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Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: Crafty_Dog on August 06, 2003, 01:45:59 PM
Woof All:

  It is always a chuckle to make a cover and we're on the cover of this month's (August) of Budo International with an article I wrote on "Blending Kali and Krabi Krabong".

Budo is the largest MA mag in Europe (the name varies according to the language) and is based in Madrid.  It is now looking to crack the American market (the current issue is #9).

  Know that there are some spelling problems (Krabi is spelled "Kravi" on the cover) and plenty of fractured syntax due to some awkwardness in the translation of the editor's opening for the article-- but with the kind things he said, who cares?

Crafty Dog
Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: tengu on August 06, 2003, 02:46:03 PM
I saw your first article in Budo and liked it a lot. I can't wait for this issue. I'm looking forward to getting some of your tapes.
Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: sting on August 06, 2003, 05:01:50 PM

What's a common chain store that carries Budo International ?
Borders/Amazon ?  Barnes & Noble ?  They don't list the mag in their
on-line catalogs.  I'd really like to read the article.

 Thanks !

Title: Barnes and Noble may have it.
Post by: omission on August 07, 2003, 11:22:34 PM

I don't know about Borders/amazon for sure but I can speak unofficially on behalf of Barnes and Noble.  Many of the BIG stores will have Budo under the sports category along with the other martial arts magazines.  BIG stores are the ones that have a Cafe and a Music dept.

BTW, a tip for the general public put your own books/magazines/stuff away if you are not going to buy it...the employee giving you a dirty look may have a rattan stick waiting just for you  :twisted:

yipe,growl, pant

Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: tengu on August 09, 2003, 03:54:02 PM
I get my copies at Hastings, that's the only place I have ever found it. I just read the article and enjoyed it a lot. I live in Albuquerque and would love to study with the Santa Fe clan.
Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: LG Dog Russ on August 17, 2003, 06:23:30 AM
Just got it at Barnes and Noble in Union Square, NYC.... one of the stores with a cafe and music department.

Great job Guro Crafty and Guro Lonely!

The crossbreeding of Kali and Krabi Krabong is very effective in fighting.  I encourage you all to check it out!

Dog Russ

Lakan Guro Dalawa
Title: Budo Cover Shot
Post by: sting on August 21, 2003, 01:57:34 PM

Nice article and pictures.  It's kinda weird to see real people (you and Benjamin) in print.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to more articles.  I found the Budo International at Barnes & Nobles, just as Russ did.