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I been and still AM in this situation myself. Where I live in Ohio there is no DBMA. But if there is a wheel there is a way! My good friend and training partner Tiffany Weindorf and I have embarked on a good way of training the DBMA matrial through the dvds. Her and I have a pretty good backround In Kali. Trough our teacher but we reached that point that we wanted to take it to the next level. Tiffany researched and looked at the DBMA matrial trough a analytical mindset and was able to put it all in order for practice.
We started out slow and have worked our behinds off to learn a great deal of matrial through the dvds. We have the basics and then on to merging drills and attacking blocks and  my fav Kali Tudo! :-D Also I can not forget the DLO dvd.

Once that was being worked on we found Craftys student Ryan Gruhn In Pennsylvania and then brained stormed about having  Crafty out for a sem.  After about a year of working our tails off and A three hour car drive we went to the sem. Her and I did  privates with Crafty and once that was done we had a better understanding of where Her and I was going as far as training DBMA. Crafty even made Tiffany a group leader!!!   
Now I don't mean to ramble on and on but if there is no way to join DBMA Then do what her and I have done team up! Save  and look at the dvds . LOOK on the DBMA website for when Crafty  is doing a sem in your area for me a three hour car trip was worth it to train with him.
 Joining the DBMA is  one way also! I'm guilty in this regard but going to fix that this payday!!! 8-) This is coming from a guy in Ohio who wants to improve and found a way to do it with out breaking the bank!!!! Mongo Gary :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Movie with Guro Dan?
« on: May 16, 2007, 06:28:40 PM »
Well there was a reason for that, Eric Haney Command Sergeant Major [ret.] Ws the technical ad visor for that film and I seen Val Kilmer in a interview. I think it was on Extra play him quite a compliment about training him and making sure he had the look and the feel of his role down pat. This is where David Mamet and Eric Haney started to create the Unit for CBS.I hope that this upcoming film rocks and pumped up about Guro Inosantos involvement this will be something to see.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Movie with Guro Dan?
« on: May 15, 2007, 09:20:37 PM »
Yes I have heard of this on a wonderfull site called ain't it cool news David Mamet is good hes the creator and show runner for the Unit on CBS.I did not know that Tim Allen was in this. The original script had the main guy being a speical ops fighting under ground fights after returning home from the war. Hes pressed into fighting ufc mma for some bad guys and starts kicking ass. That was all that was reviled. but sounds like they changed the script and added Tim Allen hmmm he kicked ass in Galaxy Quest doing a great James T Kirk inpression. But A man that trains MMA I don't think so. Sorry geeked out there for a few  :lol:Also if the fights are good I line up and watch it.e

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Yoga
« on: May 14, 2007, 10:36:07 AM »
Amen brother about flexibility and at the age of 39 have been stretching for a long time on my own but now really looking into styles of yoga . The gym where i train at offers it but some are not good teachers  and have bad credentials but  know a few that are good and been learing from them.
No wannabes here if your on here then you doing good and I have not fought in a gathering myself but thinking about it a lot. I been doing martial arts for a while and did the Dog Brothers semm in Penn this past march and also did privates with Crafty wow that was great stuff and at 54  Crafty is the man. But some of the alignment stuff we went over was great and helped me out a great deal. Have a good one Cold War and keep streaching if you find the time check out duncan wong yogi arts[u][/u]

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Yoga
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:05:50 AM »
Many thanks Cold War Scout now I know what a burpee is. Squat trust with a plyo jump looks like alot of fun. Now I was wondering litle bit about you I have seen you post a bit on here and was wondering about your backround a bit. Are you from Cali ? Fight alot of gatherings and your take on yoga and the healing benefits to heal after such a event.Mongo

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Yoga
« on: May 13, 2007, 02:09:39 PM »
Hey Cold War Scout
Can you give me a example of burpees? Is that like Hindu push up? From yoga's downward dog to a cobra stretch? Is that it?
Also Crafty yes that small taste of staff stretching and alignment has helped me greatly and this tread Will stay alive and will gain some traction on here. 8-)
I was also wondering about Gm Gyi I know some one that trains with my teacher from Ohio U where DR Gyi teaches at or at least did at one time well he had this woman come from GM GYI camp to do a letha yoga semm but I had to work that day and could not do it.But they did allot of staff and rope stretching. I was bummed out that I could not go but the guy is a bit of a prick not Gm Gyi but this guy who trains with my teacher . He never had her back and I think that is a big mistake.
Now I was wondering Crafty if you and Guro Inosanto and Gm Gyi believe in the healing aspects of yoga through breath control and do you practice any of this ?
In my first post on this tread I stated the founding of a guy named Duncan Wong and his breathing of Mudras and Bandhas sorry but I was Reading g the back of the dvd box. I know one is breathing and the other poses but  with your experience of stick fighting  did you find yourself healing up faster though some from of yoga and breathing?
also with your knee surgery did you find any of this helpfull?

I was hoping at some point that the leaders of the arts such as your self and Guro Inosanto ever thought about making a dvd of conditioning exercises that you have found helpfull to the public? ps if you did not get that email that i sent to you great work on Grandmasters Speaks vol 2 and snaggletooth I cannot tell you the way Tiffany and I  dig that a lot both of them. Ever think about Vol 3 and one on GM Gyi? I know hes Bando but also from what I have read a legand in his own right.
As allways woof Mongo Gary

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Yoga
« on: May 12, 2007, 07:22:00 PM »
Was really hoping that this thread would have taken off but bummer. Stretching is so important and I do feel a difference when I do a class . That may be from checking out the women in class though :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Yoga
« on: May 07, 2007, 09:50:51 PM »
WOW Crafty

Glad that you started  this, I been looking into a lot of diffrent systems for Yoga and to help me with stretching and my lopsided back ha ha ha ha . I like a lot of yoga and found a wonder full dvd from a Yogi slash martial artist. Hes name is Duncan Wong  and his website is yogic arts wonderfull little website  that I think would help a lot of pepole.
I liked the stick stretches at the Penn Semm and still do them and the alinement routine that you showed me.
Now I did not know that your father did yoga and I think that is a good thing. Now is there any type that you like besdies the Dr Gyi yoga Letha yoga system?  My all means check out Yogic arts Duncan dvds have a lot of breathing routines on there also. Have a good one Mongo Gary

Martial Arts Topics / Re: June 2007 Gathering
« on: April 28, 2007, 12:41:49 PM »
40 in aug!!! And reading this makes my blood lust pump through me !!! I wish I could be there and sound like a delight full time he he he. Hey Tom Guthrie if you read this I'm about 35 min away from you!!! In Wadsworth Ohio and been doing kali since 1988 and looking for partners! Maybe we could  team up and train and I been doing some sparing with my training partner and never been to a gathering but reading this wants me to quit my job and head for Cali to experience this myself. :-D I cant wait to hear about the results about this gathering. Mongo

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Snaggletooth Variations:
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:02:04 AM »
Have to admitt Crafty that conversation on shift from demand side economics during Nixon-Ford-Carter to supply side economics under Reagan and Bush. Was  a mind bender but I just told my self that your a former lawyer and proably a well trained one at that. I was a litte bit taken back about the way that you can start a conversation about a great many subject matters.
Cool  about the flim lapu lapu and the snagle tooth varations. nOw a bit off good news when I got home from the sem, I ran into a guy who i knew as a kidd and he lives out by you a good freind of my older sister who works in the fitness industry. He lives about 10 min to 15 min away fom you!!!
He says come on out and and stay with him, now my other student who is taking me out to front site in may is intersted in bankrolling my contuineing education in the DBMA !!!!!!! That is going to be a coversation on the way to fireing range in may after that trip trust me I will be joining up!!!! I just had to take care of a few things on my end for this to happen. I told my student that for me to do that I need to join and train with you more to ge to that point that i can present DBMA with your blessing so with a little luck and little skill you will be hearing and seeing me before next year thanks again Crafty. As allways after I type this off to the school so Tiffany and I can spar we are moving up a stick size today. :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Snaggletooth Variations:
« on: April 20, 2007, 06:39:12 PM »
Hot damn Crafty!!!Tiffany and I been working on both the attacking blocks  and the combine stick and foot work in our efforts to look less like Caucasian more foot work!!!Looking forward to seeing what her and I can do with this. Love the vid clip and was wondering  where you found the films clip of the Filipino tribes attacking one other. Would love to see that movie! lol Thanks again for the pointers on the attacking blocks at the Penn semm. Gary soon to be doing the snaggletooth variations. :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour
« on: April 19, 2007, 09:29:38 PM »
Found this in men fitness magazine while at lunch. From David J. Llewellyn Ph.D Professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge, England an  expert in the science of risk taking in the article which is short, he states that there are two ways you can chose to live. You can take the safety first approach in which your primary instinct is survival and you advoid unnecessary risk. Or you can take the leap experiencing the unknown and the uncertain,learning something new and powerfull about yourself as you go. HE was talking about Parkour the craze in England and tought to myself hmmm? Is this what we strive for in our selves? The Psychological mindset that its either fight or flight in a situation that may happen to us in our lifetime.
I tought  that was pretty good and wanted to share before bed, and please bear with me new to this fourm stuff but like what i see . In the article there there is a web address have not had the chance to look at it but might have more info. Its hopefully more vids of Parkour !!!!! :-)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour
« on: April 18, 2007, 08:37:32 AM »
Thanks Blackgrass for the info. I was wondering who was the guy in B13 I figured that he was one of the founders of the art. That movie had a lot of crazy stunts. I'm a big guy 6foot 2  230 punds i dont think about jumping that sounds painfull! Also anybody out there who knows any more movies besides District b13 and Casino Royale that have parkour in it let me know. :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 300
« on: April 15, 2007, 04:28:52 PM »
Have  to pipe in fellow martial artist. For the love of God dont see Grindhouse , by all means see 3OO If  you have seen it all already see it again!! Ha HA HA Sorry to hear this Crafty for once you seen this movie Its just pumps you up!!! My training partner and I seen it once we hit town for the semm in Penn and that does not get you ready for a Dogbrothers semm I dont know what would  HA HA HA .Hey Ryan where did you get your rings at? :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour
« on: April 13, 2007, 09:41:44 PM »
Yes it is . Parkour is big in france. It was featured in a llitte unknown movie called District B13. Great stunts it was from the same french filmmaker that brought us the movie le femme niktia Luc Bessoun. Who also brought us the transporter movies. But the art of Parkour like i said was in the movie district b13 worth a look and pretty good stunts also for all of you James Bond fans out there  Parkour was in Casino Royale. The guy was Sebastion Fouche who was one of the founders of the art. That was running all over the place in the opening of Casino Royale. Sorry not just a martial artist but a bit of film geek in me also!!!!  :evil:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Thread
« on: April 09, 2007, 09:22:28 AM »
Hey anybody out there think that Matt Serra stood a chance against GSP? WOW  what a upset!! Matt has a lot of heart, but GSP has a lot of class but just goes to show anyhting can happen in a fight. But I did not think that Serra would have pulled it off. Just that one fight made my night. All the others where allfull. :x Mongo

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