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Author Topic: BATTLE OF KALI 2004  (Read 5146 times)
Mandala Rommel Tortal
« on: December 30, 2003, 09:42:06 PM »


This serves an invitation to the BATTLE OF KALI 2004 to be held in METRO MANILA-PHILIPPINES ON August 2004 specific dates will be announced as the Philippine Convention Center will be assured of the date most likely at the end of August 2004 sponsored by the Force Recon Philippine Marines and the Pekiti-Tirsia Global Organization and all the Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls.

The event is open technique, a selection of Exreme Full contact Stick fighting, Knife to knife combat surrender policy, Dumog/pangamut surrender policy. 3 minutes per round 6 rounds.

Events to include demonstration trophy award, two man team weapons style native attire and native music.  Four man team mock war techniques using live bolos. Malayu Sibat full contact special.

Presidential Trophy for Champions and Price Money[/u].

So if your people are interested send us your interest at the


Filipino fighting art is a technology not just a
martial art. Pekiti-Tirsia system have the resources
to warrant a guarantee to fight without headgear and
without armor, this is what has been perfected by the
old grandmasters who practiced the technology day in
and night out to fight against the Spaniards and the
rest of the enemies. Traditional values of the art is
the secret of the system. Since Pekiti-Tirsia is an
indigenous system the true substance of the art is
still fresh and is being used in the training, the
reality of what was in the past.

If the true traditional system is practice today, then
who talks about death matches. It is only a death
match for those who are trained half baked and having
the mixture of smorgasborg or all you can eat style,
destroying the sacred virtue of the art. If the sacred
art of Kali is not honored and respected making the
Filipino Martial Art (FMA) a second hand art, then
those who practiced the FMA have the second thought
about full contact on a surrender policy.

The Battle of Kali, Manila in August 2004 is a test of
skill against the non-traditional FMA and the mixture
of many styles who seem to claim as FMA. The
Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls now on hard training have no
hesitation to fight without headgear. The
Pekiti-Tirsia TRI-V Formula will prove that the
traditional FMA is the wisdom of the great

The grandmasters who claim to be grandmasters need no
headgear, if they fight with headgear then they are
not grandmasters. Those who are in my age and higher
age can qualify and those who are in lower age can
choose the options.

Pekiti-Tirsia is ready for Battle of Kali, Manila in
August 2004. The Pekiti-Tirsia Europe is ready and the
Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls in the US is ready. The young
Pitbulls in Manila will fight. Kali de Leon and the
seniors will fight. Guro Jun De Leon will fight at the
age of 54. I am 66 years old and those who are in my
age level can qualify.

All Pekiti-Tirsia under my instructional umbrella will
fight without mental reservations. In Dallas,
Forthworth, Texas, we have seasoned Pitbulls who will
fight whose ages are from 65 years old and up The

The new generation of instructors under Pekiti-Tirsia
will fight, I see no reason they will hesitate because
they know they have the technology.

"We cross the bridge we don't look back, we burn everything to the ground" --GT Gaje
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2004, 12:44:51 AM »

Is this event still happening in Manila?  I heard the dates changed.  Any updates?
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2004, 12:48:53 AM »

hi Sir Rommel,

Hope you can send me dates and tickets price of the battle i am a filipino and FMA guro ( Rapido Realismo) i wanted to watch and support the FMA. Bakit di ko ma browse ang site nyo. laging error. weel gud luck.

Guro Isagani Abon
Rapido Realismo
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2004, 01:24:15 AM »

Uh, pardon me for sounding disrespectful (so, you know what's coming next) but this doesn't sound like a friendly gathering.
This statement by GT Gaje, whom I trained under many many years ago -1985 - sounds more like an outright challenge than anything else.
So much for room for exchange of ideas and creativity and openess.
Back in the day when I was trying to introduce the Physical benefits of swinging nunchaku - Not as a weapon per se but just for the physicality of it - GT Gaje, Jr. dismissed it as rubbage pretty much.
It boils down to this - When Frank Dux threw 70 mile per hour sidekicks at his opponents the style Did Not Matter - It was a 70 mile per hour sidekick.
The simple truth is this - you say technology - true - I've maintained my practice on the 36-way attack and accompanying drills, flows and exercises - GREAT! Outstanding stuff.
I'm an ASP tactical baton instructor, former SORT team leader and currently a special forces soldier deployed to Iraq.
Martial arts are vast and numerous and I've met and have learned to respect people from ALL styles.
I met a dude when I worked in a jail in Texas that could destroy concrete slabs with a reinforced elbow and if he played you into his clutches and was on his game - Woe!  He was a shodokanist.
I see a lot of defensivity in GT Gaje, Jr's statement -
The Way is different for each person.
Kinda like religion - your God, my God - we all come to our own little truths along different paths.
I'm gonna miss this event and any other like it because I have to be on my game out here every waking moment.
Respectfully, enjoy your event but think about it.
There is merit in everything applied with the right heart - folly lies only in misuse.  Don't exclude or judge other paths just because you are locked into your ways - doesn't make them better, just better for YOU!
Can you throw a 70 mile per hour sidekick? - I can't, but I'd like to keep trying.
Not a perfect one,
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2004, 01:34:46 AM »


* no one shows up (except for the cult disciples) *

Guard Dog
Power User
Posts: 668

« Reply #5 on: September 20, 2004, 10:32:15 AM »

Thanks for the sarcastic change in tempo Guest.  I have been contemplating going to this in a couple years.  My Sifu and his Sifu went in 1992 and took home first and second place.  Has anyone on the boards competed in this?

Ryan “Guard Dog” Gruhn
Guro / DBMAA Business Director
Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association
"Smuggling Concepts Across the Frontiers of Style” |
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