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You guys looked great in high definition!  The big difference in HD was seeing real blood versus Hollywood blood in the movies.  I noticed that the two anti-pack shrinks were from northeastern universities.

Since I do not participate in martial arts, I saw the program as a non-interested party.  I thought that it portrayed Dog Brothers in a very positive light.  The last two segments really pulled together the theme of the pack helping each other to progress in the discipline in order to be ready to defend land, food, family etc.  That theme made the eastern shrinks' criticism irrelevant since they seemed to be criticizing their own preconceptions of what they think you are rather than who you are.

However, the induction ceremony looked a little bit like the final scene in the original Star Wars movie without light sabers and without the princess in the low cut dress.    :-D

The show is another good reason for the pack to be proud.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Spammers on our forums
« on: October 29, 2006, 12:54:11 AM »
The actual spam seemed to come from a guest user.  The professed user is not on the list of forum users.  Perhaps there is a way for guests to send personal messages without registering as a user.

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