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Title: Rambling Rumination: That is the Mystery of it
Post by: Crafty_Dog on December 13, 2017, 02:30:30 AM
Woof All:

Here is something I wrote many years ago -- my notes do not show exactly when--

Rambling Rumination:  "That is the Mystery of it"
(c) Marc Denny

I usually do my squat routine at a gym on the beach in Hermosa Beach called “The Yard”.  Last week when I was there we were in the midst of several summer-like days in the mid-eighties. The Hermosa Beach pier is but a block and a half away and so I walked to its end.  With the warmth of the sun on my skin, good waves for the surfers, and a school of nervous mackerel made skittish by a couple of dolphins, the feng shui was quite nice. 

I sat there a while shirtless in the warm glow of the afternoon sun and entered the altered space.  As we get older, we begin to notice how where we are is a result of what we have done with where we have been.   So, how on earth did I get to where I am?  Tis a mystery to me!  As the line in a Grateful Dead song says “What a long strange trip it has been!”

Often we seek simultaneously to become both more purposeful in how we live and more humble about thinking that we know what we are doing.   In my humble opinion, whether we realize it or not, ultimately for all our plotting and planning there comes the time to put our Word to something and, as Juan Matus would say, to “act with abandon” , , , and turn it all over to our Creator.  Vaguely remembering a line from a movie, “Things will work out.  We may not know how—that’s the mystery of it.” 

So in this season of hibernation I wish you some time to rest and recharge, I wish you some time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going, and I wish you time in connection with the Consciousness of our Creator.

The Adventure continues!
Crafty Dog
Title: Re: Rambling Rumination: That is the Mystery of it
Post by: Crafty_Dog on December 15, 2020, 07:17:52 PM