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Martial Arts Topics / MMA Disqualifications in California
« on: April 15, 2007, 01:11:37 PM »
Per Crafty's Request:

This is relating to Brian Ebersole's suspension stemming from the use of a cartwheel in a fight.
The California State Athletic Commission has announced that Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch and Brian Ebersole have both been suspended indefinitely after their fight this past weekend.

The CSAC believed that their fight was “worked” as they barely engaged and they could be seen talking while on the ground. Eventually Ritch tapped and Ebersole was declared the winner but the fight was quickly ruled a no contest and both fighters were suspended immediately.
MMA California adds: a string of suspensions by Armando Garcia’s CSAC that has MMA insiders shaking their heads. Previous suspensions include Brian Ebersole for doing a cartwheel in his fight against Shannon Ritch last September (he got an ‘indefinite’ suspension) and Josh Thomson for wearing a “Frank Glamrock is my bitch” t-shirt (he got an ‘indefinite’ or six-month suspension from it). Ebersole is not listed on Frank Shamrock’s IFL team for competition in 2007.

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