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Martial Arts Topics / Report from Houston Stick Fighting Association
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:24:39 AM »
Woof all!  Clint Taylor and I recently made the trip to Houston for the Houston Stick Fighting Association 4th Quarter Gathering. They are a loose association of several different schools who get together 3-4 times annually for some full contact stick fighting. The spirit is always supportive and educational, and there are several styles of FMA represented by the different schools (and sometimes WMA also).  Here's a couple clips of Clint and I in a couple matches.  This crazy fringe thing that we do is slowly growing! Thanks to Jason Evans for organizing and Eddie Martinez for hosting!


C Dr Dog

Double stick

Short staff on long staff

Clint single stick

Clint single stick with transition to boxing

Martial Arts Topics / DBMA School Program Seminar in Texas, Feb 2013
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:01:05 AM »

Martial Arts Topics / Tribal Gathering Spring 2013
« on: October 05, 2012, 06:17:05 PM »
I am taking the liberty of opening this thread because I am EXCITED and have some serious goals and preparation. Guro Crafty, I hope I have not overstepped my bounds.....

But now that the Open is over and we are taking stock and setting goals, I thought this is important enough to post here as a postlude and a prelude. The finish of one Gathering marks the start of preparation for the next, so...... start thinking about how you will apply your lessons for the Tribal!

 The Tribal is different than the Open. It is truly not to be missed. I can not put it into words, but EVERY fighter who is not a tribe member should be aspiring and every one who is a tribe member and has gone understands.  I don't get chatter before the Open anymore. I ALREADY have chatter for the Tribal. Challenging C-Yo Dog and Mongolian Dog probably have something to do with that (under the category of "it seemed like a good idea at the time"), but that's the kind of people you fight EVERY FIGHT. There are NO junk fights. Plus, it counts as 2 gatherings toward advancement (each day is separate). Mark your calendars now and start planning for May because the Tribal is the NUTS!
Hope to see you there! Make it a priority and TRAIN!
C Dr Dog
PS - I only have 2 slots on my dance card taken thus far....... :wink:

Martial Arts Topics / Mini Gathering in New Braunfels, TX - May 7th
« on: April 06, 2011, 06:49:39 PM »
Woof all - posted with Guro Crafty's permission.

Warrior's Edge in New Braunfels Tx is celebrating our new facility - 4000 sq foot, with padded walls, MMA cage, and tons of other equipment - a GREAT venue for a little real contact stickfighting.
We are inviting anyone in the central Texas area who would like to come join the fun for a gathering May 7 from 2-4 PM. different levels of fighting from padded stick to unpadded and also staff.
Usual DBMA rules/mentality apply. If anyone is thinking of joining us or would like additional info, send me a personal message here and I'll get the info to you. If you know anyone in this area
that might be interested, pleeeeaaaaaase pass the info along. I'd like to start some sort of local tradition to get people tuned up for an eventual trip out to California.....

Rick Laue

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