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Martial Arts Topics / Abecedarios
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:36:27 PM »
Abecedario Tail Variations - The ABC's of Tails


One example of 1,000+ video lessons available in the DBMA Association:

This is a follow up video to:

Martial Arts Topics / Podcasts
« on: June 12, 2016, 02:06:59 AM »

Crafty, Top, Lonely & Guard Dog discuss the first day of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association East Coast Camp along with a myriad of other stories from the past. Get a deep insight into what it takes to fight for three days straight, the importance of "Being Friends at the End of the Day" and thoughts on fighting with different weapons!

Martial Arts Topics / Punong Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
« on: October 18, 2015, 09:24:17 PM »

Founder and Head Instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts receives the title of “Punong Guro” from the DBMA Guros.  Speeches (in order) from Guro Ryan “Guard Dog” Gruhn, Guro Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner, Guro Colin “Point Dog” Stewart, Guro Mark “Beowulf” Houston, Guro Marc “Fu Dog” O’Dell, Guro Antone "Splinter Dog" Haley, Guro Nick "Pappy Dog" Papadakis and Guro Roan “Poi Dog” Grimm.  Ceremony was held at “Guard Dog’s Den” – State College, PA / Central PA Mixed Martial Arts at the DBMA Association East Coast Camp.

Martial Arts Topics / DBMA East Coast Camp - October 16th-18th
« on: May 03, 2015, 06:21:23 AM »

We're excited to announce the first ever three day East Coast camp for the DBMA Association. This camp will take place at "Guard Dog's Den" (Central PA Mixed Martial Arts - CPAMMA) in State College, PA.

CPAMMA is conveniently located in the middle of Pennsylvania making accessible from a number of East Coast cities and with State College Airport (SCE) only a five minute drive away.

The camp will feature Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny, Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers and founder/head instructor of Dog Brothers Martial Arts and will include:

- Real Contact Stick Fighting
- Kali-Tudo™
- Die Less Often™

Instructor Training will also be given by Guro Ryan "Guard Dog" Gruhn along with a few other special sessions!

For those who are ready, there will be Dog Tag testing at both the practitioner and instructor level at the end of the camp on Sunday.


Contact Guro Guard Dog for more information at

Martial Arts Topics / DBMA Association Affiliates List
« on: July 05, 2014, 04:08:19 PM »
Woof DBMA Friends,

We have updated the instructor list which can be found at

This will replace the forum based listing and become the central location for DBMA Instructor and training group contact information. 

Group Leaders & Instructors, If you see any listings that are out of date, please email me at with the changes. 


Martial Arts Topics / Happy Halloweapons!
« on: October 31, 2009, 06:04:03 PM »


Martial Arts Topics / East Coast Day of Hard Sparring
« on: January 01, 2009, 06:54:37 PM »
East Coast Inhabitants,

We are looking to have a day of hard sparring late January / early February at my gym in State College, PA to help our fighters ready themselves for the April gathering.  Right now we have around five people looking to fight in April from all different weight classes.  Our plan is to get a number of schools from the east coast and mid-west to come and train for a day, spar, hang out, etc.  We want to make the matches as close to Gatherings style as possible while still keep people safe and keeping it in the realm of "sparring" and not fighting.  However, we also want to have everyone push themselves and wear minimal protective gear and use larger diameter sticks.  We also have both a cage and ring to hold the matches in so we will be able to get twice as many matches in during the day if need be.

We would like to avoid WEKAF head gear and instead use fencing masks.  We would also like to limit the hand protection to equal to or lighter than street hockey gloves.  However, if wearing more protection is the only way you would be willing to spar we can deal with it.   We simply want to avoid any non-realistic behavior due to protective gear.

Please post back if you are interested and as soon as we drum up some interest we will set a date that works for everyone.  We have about three other schools interested in joining us so far.  Please don't be shy, come and spar so we can all make ourselves better!  Any questions feel free to email me at


Dog Ryan Gruhn
Head Instructor / MA Program Director
Lion Heart Fitness - State College, PA

Martial Arts Topics / Kali Tudo Working Examples
« on: August 12, 2008, 08:39:09 AM »
Crafty et al,
  This weekend our school had a rather successful run in the cage and ring and I'd like to share one of the fights with everyone!  This fighter has trained both left and right lead equal amounts of time and as such, we've explored KT in great detail with an emphasis on Triggonomics "outside footwork."  The clips are rather long but the game plan of staying to the outside allowed us to dominate.  This was a Muay Thai fight with authentic Muay Thai rules allowing the competitors to strike with any of the eight limbs to anywhere on the body.  This means that elbows, knees and kicks to the face were 100% legal.  On top of all of this, it's one of my female fighters!  Take a look!:

(Feel free to fast forward to the rounds)
Part I:

Part II:

Yet another example of “Train how you want to fight and you will fight how you train!”

Thank you Crafty for the material.



Martial Arts Topics / The Link Between Fighting & Fornicating
« on: July 21, 2008, 08:47:40 AM »
I recently stumbled upon this knife online and inside of a email chain a number of us turned it into a rather intellectual conversation.

With that said, here is the conversation:

"Being one that is interested in symbols and metaphor... and even devoted some time in his formative early 20's studying such things in college, I could tell you some interesting things about what that knife is implying... but I don't think you guys probably want to hear about any of it :P"

"Mr. Gruhn,
I don't know if you remember Crafty talking about the homo-erotic nature of prison stabbings but I think that something like this would sum what crafty was talking about...

"That Crafty, he is a smart man. If I remember correctly the word "vagina" translates directly into the word "sheath." So you have a sword (you can figure out which body part that equals for yourself) and a sheath. Stabbing someone is a dominant act where you "sheath your sword" so to speak. Also take into consideration that there are two acts that people engage in in which they try to occupy the same space. One is fighting, the other also starts with the letter F. Any guesses what it is? :P Both of these activities are coming from the same primitive area of the brain that is concerned with survival. It actually makes a lot of sense... to create a family you do one of the F's. To protect your family you do the other F.


"Speaking of sheaths"

"The relationship between sex and violence is even more readily apparent when you look at the rest of the animal kingdom. Humans (and a few of the other higher primates) are the only ones that have built an artificial wall between the two. If you look at many canines they not only fight their competition for the rights to spread their genes, but they often even fight with thier hard won mate. Small children often catch their parents in the act, and mistake what is happening as some sort of violent altercation.
It is an interesting subject. Most people get freaked out and stop thinking about it. They immediately make some connection with homosexuality, which it is most certainly not about at a base level. I can see how it would turn into that in a prison environment, and that had never occured to me. I guess I have never been up close and personal with prison violence though, and I really aim to keep it that way :P
Add a megacorp. religion like Christianity into the mix and the entire thing turns into a giant mess, but at heart that knife really demonstrates the two most fundamental instincts of life:
1. Spread your genes at all cost!
2. Kill any mofo that gets in your way!

"So, could I make the leap and say, people that are into S&M or autoerotic asphyxiation that ‘wall’ is thinner. Mixing their sex and violence like dogs and cats do?"

Martial Arts Topics / New Site Layout
« on: January 23, 2008, 01:20:24 PM »
Props on the new site layout!  :-D  It's looking good.


Martial Arts Topics / MMA Movie with Guro Dan?
« on: May 15, 2007, 11:02:15 AM »
Just saw this.  Does anyone know anything else?


Martial Arts Topics / Basic Instincts
« on: January 06, 2007, 05:29:21 PM »
I’m not sure how many of you have been watching Primetime and their limited series called “Basic Instincts.”  The last episode followed a modern version of the Stanley Milgram experiment ( where people were told to administer shocks to volunteers in other rooms who had answered questions incorrectly.  Here is a video clip:


This really got me thinking in regards to human behavior and what many people would actually do in the heat of authority.  Flight 93 being a perfect example of the unorganized militia coming together to defy the terrorist authority; how many people would actually do this?  What if in fact this authority who was telling them to sit in their seats were dressed as American police officers?  It also made me think about the whole “stranger danger” movement for youth back in the 80’s and 90’s and how kidnappers simply used the “I am an authority figure” approach to lure the children to them.  It seems that this moves over into the adult age as well from what research shows as many people seem to be blind to their own intuition and when something is blatantly wrong.  What are everyone’s thoughts on “obeying” as we see with the recent soldiers trial and from the past, death camps? 


There were many other great topics from the other episodes but this one really caught my attention.





Martial Arts Topics / WHERE IS THE FOOTWORK!?!
« on: December 28, 2006, 10:14:45 PM »
**I was going to put this in the MMA thread but I felt it might derserve it's own thread. . .


I have recently become extremely frustrated with a absence of footwork in MMA.  It seems as if there has been a regression back to the flat footed stagnant boxing footwork or lack there of rather from the late 1800's, early 1900's.  My question is this:  Why is the average boxers footwork better than the average MMArtist's?  Why have I seen better footwork in high school wrestling?  IMHO the average MMArtists should get great footwork from boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling but when it all gets thrown into the mixing pot we end up with a fighter that moves very little, has their rear heel on the ground and feet perpendicular to eachother; a T-stance if you will.  Evidence shows that this type of stance makes for a less mobile fighter and has the potential to cut off major power from the rear side.  In MMA we rarly see the foot rotation we do in Muay Thai and boxing.  MMArtists have seemed to favor basing both feet and swinging for the fences.  Don't get me wrong, there are several fighters in UFC and Pride today that have great footwork, rotation, etc. but the majority don't.  What gives?  Is it turning into a "jack of all trades, master of none" sport or is it becoming less efficient or unsafe to be as mobile?  I thought I should share this before the fights on Saturday in hopes that everyone would acknowledge this and return to this thread with their opinions.



« on: December 15, 2006, 01:08:12 PM »
Boyfriends, watch out!






Martial Arts Topics / November Gathering 2006
« on: October 22, 2006, 08:25:43 PM »
The time has come again!
? The option of stun guns has been brought forth for Novembers gathering.? I will be bringing my cattle prod if anyone wants to give it a try.? It is a lower (amp or volt - I forget which) so rather than knocking one out it makes you loose function of your muscles.? It is meant as you may already know, to move cattle.? For larger livestock it simply lights a fire under their butts to get moving.? For us humans it is a little more than just a fire.? ?


Martial Arts Topics / November Gathering! - Possible Matches
« on: November 03, 2005, 07:27:19 PM »
It?s that time of the year again!  Let us use this thread to set up fights with fellow fighters that are scheduled to fight this month?s gathering, allow me to start!  I am looking for fighters that equal me in number of gatherings/fights that fall into the 150 lb. weight range.  I am not too picky on experience but would like to get a few good fights in for this gathering.  Anyone?


Quote from: Tom Stillman
ALSO: I work with a group that utilizes STUN GUN technology to add a little more consiquence to knife sparring. The long handle ones that resemble a short stick work best.  Take care,  Tom

What type of device do you use?  All the Stun(t) Guns I have seen seem very cheeply maid and I worry about dropping them.  Because of this I purchased a Cattle Prod that I bet I could drop off a building and it would be fine .  Does your gun resemble a knife?


Martial Arts Topics / April 3rd MD Tournament
« on: January 24, 2005, 08:29:22 AM »
Hey All,
  I wanted to see if anyone here is planning on attending and/or fighting in the tournament that is being held in Baltimore this April.

Let Me Know!

Martial Arts Topics / Attention East Coast
« on: December 13, 2004, 06:31:52 PM »
Hey Everyone!

            Since our training group is on the east coast we have less of a chance to be able to make it to the west coast for a Dog Brothers Gathering.  I am planning on getting out there this summer again to LA if my schedule allows it but the rest of our group will be stuck back in Pa.  I was wondering if any schools/groups would be interested in having a day of fighting up at our gym in Pa.  In all reality we can and are willing to travel anywhere in PA if need be to get some fighting in but we defintaly have the room to host the fights!  We are simply in need of some more interaction with people outside of our training group to help better ourselves both as fighters and martial artists.?

Let Me Know!


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