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Politics & Religion / Islam - Education, Rebuttals and Counter-Terror
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:03:00 AM »
Good day all

I have recently had a great deal of fun and games on a university forum dedicated to counter-terror research. Need I say it's terribly PC, and with regards to Islamic terror the general consensus ranges from "Nothing to see here" to the shockingly unexpected "Nothing to do with...". I believe our next and current generation of academics, analysts and policy makers are required to both bury their heads in the sand and be in denial.

If I duplicate or preach to the choir, please advise if I am barking up the wrong tree. However, I thought I might some of my extensive learning and writing on the subject to those of you who engage in debate with their apologists and come up short, want to know more about Islam, its political aims, its ideology and common arguments. Some may need a good introduction, or rebuttals to the common arguments. Also, I may need input from you when I run into a tough question. It amazes me how much ignorance exists among policy makers, researchers, the otherwise educated - and how Christians and Westerners are apologists for and defend groups and individuals expressing an ideology that clearly intends to subjugate them.

Yes, I have good Muslim friends. Yes, I know more about the doctrine and history of Islam than they do, and every other Muslim I have (carefully and respectfully) spoken to on the subject. I have visited every country in the Middle East multiple times except for Yemen and Syria, though I have spent time on both borders from different countries and locations in my role in the defense industry.

I hope this will be useful to you who want to know more and discuss the subject intelligently, offer rebuttals to the often dishonest arguments out there and understand the threat of supremacist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. It is easy to spot where a bomb went off, it's harder to trace networks and subversive political infiltration.

Final note, if you would permit me, this is also a repository for some of my discussion and course notes because things disappear rapidly on a FB forum. Often it took extensive searching and reading to gather the information to write these responses, it would be a shame to lose them.

Please post and ask questions. I look forward to the interaction. Do keep it respectful to avoid controversy.

Martial Arts Topics / Dark symbolism in the Martial Arts
« on: April 24, 2016, 10:51:30 PM »
There is a recent trend towards the darker end of the violence spectrum. There is a popularity in training that emphasises the skill and mindset of the criminally minded.

This has value. I've learned a great deal in my investigations, however I am seeing a failure to detach from this mindset at the end of the day, rather I'm seeing an absorption into criminal culture. And what has started as a way to differentiate as counterculture has morphed to become dark symbolism, with death cult and even occasional Satanic leanings.

Hot lead poisoning is the appropriate answer to some of the bad people in the world, however I also believe warriors must have virtue. Adopting the mindset of evil people without balance allows toxic thoughts to infect minds, to remain unpurged. I've seen people go bad, it starts subtly at first as the slow normalisation of deviance. I don't see it as psychologically healthy, or a positive trend.

Any thoughts from you on this?

Two recent examples:

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