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Title: Rattan Sticks
Post by: danielittmann on December 23, 2003, 12:24:18 AM
Could anyone please indicate where the Dog Brothers get their Sticks from?  I live in Istanbul Turkey and will be in East Coast, USA for two weeks over XMAS-- but live between London, UK and Istanbul, Turkey, where I work in Energy Sector.  I used to train out of Warrior-Priest Arts, then left to study privately with Marco Gonzalez (Machado Instructor).  Since those days have studied-- briefly with Mr Bruster and Peter Freedman in Boston, MA.  Most recently Baghua with Dr. Painter.  As there are no quality instructors in Istanbul-- I train alone-- working through drills.  There are some decent practicioners in this part of the world (Thai Boxing) but most of them work in various local criminal syndicates or just like to head-hunt new students-- wastes of space.  Those that practice Escrima/Kali associated arts are really just Wing Tzung practicionners.  BTW: it is too long for Salty Dog to remember me-- but anyway-- just a hello from an old student from Pandorf's Warrior-Priest Arts, SF, NM.  Could anyone give me some advice as I am going to order the Dog Brothers series in PAL and try to grind it out alone-- or with a friend of mine who lives here and studied with Mr Bruster, out of Boston, MA?  Any advice-criticisms-warnings welcome.  Cheers, Daniel[/list]
Title: Rattan Sticks
Post by: K Williams on December 27, 2003, 05:33:21 PM
You can try KIL for rattan sticks. Probably the best commercially available sticks.
Title: Rattan Sticks
Post by: Crafty_Dog on December 28, 2003, 05:10:55 AM
Woof Daniel:

  Sorry for the delay in my reply-- holidays and all that.

  Doug Pandorf?  You certainly do go back a ways!  Eric and I met Doug when we brought Rigan Machado along for a seminar.  I remember him as having a pretty girlfriend who heartily disapproved of us-- can't imagine why :wink:

  As for the sticks, starting this January we will be having our own line of fighting gear including sticks-- Pappy Dog of KIL will be part of the effort.  Stay tuned here for details.

  As for training with our videos:  The Real Contact Stickfighting series is mostly about solo training, whereas the second series is principally about two-man training.   Always training alone is tough for most people, is there no one you could lure into training?  One of the benefits of the "metronome training" of DBMA#3 "Combining Stick and Footwork" is that it does not require a great level of skill from the feeder.   Likewise, DBMA#5, "Krabi Krabong" allows for persons of less experience to get involved in short order.

  What is Turkey like?

Crafty Dog
Title: Rattan Sticks
Post by: sln78 on December 30, 2003, 07:54:45 AM
I have a question, what does the PAL stand for in "Real Contact Stickfighting - 6 Tape Set - PAL"?

Title: Rattan Sticks
Post by: Crafty_Dog on December 30, 2003, 08:25:32 AM
Woof S:

PAL is the European standard for video.  NTSC is the American.  PAL is 25 frames a second (I think I have this right) and NTSC is 30.   In this, more is better-- more data in a given amount of time.  In other words NTSC has somewhat higher fidelity than PAL.  Most VCRs play only one or the other, but with the eternal progress of technology I have heard that some people in Europe are now starting to buy VCRs that play both.

When you see PAL what you see is that we are telling people who live in Europe and other parts of the world that use PAL that we offer the system that their VCRs play.

If you live in the US, do NOT click on the PAL selection when you order!

Crafty Dog
Title: Re: Rattan Sticks
Post by: dreatx on November 25, 2011, 03:40:19 PM
I need some stick advice.  I have purchased a Top Dog model and some dvds.  That stick is thick and heavy!  Is that the size stick you fight with?  Are the crafty sticks the same diameter?  If they are a little thinner and lighter, I will purchase a pair.  I imagine i'll be able to swing one of those hard with a bit more ease.

Thanks in advance,
Title: Re: Rattan Sticks
Post by: Crafty_Dog on November 25, 2011, 04:23:32 PM
Hi Andre:

I think if you go to the catalog again I think you will see we did let people know that Top Dog stick was a bigger and heavier than usual stick-- see too the reviews on it.  On the whole the Crafty Dogs are a bit thinner but remember, we are dealing with a natural product here, something not made by a machine. 

My philosophy is to be able work with as big a variety of sticks as I can.  For me, for building the foundational strokes a big heavy stick is just the thing but your mileage may vary.   Then, for fighting size and weight, feel free to find exactly what feels right to you.

Crafty Dog
Title: Re: Rattan Sticks
Post by: dreatx on November 26, 2011, 12:21:03 PM

Sorry if I sounded like I was dissatisfied.  Far from it.  I just overestimated my hand and wrist strength.  I like the sound of what you say, though and I'll just keep at it with the Top Dog stick.  (of course I'm still going to order the Crafty model, as well).
Title: Re: Rattan Sticks
Post by: Crafty_Dog on November 26, 2011, 05:53:05 PM