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Author Topic: DBMA Manhattan Class Notes 5-17-04  (Read 1829 times)
« on: May 20, 2004, 02:24:29 PM »

7PM Central Park Sheep Meadow
Agapito, Sean, Brandon
Russ Iger teaching

Double-stick was the focus for tonight. Our last double stick class was very heavy on the coordination drills and lots of merging, so Russ brought the action down to a more primitive, barbarian level for us Neanderthals.

-standing hip rolls, both directions
-standing knee rolls, both directions (make sure you are getting your ankles into the motion and not planting so solid)
-sitting cross-legged lower back stretch, lean forward, keep your chin up, slowly work your elbows to the ground in front of you (palm down)
-situp straight, left hand to right knee, right palm plants on the ground behind you with your wrist supporting your lower back, slowly look to the right and behind pulling with your left hand on your knee
-reset slowly to the elbows on the ground, hold, then situp and turn to the left
-groin stretch - pull ankles in towards groin, push elbows down slowly
-ankle stretch - leg out straight, put your opposite ankle across and slowly roll it around with your hand
-glute stretch - leg out straight, plant your opposite foot on the far side of your knee, turn into the crossed leg

Male triangle was the primary footwork pattern for most of the night.
1)Rise into an attacking roof block with the lead hand during the advance2)Fall into a forehand diagonal slash (caveman) with theopposite hand during the retreat
Russ had us work this in a formal triangle and then cut us loose on the Meadow to place it into our carrenza.
Run all over the place like Brandon did!
Russ emphasized the mental aspect of fighting double-stick is much like fighting mass attack.
Much more harried and busy, and less calculated and reflex oriented than single stick duels.
Keep your attention "open" as if you have several attackers around you. Keep your sticks moving or your hands become targets. Use your footwork!

2. Block-Strike combination (Lower Canine structure)        
Male triangle        
Step forward high block (roof)        
Step back strike

3. Moving on the grass field with the male triangle motion, circling snake motion (Lower Canine Attacks)

4. 1 on 1 male triangle drill with actionflex (Lower Canine Drill)        
Metrinome in the center        
Feeder circles Metrinome, proper form/movement        
Metrinome strikes at will        
lead leg block        
step (male triangle drill) and strike        
Change direction        

5. Mass attack drill with actionflex (2 on 1)        
Step-Block-Step-Strike pattern (Lower Canine Attack)        
Keep moving        
never go between attackers        
Keep moving        
use distance, movement to control attackers        
Keep Moving        
Did I mention keep moving?

6. Sparring 1 on 1        
Dual stick (actionflex)        
no double kills (at the end)        
Block-Step-Strike-Move (Lower Canine)        
Consider range - too close sometimes

7 Cool-down walk through central park.

Due to poor weather there were no bikini sightings.
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