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Post by: ANNETTE on October 24, 2018, 09:39:09 AM
My name is Annette Hellingrath and I own Masters Publication in Hamilton, Ontario.  The book 'World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets' by Count Dante is a book I did the layout for.  Mr. Warrener, who ran Rising Sun Productions at the time, out of California, asked me to do the layout for this book and as well as write the first chapter of this book  I did a lot of research to give readers a complete look at Mr. Dante's life.  I received a lot of complements about this work. 

I started working with Don Warrener in the 80's and we still share a website to this day.  I did the layout for several more books for Mr. Warrener over the years, as well as DVD covers and posters, etc. and at one point was in charge of his website.  We created Masters Publication together and published our first book, 'Dynamic JuiJitsu' by Professor Wally Jay in 1981.  At the time we were working at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and years later at our head office at the Custom House on Stuart Street  We worked together for more than 30 years and accomplished a lot.  We went from one martial arts club to 32 franchises all over Ontario.  Had a successful wooden weapons business as well as sold merchandise to karate clubs in the area, as well as ran a mail order business, Black Belt Martial Arts Supply for many years. 

Working on the Count Dante book was a project I thoroughly enjoyed doing because the subject matter - Count Dante, was fascinating.  It is a worthwhile book to take a look at, Count Dante was an amazing man and died way too young.  This book, as well as others, is available through Amazon, Masters Publication and through Don Warrener's company Warrener Entertainment on his website. 

This is in response to a post by Tracy Warrener which may have been missing some pertinent information.
Post by: Crafty_Dog on October 24, 2018, 11:41:04 PM
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