10:59:03 AM
Of course Dunkin' Donuts are closer wink

thats just low...i wouldn't subject my body to that....

haha...fine, so its more of an "i need the money" issue than time...regardless im gonna start soon
11  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Hunted on: August 19, 2003, 12:25:49 PM
i plan on it, infortunately its also like a wed night or something like that...

but yeah...soon as i find the time
12  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Hunted on: August 18, 2003, 12:37:22 PM
thanks rafeal

i knew some things have to be changed because it is film...i was just curious on how much...definately looks like a great art, unfortunately the closest place to me that teached it is about 2 hours away...from what i understand it would be a worthwhile commute and one that im seriously considering

thanks again
13  DBMA Martial Arts Forum / Martial Arts Topics / The Hunted on: August 17, 2003, 08:41:44 PM
this may sound like a redundant question since i know sayoc kali did all the choreography...

but is the fighting in the movie representative of what you would learn studying sayoc?  i know it sound like a weird question, but what you see in movies doesnt alway represent the art for sake of presenttion

does my question make any sense?
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