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Martial Arts Topics / Ilmu/Kebatinan in silat/FMA
« on: March 20, 2013, 05:17:31 PM »

Just interested in hearing some opinions on this subject from different sources. Feel free to move the topic if it's in an inappropriate area of the forums.

Full disclosure. I'm a psychologist and come at the topic of spirituality in martial arts from a very skeptical/scientific viewpoint.

Some FMA and Silat schools delve very heavily into this topic. Personally, while I am open to people practicing the mystical beliefs of their choice, I'd rather keep my spirituality separate from my martial arts training. This was one of the reasons I sought out DBMA. All the schools local to me in Metro Detroit are very heavily influenced by a lot of Indonesian mysticism, and while I'm respectful, I just have no interest in it.

Just curious as to what other people think.

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