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Author Topic: wikipedia/Willey/break-ins  (Read 2055 times)
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« on: September 08, 2007, 09:17:12 AM »

The idea behind wikipedia is great but readers can have absolutely no idea if the information one reads in it is even accurate, slanted or changed.

Reading this entry on Kathleen Willey one has to assume it is written by an attorney who has a pro-Clinton agenda.  It is so blantant an effort to discredit her that it sounds like it came right of Lani Davis mouth:

I tend to believe Willey at least as far as her accounts of harrasment.  As a victim of similar type of obnoxious escapades her story about someone sneaking into her home to get an advance manuscript so they can have their army of hacks all ready to discredit any more of her allegations the second it hits the media outlets.

Of course "there is no evidence to support her claim" of house entry.  Of course not.  People who do these things for well funded sponsers like subordinates of the Clintons are professional.   they may be ex FBI, or others trained in spying (ex military types, ex Cia etc.) or just well honed thieves who now how to do this without leaving evidence.  Willey is watched very closely.  Her daily habits, friends, family work places shopping etc are all mapped out.  A maid, or plumber, or neighbor is paid off to supply a map of her house, or their is a buggind device or camera place somewhere (they can be so small you would have to tear the house apart to find it)
and they have someone who knows how to easily pick the lock (or they made a copy of the key) to enter.  Usually around 4AM seems to be the set time when most people are out asleep to do this.  And they enter knowing where to go to start with and exactly what they are looking for, take only that leaving Willey looking like an idiot saying someone came into her house and took a manuscript and the police (if she was lucky) might right up a report.  In that report it will be clear that there was no evidence of a break-in (of course - prof thieves don't *break* in the door - they pick the lock or had earlier found a way to copy the key - and that is it.  End of story.  The police do nothing else.  Well mam there is no evidence of a crime, we have no witnesses, what you allege was taken was no more than a piece of paper and there is nothing we can do.  Even if you get a sympathetic police officer there will be someone in the police department who is "connected" who will keep the crooks informed of any police action so that can be stymied too just in case.  It is all well planned, escape routes, lookouts, backup plans, aliby stories were all planned and ready for action from the start just in case something did go wrong which it usually doesn't because of the planning, the crooks patience at waiting for the right moment.

And most of all - there is no connectiion to the Clintons.  Whoever did this will have no direct ties to the Clintons and of course no one will investigate anyway.  And of course Bill and Hill the paradigms of honesty, integrity, and law abiding laywer/citizens will just scoff at the idea of any involvement of such a thing.  All the while their hacks will be ready to crash all the networks with a plan to discredit Willet the second any potential damaging information comes out in the media.

I have been through this kind of bullshit many times with my wifes music lyrics.  Let me just say that this is a perfect example of what I have been saying all along.  This is exactly what money can do for one who wants to get around the law - if one knows the right people with the know how and connections to get these things done.  This is absolutely rampant in the music industry, probably in the tech industry, and probably in Washington.

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