DLO Vid Lesson – Dracula Shooting Alignment While Moving

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3 thoughts on “DLO Vid Lesson – Dracula Shooting Alignment While Moving”

  1. I came to the exact same conclusion trying to work through movement & shooting myself – I’m a LE firearms instructor but I’d found natural forward movement while shooting was a significant hole in every academy or instructor class I’d been through.

    A drill I run my students through now is to have them run in a circle around a training dummy. They have an airsoft or SIRT pistol and must keep it pointed in on the dummy. I’ll give them the command of “switch” at random, so they have to switch directions from clockwise/counterclockwise etc.

    The goal is to get them to turn their hips in the direction of travel and use either strong hand only or the CAR stance as appropriate.

    What I’d found was that before practicing this drill, my shooters would instinctively try to backpedal to keep a 2-hand isosceles or strong hand-only extended presentation. If the dummy was replaced with a role player with a rubber knife running after them, that backpedal attempt was inevitably when the knife attacker would catch up and stab them.

    See the video of the July 2020 police shooting of Kevan Ruffin in Sheboygan, WI, for an example of when this ability to run hips-forward for an extended period of time away from an attacker while shooting. The officer starts to backpedal at one point, stumbles, and nearly gets overrun. He wins the fight by defaulting to running in a spiral around the attacker while shooting.

  2. FYI, since this footage was shot, Antone has become:

    Splinter Dog
    DBMA Guro Splinter Dog
    San Fran PD
    San Fran PD Defensive Tactics Instructor
    2X National Tactical Games Champion

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