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Martial Arts Topics / KALI TUDO (tm) Article
« on: December 08, 2005, 08:48:48 PM »
Quote from: Crafty_Dog
Woof All:

Here is a textbook application from the most recent UFC of the technique in KT called "Trigg 101"

Just to be perfectly clear, no inference that RF got the idea/technique from my DVD -- indeed the very name given to the technique makes clear that it was already in the gene pool of MMA.  Still, its nice to see such a clear example.

Crafty Dog

Damn good!  Kudos to Franklin.


Quote from: Crafty_Dog
Woof SuiHung:

My host has emailed me the following (posted here with his permission):

BEGIN " , , ,Ultimately, I want you to do your thing and am willing to trust you on that.  As far as our group and what we've been focusing on, we're a pretty young group (as far as experience is concerned) and there will be around 10-15 guys from my gym attend.

I'd like to see single stick, some double stick, maybe a little knife, footwork and attacking/defending with angles, and a lot of translation to
how this applies to empty hand fighting.

More than anything, I want you to do your thing though. , , , " END

So SH, what would YOU like to see?

Crafty Dog

Wow! Thankyou for asking!
I would like to see some KaliTudo work.  However, anything that concerns footwork, angles, and strategies would be of great value to me.  I'm not a weapons guy, but I've no doubt that I could get something from whatever you're presenting.  Again, thanks.  Count me in.


Quote from: Crafty_Dog
Off the top of my head in no particular order some options are:

1) The Snaggletooth Drill (Combining Stick & Footwork, basic primal attacking block & strike combos on the diamond triangle)
2) Attacking Blocks, which often leads into Stickgrappling Clinch
3) Los Triques Big Stick (Los T is a blend of Kali and Krabi Krabong
4) Lost Triques Siniwali
5) Staff
6) Short Impact Weapons for the Street
7) Kali Tudo

If it gets decided in time to still sign up, please let me know.  It's probably the closest the DB's will get to my home for some time.


Quote from: Crafty_Dog
I've emailed Doug to ask him what he would like

Cool, thanks.  I might try to attend   8)


Quote from: pretty_kitty
October 8-9, 2005
Bloomginton, IL
Dog Brothers Martial Arts Seminar
Featuring Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
Contact Doug Sutton

Cool!  What will be the subjectmatter of this seminar?


Martial Arts Topics / KALI TUDO (tm) Article
« on: August 31, 2005, 05:24:43 PM »
Hello DBMA, I wanted to give bit of public commentary on the KaliTudo videos.

Let me start with a brief bit of background...I've spent a good part of my life learning and practicing Chinese martial arts, but also have some experience in other MA's.  In the few years I've been stepping things up and testing my skills competetively as best I can juggling career and family, etc...

In that process, I've had some successes as well as many frustrating moments.
To that end, I've stepped back and taken a hard look at the material I've learned in order to find out what really makes it work.  This process has been one of unlearning, and re-learning based on the feedback of training for and fighting against other trained fighters.  This is what drew me to the KaliTudo videos.  I saw the "teaser" clip where Guro Denny says "But what if the guy has a good jab?".  Man did that ever hit home!  It's one of the things that I've asked myself after much trial and error.  

The answer I came up with was footwork.  After watching the KaliTudo videos, it was apparent that what I was working on held many similarities with what Guro Denny has been developing.  The difference, and real value for me in purchasing the KaliTudo videos is the extensive explanation of the footwork, stratgies, and most importantly training methods detailing in them.  Essentially, Guro Denny has done one hell of a lot of field research and basically "spilled the beans" on things that are present in many traditional martial arts, but unfortunately not widely understood or capitalized on.  I really got a lot from these videos, and have been able to take the concepts of what he shows, and then apply them to my own system...without departing from or changing what it is.  This is the real beauty here, the concepts along with detailed training advice.

Thanks DBMA, Guro Denny, and everyone who put thier blood and sweat into these vids.  
Milwaukee, WI

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