The Gathering

Dog Brothers Tribal Gathering of the Pack – May 24 – 25, 2014

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Howl of Greeting:

The rhythm of the seasons is with us and its time for the “2014 Dog Brothers US Tribal Gathering of the Pack”. On behalf of the Council of Elders of the Dog Brothers, Dog Brothers Inc. hereby cordially invites all members of the Dog Brothers Tribe to this year’s Tribal on Saturday May 24 and Sunday, May 25.

Saturday will be as usual at “Dog Brothers Park” in Hermosa Beach. Day Two will be at a Native American Reservation about a two hour drive to the East. The reasons for this new location are discussed at (If you are not already registered for this site, which is for members of the Tribe only, please email Ryan “Guard Dog” Gruhn at and he will take care of you.) There is already a clip of the fight pit at the reservation up on the thread, but know that it has evolved since then. Additional details about the location will be posted there between now and then. If you do not have a car, the know that those who do will be rallying around to help out.

Video/Camera: The policy is known by everyone already.

Fighters: Gathering Day is too busy a day for us to be dealing with paperwork. Here is the fighter registration form. Click Here To Download The Fighter Registration Form Without fail it must be sent to us in advance of Gathering day and your name must be on the Registered Fighters List if you are to fight. Your point of contact with regard with all such matters is Cindy 310-540-6853.

Women Fighters: Women may fight men in the knife fights only.

The Magic Words:

The MAGIC WORDS: “No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day. This means our goal is that no one spends the night in the hospital. Our goal is that everyone leaves with the IQ with which they came. No suing no one for no reason for nothing no how no way!Real Contact Stickfighting is Dangerous and only you are responsible for you, so protect yourself at all times. All copyright belongs to Dog Brothers Inc. CA law applies.” © DBI

The Adventure continues!!!

“Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact” (c)
Crafty Dog
Guiding Force of the DogBrothers
President/Dog Brothers Inc.