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Martial Arts Topics / Re: Knife Law
« on: June 27, 2009, 07:53:23 PM »
Now here is my quandry about michigan , we allow peopel to carry firearms for the same purpose they say you cannot carry a knife self defense . Tried to talk to a local prosecuter about it and he really didn't have any answers or didn't want to give any.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Knife Law
« on: June 26, 2009, 03:46:24 PM »
Here is what the Michigan state police say about knives:

.  I recently purchased a double-edged survival knife. Does Michigan law allow me to carry this in my vehicle?

MCL 750.227    No. A dagger, dirk, stiletto, or double-edged non-folding stabbing instrument of any length, or any other dangerous weapon, except a hunting knife adapted and carried as such, cannot be carried concealed on or about a person, or whether concealed or otherwise in any vehicle operated or occupied by the person, except in their own home, place of business or on other land possessed by the person.

5.  Is it illegal to have a knife with a blade over 3 inches in my possession?

MCL 750.226   No. Michigan law specifies that a person, with intent to use the knife unlawfully against another, shall not go armed with a knife having a blade over 3 inches in length.


The real interesting point is the intent question. Does carrying a knife for self defense imply intent.

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