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Martial Arts Topics / Kalibanga?
« on: April 24, 2005, 08:44:13 PM »
Kalibanga? KALIBANGA?! LOL what a joke  :lol:   :lol:   :lol:
I speak Cebuano and it means LBM (loose bowel movement) or more colorfully put as "the squirts"... hehehe

Rootword: Libang - to take a dump

Nice joke...

Quote from: beatnik warrior
below is also a good point... i believe studies have shown that the word KALI actually came from a popular Visayan word KALIBANGA'.  i've heard people say that this ancient word has been around since time began in the islands.  i think it has something to do with the water or the food found there.  it's worth looking into...

Quote from: Guest
so KALI is just an arbitrary fussion of two visayan words?

so it could've been KUPA, for KUmo (fist) and PAspas (speed), or maybe LALI, for LAwas (body) and LIhok (movement).

the question is... where's the historicity of this WORD?  if there is none, then just say it's a filipino-american development in the 60s.  and it will be accepted as a new development in FMA.  but, to say something is historical without the minimum of proofs is just silly.

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