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Martial Arts Topics / Re: Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer 2
« on: August 15, 2011, 10:32:11 AM »
"Beat the Crap out of Cancer----Bloomington Illinois"

I hope to make it to this event; whether as a fighter or as a sponsor. Great cause.

@Growling Dog
The video at URL link "" seems to have been deleted on July 22nd; only two days after your post.

Edit: Thinking now that maybe that was how long the event lasted.

Martial Arts Topics / 63-year-old holds off robber with rear naked choke
« on: August 15, 2011, 09:36:37 AM »
Article:"63-year-old holds off robber with rear naked choke"

This to me is the quintessential nature of the statement "Walk as a warrior for all your days."

Regardless if he realized whether or not it was a pellet gun at the time (most likely not); what struck me as interesting is his comment, "He banged me up a little bit but my main concern was the gun." His train of thought was on 2 things protecting his wife and great attentiveness towards the object of danger(gun). This fight-no-flight mentality seems to work more often then not. Made me smile  :-D.

Amazing. My jaw hit the floor when I heard that Guro Marc Denny was having a seminar in
a town just south of my residence.  I saw my first Dog Brother Video "Vol. 1: Power" when
I was about 15 yrs. old (15 yrs. ago).  When I watched that first video (once again)>my jaw
hit the floor (i should probably get that checked by a doctor :-D). I had been taught a few
forms of arnis by that time but even at a young age they felt truncated or stripped of
something vital. To say the least, this series Vol. 1-6 was eye opening and paradigm altering.
I've attempted to stay current with the new series of Dog Brother evolutions but life has a way
of butting in :|. Though I can not attend this upcoming seminar (financial reasons) I hope all
goes well so you will continue to come to this area in the future (California decent distance).
It would be great to have your influence imparted on the martialism of this community.
Safe travels and well wishes!

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