The Gathering of the Pack

Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack
September 24, 2017

Howl of Greeting:

The rhythm of the seasons is with us and its time for the “Summer Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack”. On behalf of the Council of Elders of the Dog Brothers, Dog Brothers Inc. hereby cordially invites all people of good spirit to its “Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack” at 11:00AM on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at:

Gokor Chivichyan’s Hayastan MMA Academy
7299 Atoll Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91605
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Parking: Due to the rather small size of The Hayastan Academy’s parking lot most of you will be parking on surface streets. On a Sunday morning this should present no problem, but please plan your time accordingly.

Audience: The viewing experience here is the best indoor experience we have ever had. There are bleachers on two sides of the fight area and a balcony overlooking from a third side. The donation at the door will be $15. Please remember that this will be a good opportunity to pick up our DVDs, sticks, clothing and other items at special prices.

Audience Safety Issues:  Due to the nature of the event, we cannot guarantee your safety.  Sticks, and fights for that matter, may go flying into the crowd. Parents should consider things like this in deciding whether a child is old enough to bring along and/or deciding on from where to observe the event. If a stick or a fight comes careening your way know that the fight has right of way– it is on you to get out of the way! If you are sitting in or near the front row, we will not make fun of you if you wear protective headgear! The same liability waiver that applies to the fighters applies to you too.

NO CAMERAS AT ALL, BE THEY STILL OR VIDEO.  Although in the past we have allowed photos, we have had some people take advantage of the increasing capabilities of technology to shoot video; therefore no cameras at all are allowed.  Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave. We will have a professional camera person or two taking picture which will be made available to all at no cost.  If you see someone filming, please let us know!!! We are very appreciative when you help look out for us!


  1. Gathering Day is too busy a day for us to be dealing with paperwork.  Here is the fighter registration form. Click Here To Download The Fighter Registration Form Without fail it must be sent to us in advance of Gatheirng day and your name must be on the Registered Fighters List if you are to fight.  Contact 310-540-6853.
  2. Two sides of the fight area are padded walls, one side is a cage fight type fence, and the fourth side is a waist high version thereof. If this is your first time, take a look at the highlight clips from recent years to get an idea of what it looks like. Please note that our host Gokor takes VERY seriously the cleanliness and condition of his fight area. Therefore ONLY wrestling shoes (white soled preferred) or bare feet will be allowed. You will be required to remove them before exiting the fight area and put them back on upon returning to it, so bringing sandals of some sort of sandals along may be a good idea.
  3. Please note that such a place does not come cheap, and we must pay for insurance too and so ask for $40 from each fighter.  Fighter Donation.
  4. Concerning fight gear:  Please be sure to read “The Moth and the Flame” at  Concerning the fight knives see  Concerning aluminum knives:  With some knives that people have brought, we have had actual punctures.  THIS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS!  Therefore we ask that any knives you use have tips rounded.
  5. Lining up your fights: Most fighters line up at least some of their fights in advance.  One good place to do this and to engage in conversation about the Gathering as it approaches is the thread at The 2015 Open Gathering  Although due to the nature of Facebook itself posts there are more transitory, DBMA Facebook also is a good place for pre-fight chatter.
  6. Get creative! We encourage you to fight knife versus stick. Stick vs. knife has been one of perennial questions of the FMA, so let’s continue the research! Also, please feel free to hide a knife on your person and surprise your opponent with it during the fights. Remember that you may fight with weapons other than a stick if you can find someone willing to go against you. Please consider staff, double stick, and anything else. In order to more deeply explore certain variables, fighters may agree to “no grappling” rules. In staff and other heavy weapon fights the fighters may wear wrestling type ear guards under the fencing masks.
  7. Women Fighters: Women may fight men in the knife fights only.
  8. Also, from time to time I put ideas/themes out there for people to consider.  For example hidden knife or in the last few years I have mentioned “stick & knife”. There has been some really excellent growth in this regard and it has served well in lessening people rushing in willy nilly to clinch-ground fighting and thus paying more attention to their stick skills.

Continuing the theme of cultivating real stick skills, this year I would like to draw people’s attention to the jab.  Granted with the fencing masks the jab has less consequence than it would without (and the street is without headgear), but if I may be indulged in a moment of “In the old days” I would say that in the old days we had a number of people with wicked jabs so it most certainly can be done.  Jabs set things up and allow for a higher level with the stick.  Something I hope some people will think about , , ,

The Magic Words:

The MAGIC WORDS: “No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day. This means our goal is that no one spends the night in the hospital. Our goal is that everyone leaves with the IQ with which they came. No suing no one for no reason for nothing no how no way!Real Contact Stickfighting is Dangerous and only you are responsible for you, so protect yourself at all times. All copyright belongs to Dog Brothers Inc. CA law applies.” © DBI

The Adventure continues!!!

“Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact” ©

Crafty Dog
Guiding Force of the DogBrothers
President/Dog Brothers Inc.