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Martial Arts Topics / Newbie introduction
« on: August 20, 2009, 09:53:42 AM »
Woof to all,

My name is Richard Styrsky. I live in Sacramento, CA and have a few buddies that I train with here. We train in Sayoc and have started to incorporate Dog Bros. material. We are looking to create an official training group that meets and goes to gatherings together. I have instructorship in Shaolin Kempo under the Nick Cerio lineage. I have crosstrained in a number of other styles as well. My training partners have some mixed experience as well (Doce Pares, Firearms). We are trying to find some other like minded individuals that just want to train and go to gatherings. I heard that Dog Pound is up this way. One of my training partners used to train with him at Doce Pares. Are you out there Dog Pound?

Richard Styrsky (Styric)

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