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Martial Arts Topics / an eye for an eye, a tooth in my boot
« on: August 02, 2004, 10:04:11 PM »
In a departue from my usual liberal to waaaaay left to no-wing politics, I think the whole thing is f***ing bulls**t! Train all women in FMA from the minute they can walk and give them each a handgun when they turn 21. Rapists should be castrated with rusty farm implements in public, and child molesters used for medical / consumer-product vivisection. After public castration by a blind escrimador of course. Other than that, live and let live.

Martial Arts Topics / "Kali" usage / linguistic research
« on: August 02, 2004, 09:36:38 PM »
Wow, all this discussion / debate over a single word! I?m really new to the FMA scene, but have noticed this topic often.
   Purely academic interests aside, is it really that important to so many people? I get the feeling some people are almost offended by its spreading use because it might be a term of American origin. Even if its historic use in the Philippines is not proven or even disproven, is it going to vanish from use or cause those using it to be shunned? It seems to me that even if it were 100% a modern, Americanized term, as long as its use was kept in context it should be okay and ?acceptable? to use. As long as one teaching an "old and historically  pure" art used a traditional name, rather than Kali, nothing would be lost or corrupted. The term could  be seen in this context to have a valid use; it seems that many teachers here in America do have their own flavour of FMA, often integrating techniques from other martial arts in order to have a more varied palette to draw from, whether for fighting, or  customizing for a student?s individual ability. I see no reason why Kali could not be a valid term for this, regardless of its etymology. I realize that what I just said of teachers here in America could probably be valid for any of the teachers of FMA over the ages, as most people tend to customize/emphasize to some extent, however I mean to keep the term for a kind of "melting pot" version, still a true escrima/arnis, but with wider-reaching influences, designed/ taught in this country. At least then it would have a bit of its own identity, rather than being another colloquial synonym. Can?t we all just get along?
        For the fellow researching this: have you checked any Spanish historical documents? Perhaps the journals or personal letters or military reports of some old kings still exist from the time during or just after the time they had rule of the Philippines. I just traced this post (dexter, march 9) from my email back  to the DB?s forum, then back to martialtalk forum, back to a Balintawak thread, how hard can it be to trace a word back 500 years? ;)   Now, where?s  Magellan?s diary ?  
   --Just my 2 cent,

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