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Martial Arts Topics / Escrima styles
« on: February 11, 2012, 05:13:44 AM »
Hi all! 

Just wondering what others have observed about different styles of escrima and their suitability in full contact engagements.  I have more experience with corto range arts, and am expanding into largo.  I have done a fair bit of full contact sparring (with and without different levels of protective gear).  I have always been a "purist" enthusiast, meaning if one studies Doce Pares (for example), and an independent observer can watch their movement and technique and determine independently what their background is, they are faithful to their teaching.  I have trained in rigid environments where all of the technique disappears in a fight and looks nothing like the original style.  Then I wonder, what's the point of training lIke this if the training is not evident in application?  I have also trained in environments where there is no clear "pedigree" and notice there is a lack of understanding in movements that are borrowed liberally from others.

I have intentionally used very stylized technique in fights before simply to see if the technique is valid under stress.  I have also trained with groups who do not test their technique under stress at all, but they sure look pretty fluid in training!  But a determined, aggressive opponent makes years of their training disappear.

Do others feel certain styles are more suitable for fighting?  Is hybridized technique, and not purist constructs, the most realistic solution? Is style more important that methodology and intent in training, or vice versatile?  Is there any point in studying a single style/system?  There seems to be no truly successful MMA purist, but definitely fighters with strong foundations that branch out to supplement their game.  Has anyone seen fighters with little to no formal escrima training fight successfully in full contact events?  If so, were they relying on other skill sets?

Just curious.  My journey continues and I appreciate the nuanced input of others!

Martial Arts Topics / Kali - Silat - Muay Thai
« on: August 27, 2008, 02:51:50 PM »
Not to pose a question that might seem too stupid, but...

As a current escrima student, looking to broaden my horizons and add to my empty hand skills (which will hopefully complement my stick skills), I'm considering two potential paths: silat or muay thai.  Because I have limited time and finances (who doesn't, right), I'm trying to narrow my focus to one only and am having trouble deciding.  The available instruction in both is outstanding, so that's not an issue, but because I don't have an extensive background in either, don't know which of the two would contribute the most to escrima.

I may, in fact, choose to spend time with both at some point, but can only afford to participate in one right now.

Do any of the readers of this forum have any input on which of the two would be most beneficial to a student of the filipino martial arts?  I'm really not asking for a popularity poll, but rather an honest response from people who have an informed opinion about both or either.

Thanks in advance!

Martial Arts Topics / Balintawak and Dog Brothers Martial Arts
« on: April 02, 2008, 05:52:52 PM »
Hi all!  I'm just curious about how a style that appears to address more "corto" range techniques (such as Balintawak, as I have seen it practiced... which arguably may not be representative of all Balintawak practicioners) fare in free flow sparring against those who practice "longer" range styles.  I have the very greatest respect for both, and this is not to decide which is better, but rather to illicit the observations of others who may have been able to observe the two in application against each other.  I realize that individual attributes can often lend much to an engagement, regardless of style, but am just wondering how they have been observed in either stick or knife fights.  Thank you very much.

Martial Arts Topics / Stick fighting tournaments
« on: September 24, 2006, 12:51:09 PM »
Hey all!  I'm new to the board, but very excited/interested in the content.  I would just like to get an impression about how others here feel about the value of participating in various stickfighting tournaments.  I've noticed quite a few opportunities around the country through various organizations and wonder how these events are generally received by DBMA.  I understand the padded stick format, or even WEKAF body armor style and "limited" contact (prohibiting the use of kicks or grappling in some cases) may not be consistent with the Dog Brothers philosophy, but wonder how others here might feel about the value of these formats to improve general skills.  How was the experience of those here who might have participated in these type events in the past?

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.


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