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Martial Arts Topics / n00b, de-lurking
« on: February 29, 2008, 11:47:35 PM »
Greetings everyone,

I've been aware of DBMA for some time now.  I came over, lurked for a while, registered, and then lurked some more.  Roughly a couple of weeks ago I ordered a bunch of sticks from KIL (Pappa Dog's outfit) and a whole bunch of DVDs from here.  The sticks are here, the DVDs are on the way, and I reckon this is as good a time to de-lurk as any.

I've had intermittent low-level instruction in various martial arts, mostly tang soo do, Shorin-ryu karate, and Yoshinkan aikido, but that experience ranged from 10 to 20-odd years ago.  I never even got within dreaming distance of a black belt in any of them, and frankly learned more from sparring with friends than from drilling in the dojo.

Anyhow, I'm 48 now, with a few chronic physical issues, and coming back from having let myself get inexcusably out of shape over a period of several years. A more weapons-oriented style increasingly makes sense to me, partly because the idea of going up bare-handed against anyone half my age and twice my size doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling (unless the tactile sensation associated with a loss of sphincter control could be characterized that way).  I've played around with some pekiti tirsia-derived blade work, and will continue doing so, but the more I see of sticks the better they look.  They're not as scaaawy as knives to the general public, and they grow on trees.

Anyhow, many thanks y'all for everything you're doing.  It's educational, inspirational, and even looks like fun.

Although it's sort of surprising how sore I've managed to get just from swinging a stick around ... Time to get familiar with the gym again, I reckon.

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