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December 09, 2016, 11:32:06 AM

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 on: Today at 11:01:54 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
I don't have the time to sift through all the particulars. 
Yes, when quotes are taken out of context the meaning can be totally the opposite of what was intended.

I don't agree with some of Obama's strategy and he certainly puts it all in a way that seems to argue he is right about everything.  No surprise there.  So his speech is certainly not without bias.

That said,  one definitely has to read Breitbart with a grain of salt as well.  A lot of what they post is the same as Huffington compost just from the right not left in the sense it is out of context, distorted, exaggerated, and occasionally not true at all.

For my part I read both sides to some extent and try to find the truth that way. 
Sadly I sometimes conclude there is no way to know the truth or simply there is no truth.  It all comes down to opinion , wishes, desires, beliefs  and the rest.
More so lately I keep concluding to myself that there are no answers or good answers period.

 on: Today at 10:21:15 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by Crafty_Dog
Let's take this over to the Media thread.

 on: Today at 09:34:51 AM 
Started by Mad Scientist - Last post by G M

Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids
By Paul Sperry December 5, 2016 | 1:55pm | Updated
Modal Trigger Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids

At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center partnered with the American Federation of Teachers, which formally endorsed Hillary Clinton, to circulate the questionnaire among its 1.6 million mostly Democratic members. The survey was sent out to K-12 teachers and administrators who subscribe to its “Teaching Tolerance” newsletter.

The SPLC’s widely cited report — “The Trump Effect: The Impact of the 2016 Presidential Election on Our Nation’s Schools” — reported that 40 percent of the more than 10,000 educators who responded to the survey “have heard derogatory language directed at students of color, Muslims, immigrants and people based on gender or sexual orientation.”

The takeaway was that Trump-supporting white kids have been harassing minorities at the nation’s schools. And SPLC’s schools report, along with a broader report on alleged Trump-inspired hate crimes — “Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election” — sparked breathless coverage in the New York Times, Washington Post and other major media.

The reports also triggered a statement Friday from the US Commission on Civil Rights, which expressed “deep concern” that “prejudice has reared its ugly head in public elementary and secondary schools.” The panel called for more federal funding to prosecute “hate crimes.”

But the SPLC didn’t present the whole story. The Montgomery, Ala.-based nonprofit self-censored results from a key question it asked educators — whether they agree or disagree with the following statement: “I have heard derogatory language or slurs about white students.”

Asked last week to provide the data, SPLC initially said it was having a hard time getting the information “from the researchers.” Pressed, SPLC spokeswoman Kirsten Bokenkamp finally revealed that “about 20 percent answered affirmatively to that question.”

Bokenkamp did not provide an explanation for the absence of such a substantial metric — at least 2,000 bias-related incidents against white students — from the report, which focuses instead on “anti-immigrant sentiment,” “anti-Muslim sentiment” and “slurs about students of color” related to the election.

“They left that result out because it would not fit their ideological narrative,” former Education Department civil rights attorney Hans Bader said. “It was deemed an inconvenient truth.”

Suppressing reports of crimes against Trump supporters gives a one-sided and misleading view of post-election discord.
Founded in 1971, SPLC claims to be a nonpartisan civil rights law firm. But it receives funding from leftist groups, including ones controlled by billionaire George Soros. And a review of Federal Election Commission records reveals that its board members have contributed more than $13,400 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

Bader says SPLC has an agenda to derail the Trump administration before it starts.

“These flawed SPLC reports will be cited by left-wing special interests to try to block the confirmation of moderate and conservative people to posts such as attorney general by falsely making it look like America’s schools and streets are pervaded by bigotry,” Bader said.

Last week, SPLC held a press conference in Washington to demand Trump “reconsider” his picks for White House advisers and attorney general, and “disavow” his immigration policies.

“His own words have sparked the barrage of hate that we are seeing,” SPLC President Richard Cohen maintained. “He has been singing the white supremacist song since he came down the escalator in his tower and announced his candidacy.”

Cohen tied Trump to a number of hate crimes, which he warns will only “spike” once he’s inaugurated. He noted his center recorded 867 alleged anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-black hate crimes in the 10 days following Trump’s Nov. 8 win.

But the SPLC acknowledges that it has not independently verified any of the claims. It collected most of them on its website, many anonymously.

The group won’t use its $315 million in assets to investigate the “hate crimes,” or at least help alleged victims file police reports or provide them counseling or other assistance, but it has offered “sympathy.”

“We wrote back to every submission that provided an email address to express sympathy and encourage them to report the incident to local authorities,” Bokenkamp said.

Bader pointed out that most of the anti-minority “hate crimes” and “hate incidents” cited by SPLC do not legally constitute hate crimes, and many involve constitutionally protected speech.

“It is simply ridiculous that SPLC treats ‘build the wall’ as hate rhetoric,” he said. The center counted people mentioning “build the wall” as 467 incidents of hate.

“Alas, these days the SPLC is mainly a fundraising machine,” said Gail Heriot, a US Commission on Civil Rights member who voted against Friday’s resolution. “The more it can persuade its donors that hate groups have penetrated every nook and cranny of American society, the more money it can raise. Now it wants us to believe that the election has unleashed unprecedented waves of hatred and violence among schoolchildren. Let’s stop and take a deep breath before we assume that’s true. The SPLC has no credibility with anyone — on the left or the right — who is familiar with its methods.”

While there no doubt are legitimate reports of hate crimes against minorities — and even one is too many — hyping such incidents recklessly fans the flames of anxiety among such communities. And suppressing reports of crimes against Trump supporters gives a one-sided and misleading view of post-election discord.

Paul Sperry is a former Washington bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily and the author of “Infiltration.”

 on: Today at 08:59:55 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
After posting the Breitbart link on my FB I was challenged with the actual content of the speech.

"Read it for yourself and tell me if you think the headline is honest.  I don't."

Which headline are you talking about CD?

I am tired of this from the Bamster:

"The whole objective of these terrorists is to scare us into changing the nature of who we are and our democracy.  And the fact is, people and nations do not make good decisions when they are driven by fear. "

 I really don't need a pompous lecture on telling me "who I , as an American, am".
And stop the "Fear" smear.  We want to defend ourselves OK?   soon to be ex commander in chief.

And this:  "Good afternoon, everybody.  I was just told that was going to be the last "Hail to the Chief" on the road, and it got me kind of sentimental. "
 Yeah, I bet you are sad you won't be the big guy on campus soon .  (not soon enough for me)

 on: Today at 08:48:14 AM 
Started by buzwardo - Last post by ccp
How to keep an 80 million degree celsius device cool:


 on: Today at 08:47:02 AM 
Started by DougMacG - Last post by DDF

I'm shocked.

 on: Today at 08:38:01 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by Crafty_Dog
Following up on this from the Glibness thread:

"Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President, , ,In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him.’"

Reading the actual speech shows the Breitbart headline to be spectacularly untrue.  My error in taking Breitbart seriously.

Let's discuss.

 on: Today at 08:33:03 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by Crafty_Dog

 on: Today at 08:15:32 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by Crafty_Dog
After posting the Breitbart link on my FB I was challenged with the actual content of the speech.

Read it for yourself and tell me if you think the headline is honest.  I don't.   angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry angry

 on: Today at 07:55:32 AM 
Started by DougMacG - Last post by ccp
I think it was Rush who pointed out that for about 90 minutes on election night the mainstream media went completely SILENT on the voting counts .  Rush stated he spoke to a pollster who noticed the same thing (he did not mention who the pollster was but I suspect it was Pat Caddell - but i am just guessing).  The pollster stated they stopped reporting when Trump was clearly ahead  because the Democrat machine went into high gear actively "looking" for votes for Hillary.  Remember that night when John King would keep saying that Hillary's only chance was to "find " enough big city (urban) votes to counter the more suburban rural Trump votes?

It seemed obvious to me that the DEms were hustling as many votes as much as they can .   Funny how the elections always come down to those same urban areas that are usually the last to report.

Will be hear this on MSM?  

No;  fraud ? what fraud?  or this one I love ,"voter fraud is exceedingly rare".

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