Attacking Blocks 05 Drills

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5 thoughts on “Attacking Blocks 05 Drills”

  1. Thanks for this one. Working w some friends and transitioning us from blade pov using the “salok salok “ upward fig 8 to dbma high roof and umbrella instead. This version of the sigida is really nice for how much power it lets you load up. You guys really turned into stick fighting from stick pretending as blade. Thanks—it’s making it easier on me!

  2. You show good understanding with your comment about how much power is getting loaded here.

    I would also note that the upward 8/unbrella-roof movement develops the ability to move with our elbows at a higher elevation than what we normally use. This will be important in our Kali Tudo and our DLO EH striking.

    • Yes. My training partners and I are spending more time on this than I thought we would be doing. But only because it is really becoming clear that the upward 8 gives us more and different chances to change the exchange than just meeting or following the force… usually causing us to disengage. Good stuff, thank you.

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