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Howdy sports fans-

I'm curious for some 'authoritative' feedback on glove wear; I took a shot to the hand wearing the KIL gloves (with a padded stick) on Sunday and earned a major spiral fracture to the 3rd metacarpal - surgery scheduled for tomorrow to get a full recovery in time for the Gathering.

I'd rather not go through this again if possible, so I will be working on keeping my hands closer to the body - but I'm also wondering if I can get guidance on some acceptable lacrosse gloves before shelling out a ton of cash, only to find they can't be used in the Gathering.  I earn my living through my fingers, so I'd really like to take acceptable precaution to prevent similar damage...any links or model name/number would be appreciated.


Is than an issue, that there are certain kinds of padding or protective gear that isn't allowed at the gathering? I have a pair of STX lacrosse gloves that absolutely do the job of protecting my hands without taking the sting away from a well-placed shot.

Also, I think the idea of having a professional photographer on hand and selling discs with the photos afterward is a great idea. In truth, my experiences with giving cameras to fellow fighters only turns out blurry and poor quality shots, and I would really appreciate the opportunity to bring something like that home after the Gathering! :3

How does everyone prepare for the gathering? Personally, I've been working more cardio and strength than usual, and trying to put an edge on my ground work... though in reality, that's all coming with taking my normal training to the next level. Do you more seasoned fellas have a specific ritual in the month or two leading up to a gathering?

Very cool! I certainly appreciate the offer, Gibby! :3

Ah, that's no good for me. :P I don't drive anywhere.

mostly i'm just looking to find out which areas are the "bad neighborhoods," i'm still in the process of trying to book the hotel and whatnot. :3 We're planning on a five day trip, so i have to know what public transit is like. having only been on a trip outside of memphis once, i'm trying to cover all of my bases.

No offense taken, sir. :3 I'd still surely appreciate it if anyone in the LA area would be able to tell me a bit about...well, the LA area.

Whoops, sorry Dirk. Apparently i'm only allowed to fight other women with sticks. Can anyone expand on this for me?

Fantastic. I'd also like to have an empty hand match, if anyone's up for it. :3

I'd be happy to have a dance with you, Dirk.  :-D I sent in my registration form last week, and I'm very excited about my first gathering!

Woof all! I'm in the process of planning a trip to LA this summer for our first open gathering. The problem I'm having is that I have never really left Memphis, and I don't have any idea what I'm getting into. If anyone in the area could help me out with information about the area and hotels, that would be great.  :-D

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