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Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Thread surf dogs UFC judging
« on: November 26, 2009, 06:13:22 AM »
Big heated discusion on the underground about Lester Griffin's judging of the  Tito Forest fight
He scored it 30-27 for Forest which the way I saw it but the discussion brought up qualifications

Anyone care to share Lesters qualifications as a judge
Just Curious as I recall he puts the old in "Old School" MMA fighting

Anyone have a comment on his qualifications a a fight judge

I found Lesters qualifications on his school web page and they are an impressive number and range of certificates in different martial arts
So he certainly has the mixed part of the Mixed Martial Arts he has certificates in  JKD, Savate, Muay Thai, japanese jiu jitsu
did'nt see any BJJ but as a Dog brother he would have had some Machado/DB training  in the stick grappling.
He is a black belt in JKD, JJJ and American Jiu Jitsu and has a 1974 Chuck Norris membership card Tang Soo Do 8th Blue (very cool)
Lots of stick certificates and he has trained a number of MMA fighters
Lesters credentials appear to be impeccable and the breadth of his training makes him uniquely qualified to be a MMA judge
He does not suffer from the common problem of Boxing judges being assigned to MMA who have no clue about grappling.
Lester called the fight as he saw it and his credentials support his ability to make an informed decision.
The UFC and MMA in general could use more judges with Lesters diverse background


Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Thread surf dogs UFC judging
« on: November 23, 2009, 02:46:58 PM »
Big heated discusion on the underground about Lester Griffin's judging of the  Tito Forest fight
He scored it 30-27 for Forest which the way I saw it but the discussion brought up qualifications

Anyone care to share Lesters qualifications as a judge
Just Curious as I recall he puts the old in "Old School" MMA fighting

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Citizens defend themselves/others.
« on: September 18, 2009, 05:26:23 PM »
 Canadian ‘Glambo’ in red dress KOs elite trooper in party brawl
By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver SunSeptember 17, 2009
VANCOUVER — A petite Vancouver woman is being sought by an English court after she wiped the floor with a collection of Britain’s premier soldiers — the Coldstream Guards — during a brawl at a Christmas party in the guardsmen’s barracks last December.

Ashley Wolfe, 24, was tried in absentia this week at Woolwich Magistrates Court in London after failing to appear on two charges of assault — one involving a soldier’s wife, the other a sergeant she knocked cold with one punch.

After finding her guilty the court issued an international warrant for her arrest.

Wolfe, who stands five foot three, was wearing what the British press described as a “striking red satin dress” to the party.

She was accused of telling her victims “don’t mess with me, I’m a Canadian boxer.”

The melee involving Wolfe — dubbed “Glambo” by the British press — has attracted international media coverage.

But just what happened in the barracks that night is open to debate.

Ashley and husband Bill — who had part of his nose bitten off in the fight — told the Vancouver Sun Thursday that the allegations against her were false.

In a telephone interview from Hungary, the couple said her lawyer had sought an adjournment to the trial because she was sick with the flu earlier this week and a doctor advised her not to travel.

However, the request was denied and the trial went on, resulting in a guilty verdict.

“We want that overturned,” said Bill. “Our lawyers are requesting a retrial.”

The Coldstream Guard says that during a drinking session, Ashley took exception to what she perceived to be gay embraces among some of the soldiers on the dance floor, particularly the actions of Lance-Sgt. Michael Fallows.

She told police that “all these guys were kissing and humping each other — basically having sex with their clothes on . . . I pushed them apart because they were clinging to each other and told them it wasn’t appropriate.”

She told them such behaviour “shouldn’t be allowed in the British Army.”

This led to a confrontation between her and a number of other soldiers during which she pushed over a sergeant, Damian Holland.

Holland’s wife Joanne then confronted Ashley and was punched in the face. Ashley is then said to have cold-cocked Fallows, who was knocked unconscious.

At that point a general melee broke out involving the two Canadians and a group of guardsmen.

That was the uncontested version given to the court.

However, the Wolfes say a group of six sergeants attempted to get Ashley to join them in a sexually suggestive mosh pit on the dance floor, which she rejected.

“It had nothing to do with me saying anything about gays. They were acting disgusting — perverted, humping each other and they wanted me to join in their little sex acts on the dance floor,” she said.

“I told them it was inappropriate and then this blond girl comes from nowhere and starts pushing me (she denies hitting the woman) and I got punched out by her husband,” said Ashley.

“Her husband was yelling at me ‘you f——g Yankee bitch’ and punches me so hard in the head I fall to the floor. This is what started the fight. I got blindsided a second time and then this Sgt. Fallows came at me aggressively and I took no chances and beat him to the punch.”

Bill, a former Canadian Army regimental sergeant major, said they tried to entice his wife into lewd behaviour and when she resisted they told her to “f— off.”

“I said ‘don’t talk to her like that’ and they said ‘f— off Yank’ and I told them we’re Canadians. After that I said to Ashley we’re going to leave,” he said.

“Then Holland comes right over the top of his wife and hits Ashley in the face. She fell to the ground and I screamed because I thought she was dead. That’s when the soldiers jumped me. Holland’s wife had pushed him out of the way and two women came to Ashley’s aid. She’s dazed and gets up from the floor and this other guy Fallows was going to hit her when she clocks him with a left hook.

“It was beautiful. Down he went, unconscious,” said Bill who then became embroiled with four soldiers and Holland, who he says bit off the end of his nose.

Vancouver Sun

With files from the Daily Telegraph

Martial Arts Topics / beginner padded stick with some bite
« on: May 18, 2005, 02:44:22 PM »
My first Arnis instructor liked us spare without much padding to understand the need for good foot work and blocks

The only padding we used was safety glasses and a cup

We used the plastic tubes from golf bags, 99 cent each at Canadian Tire, foam pipe insulation, thin bamboo rods you use in the garden, and white hockey tape.  Black leaves marks on the walls.

cut the plastic tube, pipe foam and bamboo to the desired length. Put the bamboo inside the pipe foam insulation and insert in the plastic tube. You may have to trim the pipe foam along the split to get it to fit inside the plastic tube. Use the hockey tape to tape the ends closed very securely if you don?t you will get a piece of bamboo in the face as it will want to slide out from the centripetal forces. Also use the hockey tape for better grip.

The sticks are heavy enough to provide enough momentum to give a marginally realistic feel and the bamboo and plastic makes them stiff enough to block and use punyo attacks. They are not heavy enough to give a concussion but do leave nice welts on points of impact. A shot to the groin will drop any man not wearing a cup. Shots to the face leave welts and swollen ears so beginners should think about wearing basic martial arts head gear.  

A word of advice, if your are sparing in a garage don?t get stuck between  the barbeque and the snowblower  both are hard to jump over.    



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