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July 27, 2016, 02:53:35 AM

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 on: July 21, 2016, 12:14:01 PM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG
The Somalians were brought to MN for ice hockey, very funny!

"Due to Somalia's proximity to the equator, there is not much seasonal variation in its climate."   - Same here.  )

I'm guessing this started before Al Franken, but the question remains, why?

They were brought here to collect benefits and vote Democratic, or to wage war against us, or both.

 on: July 21, 2016, 11:47:32 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
"They were brought here by the federal government?!  Why ?"

Perhaps a cynical move by your illustrious Senator Franken in cohoots with Bama.

Perhaps they wanted to learn skiing or skating or take up ice hockey:

*****Climate Somalia[edit]

Somalia map of Köppen climate classification.

Arabian horses, referred to as faras, seen here in the arid plains of Dhahar
Due to Somalia's proximity to the equator, there is not much seasonal variation in its climate. Hot conditions prevail year-round along with periodic monsoon winds and irregular rainfall. Mean daily maximum temperatures range from 30 to 40 °C (86 to 104 °F), except at higher elevations along the eastern seaboard, where the effects of a cold offshore current can be felt. In Mogadishu, for instance, average afternoon highs range from 28 to 32 °C (82 to 90 °F) in April. Some of the highest mean annual temperatures in the world have been recorded in the country; Berbera on the northwestern coast has an afternoon high that averages more than 38 °C (100 °F) from June through September. Nationally, mean daily minimums usually vary from about 15 to 30 °C (59 to 86 °F).[142] The greatest range in climate occurs in northern Somalia, where temperatures sometimes surpass 45 °C (113 °F) in July on the littoral plains and drop below the freezing point during December in the highlands.[10][142] In this region, relative humidity ranges from about 40% in the mid-afternoon to 85% at night, changing somewhat according to the season.[142]****

 on: July 21, 2016, 10:52:16 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG

"With an estimated 100,000 plus Somali immigrants settled in Minnesota, brought there by the federal government..."

This is such a big story in so many ways and is being ignored by the media.  Powerline blog has covered it in detail, but Scott Johnson from Powerline (writing in City Journal) was Breitbart's only source too.

They were brought here by the federal government?!  Why Minnesota, the place where they will assimilate worst?  Did they assimilate?  No.  Do they join the Jihad?  Yes, significant numbers do.  Many were already arrested for joining al Qaida.  Now it's ISIS. 

The crucial point is that our government is still planning to bring many many more 'refugees' from the region to America, (and Europe, etc.)  Are significant numbers of those people ISIS sympathizers?  Yes.  Will some of them join the Jihad?  Yes.  Will they attack us here?  Yes.  Do they want to come in order to assimilate, join our communities, become Americans?  No, they keep their own communities, set them up here and insist we accept their ways.  Do they bring special job skills needed by our high tech economy?  No.  Will they bring in more revenue than they cost us?  No.  Is there any positive side of this?  Yes.  They are believed to be reliable Democratic voters. 

The Startribune couldn't tell the story without focus on the appeal, entrapment and attacking the "all-white jury", a line right out of Rubin Carter and the story of 'Hurricane'.
Was the Somali Jihadists' trial about incontrovertible evidence or was it about the race of the jury?
Maybe ee could have been culturally sensitive and tried them in a Sharia court and had them judged by a jury of their Jihadi peers...

 on: July 21, 2016, 09:44:15 AM 
Started by Crafty Dog - Last post by DougMacG

What do you take from this?  The document is new and perhaps provide new details but it seems the relationships were already known.  Does contact with a hijacker mean a family member knew the mission?  Michael Yon is suggested we should have overthrown Saudi or still should?  Saudi is an enemy of ISIS and Iran.  We could depose the royal family and it would be the ISIS Caliphate's dream come true.

 on: July 21, 2016, 08:50:27 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG
To be fair, Cruz's classless appearance was preceded by Trump being classless in the way he defeated Ted Cruz for the nomination.  That doesn't mean this was the right answer.

Ted Cruz never was the right guy for the job.  He did remarkably well to take second place.  Second place deserves a prime spot on the podium - for the purpose of bringing the different factions together.

The party's nominee owns the convention.  Cruz' petulance makes Trump looks gracious for letting Cruz have the podium and say whatever he wanted to say.  

Kasich wouldn't go to the convention in his own state.  Rubio videotaped it in - as if he hadn't set aside this week for traveling to Cleveland or didn't want to speak in front of a crowd.  I'm disappointed in Rubio too but at least he gave his support to the nominee and the ticket with strong and persuasive reasons.  This has been a lousy process in a year where the table was set for success.  Oddly, it was Trump who set the bad tone and Trump who they feared wouldn't support the party's ultimate nominee.

Take a close look at the Pence speech if you want an example of what a true conservative can find as positives on the Trump side of a Hillary-Trump matchup.  Hillary is the status quo for everything that is wrong.  Judged by his actions of putting out a list of possible Supreme Court nominees, a rock-solid VP choice, his tax plan, his border security plan, his calling out of ISIS for what they are, Trump is something completely different and better than Hillary and the status quo in nearly every direction and dimension.  If you are Ted Cruz and are too bruised by the ugly primary process to see that or say that, decline the opportunity to speak.

Every speaker at a convention may be trying to boost themselves by boosting the nominee.  Ted Cruz did neither, committed 'political suicide'.  Win, lose or draw for Trump this year, Ted Cruz will never unite this party.

 on: July 21, 2016, 08:23:32 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by DougMacG
I heard this speech without knowing about the Cruz theatrics that preceded it.
Mike Pence proves you can be both kind and ruthless during rousing RNC speech

We all know what Donald Trump has brought to this presidential campaign. Wednesday night Mike Pence finally brought the stuff that was missing.

Calm, sober, exuding heartland decency, a guy who grew up in front of a cornfield brought a sleepy, surly crowd to its feet. Just an hour or so earlier, Trump’s delegates, led by a vocal Empire State faction, shouted down Treacherous Ted Cruz for failing to offer even a pro forma endorsement of the GOP nominee and finally booed him back to Texas.

No GOP convention anyone can remember has ever before had to stumble through its convention worried about nailing down the votes of its core demographic of Arnold Palmer-drinking, God-fearing, flag-saluting country-club Republicans.

Pence’s speech told these voters: I’m here. I’m proof that we’re still the same party. If you’re worried about who will provide adult supervision in the White House, look no further.

Both party conventions usually go off so smoothly that it’s easy to overlook the potential for disaster. Nobody wants the Message to be occluded by accusations of plagiarism, much less by the nightmare spectacle of the delegates practically coming after the second-place finisher and supposed unifier with pitchforks and torches.

Pence, starting out with his trademark line, “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order” segued beautifully into the kind of gentle self-deprecating humor that always works well in politics — but especially well in a season of anger and hyperbole.

Of Trump, Pence said, “He’s a man known for a large personality, a colorful style and lots of charisma.So I guess he was looking for some balance on the ticket.”

Then Pence did the thing that no other speaker this week, except Donald Trump Jr., could quite manage: Without sounding like it was wishful thinking, he cogently fused his brand of old-fashioned conservatism with Trump’s bold new direction. He wrapped it all up so it was as pretty as a package from the little neighborhood jewelry store around the corner from Trump Tower, the one his younger daughter is named after.

Talking about an economy that has borrowed massively yet barely delivered a pulse, Pence said, “The national debt has nearly doubled in these eight years and [Hillary Clinton’s] answer is to keep borrowing and spending . . . they tell us this economy is the best that we can do. It’s nowhere near the best that we can do. It’s just the best that they can do.”

Serene and mature, Pence provided the superego to Trump’s id, yet identified their common ground: They’re both so indisputably American: “He’s the genuine article,” Pence said. “He’s a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers.

And when Donald Trump does his talking, he doesn’t tiptoe around 1,000 new rules of political correctness. He’s his own man, distinctly American — and where else would an independent spirit like his find a following than in the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Pence proved to be an adept attack dog, too. Gently, almost politely, he tore Clinton apart without the red-faced shoutiness other speakers showed, the kind commentators easily dismiss as nutty raving.

The crowd here at Quicken Loans Arena has, not entirely to its credit, taken to shouting “Lock her up!” whenever the Democratic Party nominee is mentioned. They did so again when Pence brought her up.

But instead of taking his cue from the crowd in the room, Pence made a subtly damning case to TV viewers: “Over in the other party, if the idea was to present the exact opposite of a political outsider, the exact opposite of an uncalculating truth teller, then on that score you’ve got to hand it to the Democratic establishment, they outdid themselves this time . . . At the very moment when America is crying out for something new and different . . . Democrats are about to anoint someone who represents everything this country is tired of.”

That isn’t Trumpian bluster. That’s succinct, direct, reasonable and devastating. Trump-Pence may be a match made in politics, but this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

 on: July 21, 2016, 07:28:46 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
Even representative King states what many feel about Cruz's performance and he really hated Trump.

 on: July 21, 2016, 07:22:30 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
According to Mark Levin.  Mark who I like a lot and usually agree with offers his opinion , one which I highly disagree with here.  IMHO this is just a bad political mistake.  It does nothing but offer help to Hillary and her side.  It does nothing to make Cruz look better and just angers those who already don't like him and does make him look more like "lyin" Ted then someone standing on principle.
In the end I don't think anyone is going to vote or not vote for Trump based on Cruz's refusal to endorse.  But him saying vote your conscious when he knows full well the choice is Trump or Clinton. What is that supposed to mean?  If he was to rightly insulted by Trump partly because of Trump's disgusting insults to his wife in the early campaign then he should have just stayed home.  Like the Bush family who are staying home - and rightly so.  Trump's personal insults are inexcusable.  If we say family first that means family first .  Party second.  Just my 2 cents.  I think Levin in trying to be too "true" in ideology  sacrifices good political and strategic sense:

 on: July 21, 2016, 07:14:35 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
Certainly a lot of what ifs.  But we know the last one is obviously true and the others certainly very possible:

 on: July 21, 2016, 07:11:21 AM 
Started by Crafty_Dog - Last post by ccp
Remember when Bill bragged that we were getting both he AND Hillary - two for one?

Now we are getting 5 for the "price" of one.  Three children one wife as well as DJT.  This is remarkable.  How the family members seem to have so much power.

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