Guro Nick “Pappy Dog” Papadakis


Nick Papadakis began his martial arts studies in 1980 at the age of 10. He enrolled in a Shotokon/Kung Fu school in order to receive a free pair of “Rubber Chucks.” Ever since then he was hooked.

Since that illustrious beginning, he has gone on to receive two black belts, one in Shotokon karate and one in Japanese Jiu Jitsu under Curt Doyle in Houston Texas. However, he was immediately drawn to Kali ever since his first viewing of the art in 1981. He is Los Angeles representative for Pekiti Tirsia under the Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje. Nick is the L.A. rep for the Texas Kali Association and an instructor under its founder Erwin Ballarta.

Nick’s Dog Brother name is Pappy Dog, and to date he has over 100 fights in Dog Brothers Gatherings of the Pack. He is a Lakan Guro in Dog Brother’s martial arts under Marc Denny. Nick also trains under Guro Dan Inosanto at the Inosanto Academy.

Nick is also the founder and owner of Kombat Instruments Limited (KIL).