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Martial Arts Topics / Kali's it going in MMA?
« on: April 05, 2006, 12:58:41 AM »
Hello all and thank you for the time.

I have been a fan/student of the Dog Brothers and DBMA thinking and training methods for quite a while. Im finally in a position to get a copy of Kali Tudo and I am extremely excited about this. I've already thrown my class and Teachers many curves with the information I've been lucky enough to absorb from prior DB videos. Although, sometimes they don't seem to like me venturing far from the "expected moves". HAHA ...

Anyway, I was curious with the results others were getting with the information and training in regards to Kali Tudo and the Kali/Silat/KK in the MMA world. Guro Crafty, could you give us an update on some of the MMA fighters associated with Dog Brothers?

I would also love to hear from others with any input.

Thank you again in advance for any responses. Time is precious and I certainly appreciate that anybody would share their time with me.

Train hard to Fight hard

Best Regards,

Robert Marlow

Martial Arts Topics / Stand-up Unarmed Video?
« on: October 21, 2004, 10:00:47 PM »
Hello and glad to be here,

After sitting down and reviewing some DB videos for some help in stick-foot coordination it struck me that one of the situations that arises in a fight  is the very distinct possibility of facing a stick/knife carrying opponent while being "unarmed" yourself. Have the Dog Brothers considered addressing this subject with a single or multiple videos on the various style's and system's (Pekiti Tirsia, Maphilindo Silat, Bukti Negara, etc.) approaches in handling this scenario? If so, what is your ETA on the tape or tapes?

I realize that the footwork, strike and block angles and other subjects already addressed in current videos are equally as useable with or with out a weapon. However, the finer points such as hand orientation to the blade, do you sweep a blade in front of your body during a "tap", propper hip and body torque used in a kick, knee, elbow, or hand strike, etc. Also, general methods and theories as well as drills such as trapping and flow drills you use in your training. Another subject could be physics of the fight such as do you attack the elbow or hand of an incoming strike.

Anyway, you get the idea. The Burton Richardson clips were great to see and it would be fantastic for those of us who gain much of our training and direction from the DBMAA through Pack Gatherings, Videos, and articles, to see the DB's interpretation of their empty hand system.

Having said all that, I know that the DB's focus is on weapons and stick fighting in particular. But in a real combat as well as the sparring situation the truth is that you, at some point, will be "weaponless" and I can think of very few organizations and individuals that I would rather hear from on this subject than the Dog Brothers.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

(Robert Marlow)

Martial Arts Topics / Understanding what I see online
« on: July 21, 2004, 11:50:13 PM »
Hello and glad to be here.

I would like to ask some questions without offending anybody. Please consider my ignorance of FMA with the exception of what I have been able to learn from DB tape series 1 and 2. I have been looking for information online for FMA material and ran across some vid's of Grandmaster Cabales doing what looked like drills with another gentleman. In these drills and in a follow up book I purchased, I noticed that his grip on a few of his blocks looked as though he released all fingers and was holding the stick at the meaty part where the thumb and index finger meet. The reason I say these looked like drills was partially due to the grip and the power behind the strikes. However, the book clearly shows the same technique used for actual blocks and counters.

I realize I may not be seeing the entire picture but in my perception of what I saw, I:

1. Understood this grip to be a "normal block" and not something for drilling only.
2. Don't understand how control of the stick could be maintained while blocking even a mid power strike.

My questions are:
1. Was stickfighting a training tool for later works with blades?
2. Is our/my focus on power making me miss something?
3. Are these wrist only strikes such a real threat?
   (I do train with very minimal protection and have been on the recieving ends of many types of strikes. In fact, we were actually hitting each other in different places to see the effectiveness of the wrist/flip strikes and was surprised at the ineffectiveness that OUR strikes had on each other.)
4. Why does this information that is being taught seem so far away from what I think a real fight with sticks would be?
5. Is Stickfighting different than fighting with sticks and is Kali so different from stickfighting? (I realize that Kali is much more than combat with sticks but I hope you understand my meaning)

Please help point me in the right direction because I am honestly very confused as to what is FMA, WEKAF, Stickfighing, and the direction I want to go. I am looking for reality and belive the Dog Brothers to be about as real as it gets. I am baffled by such opposing styles.

Thanks so much and sorry in advance for any hard feelings I caused because of the example I used. I certainly don't place my opinion or goals above anybody elses.

Best regards,

Robert Marlow

Dogs bite hard!!!

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