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Author Topic: Manhattan DBMA Class Notes 2/16/04  (Read 2108 times)
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« on: February 18, 2004, 02:15:19 PM »

Manhattan DBMA
February 16th, 2004

A.  Double Stick- Inosanto Blend ABCDario Drills

To warm up and refresh out Siniwali muscle memory, we went back to these basic, but imperative drills.

1)   ABCDario 6 Count- High Labik/Low Witik/ High Labtik on each side

2)   ABCDario 8 Count- High Labtik/Low Witik on each side and then High Labtik/High Labtik on each side.

3)   Combine ABCDario 6 and 8 Count

B.  Knife- Inosanto Blend Palusot Drill

I believe this drill has a lot of merit as a ?Generator? to work several different types of material.  Here we worked in a Break.

1)   Start with a simple Palusot off of Mentrinome?s Angle 1 slash (Caveman angle).  Fighter has Bakal grip w/ right hand.  Metrinome holds knife in Heaven grip w/ right hand.  The Palusot will position Fighter?s knife at the Metrinome?s kidney.  Checking hand will trap Metrinome?s arm at the elbow/ forearm area.

2)   Metrinome checks Fighter?s Kidney thrust at the forearm and returns with a slash to F?s neck.

3)   F raises knife hand to meet M?s slash and traps M?s arm to thrust at M?s heart/ subclavian/ deltoid (LEOs) (choose appropriate target for the situation).

4)   M passes F?s thrust with checking hand (Palm In).  This creates the loop for the drill.

-   Partners switch roles after several cycles.

Next we worked in a break at #3.  In Rossi Kun Tao it is referred to as a Three Quarter Turn Break:

As F raises knife hand to meet M?s slash,  F?s blade traps M?s wrist and F?s chest and checking hand bicep straighten it to hyperextension.  Simultaneously, F steps through to an off lead which puts F?s leg between M?s and turns ? of a circle.

C.  Knife Thrust w/ Lunge Drill

I actually found myself almost exclusively using these defenses in the knife bouts at the last Gathering.

1)   close range
2)   lung range (exchange of three)
3)   far lunge range (exchange of three)

The goal here is a slight "deflection" of the opponent's knife hand using your checking hand in order for you to get your thrust in and using lunge footwork to get in and out of range.

D. Mass Attack Drill

Metrinome?s use one slash or thrust for a single direct attack on Fighter.    Fighter must use proper footwork to set up the sequence of Attackers.  This is something we train often in Atienza class.  Starts with two attackers and then a third is added during the skirmish.


C-Bad Dog, Lakan Guro DBMA
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2004, 09:50:06 AM »

Some fine points added by Ron Kosakowski:

'"Next we worked in a break at #3.  In Rossi Kun Tao it is referred to as a
Three Quarter Turn Break:"
That is what is called a 3 quarter turn throw using the 3 quarter footwork pattern.

"C.  Knife Thrust w/ Lung Drill

These are some of the drills that Vunak used with the SEALS.

1)    close range
2)    lunge range (exchange of three)
3)    far lunge range (exchange of three)

My guys really liked this material!"
This progression is rather athletic to say the least. But this type of work will get you 8 stitches as opposed to 800 so it needs to be done. Remember this is more long range.... where knife in-fighting is more body endurance and reflex.'

Hope you enjoyed the notes.  We are looking forward to getting back out to the Park in April!


C-Bad Dog, Lakan Guro DBMA
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