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Title: UFC Comments?
Post by: Crafty_Dog on April 04, 2004, 05:56:23 AM
Woof All:

Comments on Friday night's UFC?

I may have more comments later when I have more time, but for the moment:

1) As for the headline fight of Tito Ortiz v. Chuck Liddell:  Although both fighters are very good, for some reason I've never really cared for either of them.  TO did not seem to have much problem solving CL's superior stirking skills and, having tried to close without much enthusiasm or luck, was dropped as he stood there trying to cover against a strong, well targeted barrage by CL.

2)  I was looking forward to Tim Slyvia v. Andrei Andropov (or something like that):   This fight I was looking forward to.  In his previous fight, AA taken Vladimir Matyushenko well out of his game (and from training at the RAW Gym I knew just what a capable quality fighter Vlady is) and dropped him hard with striking skills.  I haven't really seen much of TS, but his height hinted at the possiblity of an interesting matchup.  However TS, who was stripped of the heavyweight title for steroids, again tested positive (only slightly positive they said, and perhaps due to residue from prior use they said) and so they through in "Cabbage" for a beating.  That said  AA again demonstrated patient and strong striking skills that suggest he is a very tough man to close.

3)  Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz (?)  I enjoyed this fight a lot.  RL is cobra quick and in the flush of a 22 year old's testosterone joy of fighting but ND surprised with sophisticated striking defense and striking skills of his own.  Both men gave and took strong shots with good composure until a rocked ND surprised RL with a hook mid-barrage by RL and dropped him face first.  A very alert referee made a fine stoppage here.   This is the fight that I will be going back to watch again.

It was interesting to see how important striking has become in the UFC with most of the fights this night having little or no grappling.

That's all for now.
Crafty Dog
Title: I hear a challenge
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Title: Re: UFC Comments?
Post by: Crafty_Dog on March 05, 2015, 09:55:01 PM
I'm guessing this is going to intrigue Dana White more than a little , , ,