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July 30, 2015, 03:26:28 PM

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 on: Today at 03:10:11 PM 
Started by ccp - Last post by ccp
So say Jeb could beat Hillary.  What have we won?  I say not much.
What's the point.  His father was great with Iraq with the caveat that he established a serious precedent of turning over our sovereignty to the court of public opinion on at least  war decisions.  His brother was great with 911.   But otherwise not much else.  Bushes are not able to reset conservative values.   I don't hear Jeb saying anything that is impressive, convincing, or even motivating that is not just  status quo, appeasing, compromising, in and bed with the lobbyists speak.
Jeb is Hillary lite IMHO.

I will stay home if it is him or someone like him.

Even Christie has my ear and has sounded better!   I might even be able to give HIM another chance.   shocked  But no more Bushes.

 on: Today at 02:18:11 PM 
Started by ccp - Last post by Crafty_Dog

 on: Today at 01:22:33 PM 
Started by G M - Last post by ccp
This is her business address but anyone know where she physically lives?   It is my understanding celebrities just love having people showing up at their homes:

 on: Today at 01:15:54 PM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
Roughly 23 million "Latinos" voted in 2012.  So if we take 13 % of that and add that to Romney's total and subtract from Brock's maybe that would have made up the 5% overall difference.  Not enough time right now to figure it out.   That said it is only 40% of a population that is expanding exponentially - by design.

 on: Today at 12:38:41 PM 
Started by bigdog - Last post by Crafty_Dog

 on: Today at 11:10:49 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG
If I am not mistaken if Romney had matched Bush's 40% he would have won.

Winning an even slightly greater share of any and all of these demographic groups matters.  Black, Hispanic, gay, Jew, Catholic, single mom, soccer mom, urban dwellers, media people, academia, (martial artists?), etc. etc., we have to convince them that there are other viewpoints and it is okay to choose one that is not what everyone else you know is choosing.  Each time they see one more person slip over to the other side they face the possibility of being curious about what they are not seeing.

We have former liberals right here on the board...

 on: Today at 10:59:46 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG
Thanks Crafty.  One more example:  The US bought Alaska (Someone's Folly) and Britain leased Hong Kong.  99 years goes by quickly.  Who has the strategic advantage now?

If not for property taxes, debt, and a hundred other problems that could come up, it's better to own than rent.

Objectivist:  Yes, it is rare (but can be done) for people to be smart and disciplined enough to rent beneath their means and accumulate wealth outside of real estate.  My advice to some in similar situations is to rent inexpensively where you live but buy and own the land under your red state, dream home getaway where you plan to live either in retirement or economic collapse.

I know that you know this, but savings in dollar based investments may not be savings at all.  Real estate has ups and downs but like is partly limited in quantity and independent from the currency. 

 on: Today at 03:24:09 AM 
Started by lonelydog - Last post by lonelydog
i'm working on the tribal gathering HL clip...  meanwhile here the next workout video

 on: Today at 12:17:38 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by Crafty_Dog

 on: July 29, 2015, 10:12:45 PM 
Started by Bob Burgee - Last post by Bob Burgee
Greetings DBMA Association Members!

2 New July 1998 Archive Sparring Clips.

DBMA Archive - 1998 - July - Group Class Sparring - 03
DBMA Archive - 1998 - July - Group Class Sparring - 04

All the best.


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