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Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 27, 2010, 07:00:34 PM »
I was on vacation for a bit and noticed in Maryland that this show only became available on October 27.

Here are additional listings.  Crafty, do you know how long this show runs?

October 28 5:00 PM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 29 3:30 PM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 30 5:00 AM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
8:00 AM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
November 2 5:00 PM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
November 7 8:00 AM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
3:30 PM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 19, 2010, 05:05:24 PM »

The show appears to be 480i , the old "standard definition" TV standard.  The Comcast Cable box showed an HD download (1080i) on its front panel during the broadcast, but the show appeared to be a stretched version of 480i.  When I play the show back from the DVR, the box says that the recording is 480i.  If there is an outlet for the HD show, I'm an eager customer.

More show times here :

October 19 3:00 PM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 20 10:30 AM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 21 8:00 AM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
                6:00 PM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 22 7:30 AM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 23 9:00 AM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 25 8:00 PM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 27 4:30 AM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 28 5:00 PM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 29 3:30 PM   872   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
October 30 5:00 AM   871   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat
                 8:00 AM   873   Replay   Stick Fights: Dog Bros' Cruel Combat

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 19, 2010, 12:05:42 PM »
Fantastic show, Crafty.  That has got to be the most unique fighting show I have ever seen.  The fights you picked showed fighting skill, and the weave of the narrative between fights emphasized the culture.  The use of the RAW/R-1 Gym was fantastic, and that was a strong contributor in distinguishing stick fighting from other professional sports that converge on a ring-type environment.  I had a similar excitement watching that show to watching the first few UFCs.  This is something the world has not seen before.  Keep it raw!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Any meetings in Nor Cal/ Bay Area / SF area?
« on: October 19, 2010, 12:02:10 PM »
If you want good WEKAF rule sparring and a good beating, find Guro Reggie Burford at his Oakland Eskrima club.  Bart Hubbard has fought at a a Gathering and has a crew with WEKAF sparring somewhere in the Sacramento area.  I've held a 100% sparring session for over ten years in the SF Bay Area.  The last full-contact session was in June 2010.  Since then, I have had some trouble with a location for that event and have moved to a different type of sparring.  There are a number of sparring events in the area:  Golden Gate Karate, the Inayan Family eskrima sessions in Sensei Hans's tournament in March(?).  Guro Jon Ward (Los Gatos) holds a training class with stick sparring.  Join us sometime.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA getting some love on the UnderGround (UG)
« on: October 19, 2010, 11:54:07 AM »
I can't believe that I scrolled through 10 pages of complete nonsense on the Underground between two keyboard warriors to look for a decent discussion.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 18, 2010, 01:16:36 PM »
I see other show dates up until October 29?

Marc, will there be a way to purchase the show as a DVD or even higher quality video file?  It doesn't appear to be HD according to the listing, but is it?

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Any meetings in Nor Cal/ Bay Area / SF area?
« on: October 18, 2010, 10:46:05 AM »
I don't hold a stick fighting class, but I do hold sparring sessions.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB 9/10 Gg of Pack clip
« on: October 15, 2010, 02:53:58 PM »
Excellent compilation.   Thanks to whomever video'd (can't even say videotaped anymore) and compiled the highlight reel.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 15, 2010, 01:58:59 PM »
I ordered two playtimes of the show available on my Comcast TV, which I found from the Main Menu -> Search View -> PayPerView Events  and will order more when they are shown on the menu.  You can record the PPV on a DVR, but I've never done this.

Stick Fights Dog Bros./Combat
$9.99 PayPerView event
(information for Comcast Customers in San Francisco Bay Area, California - Pacific Standard Time)
Mon 10/18 , Channel 871 PPV, 7-8pm
Mon 10/18 , Channel 871 PPV, 10-11pm
Tue 10/19 , Channel 873 PPV, 3-4pm
Wed 10/20, Channel 872 PPV, 10:30-11:30am

Would this be considered a preview as it was made with material from the same day ?
stick fighting reality promo

Let me know if yous spots any tyypos.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: October 12, 2010, 04:57:55 PM »

For the San Francisco Bay Area, Comcast does not list this show in their OnDemand on any schedule I've searched using the DVR.  The Comcast Tech Support agent told me that the shows will be shown the day of the event, and confirmed that she found the show.  I asked her to search for "Stick Fight", and she replied  "Stick Fight Dog".  PayPerView (PPV)/OnDemand shows can not be recorded on the Comcast DVR as the box does not allow it.  Correct me if someone knows how to configure the DVR to do this.

I am concerned  about the accuracy of the show start times. lists one set of times, but when the Comcast schedule for my area is accessed, the show is in a different time slot.  The Comcast agent stated 7pm for October 18, but the InDemand schedule shows 3pm for the same day.  The InDemand schedule lists channels 870-874 for OnDemand while the Comcast agent stated the first run is on channel 301.  So, check here on the morning of October 18 as I will post the time for the show I order.

I plan to order the show twice and possibly more, depending on the price, to support DBMA's foray into PayPerView TV.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: talent is what the unskilled call skill
« on: October 08, 2010, 06:48:32 PM »
one of the points made relentlesly in both books is that if you examine "talent"
you will in fact find deliberate practice

Talent is that which exceeds a group that practices deliberately.  For example, a talented runner is not one that runs while others watch the Kardashians on TV.  Talent is the runner that leads the pack of runners.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Stretching
« on: October 08, 2010, 06:42:37 PM »
Good principle, Crafty.  I'll have to give yoga a second chance.  Some of the "hot" yoga classes appeal to those seeking sweat a quart and walk around two pounds lighter.   Can't stop ...

Martial Arts Topics / Re: talent is what the unskilled call skill
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:35:38 PM »
Love these topics that make for controversial conversation.  

The concept of the absence of talent appeals to "blank slate" crowd in which all beings are created with an exacting equalness, with a particular uniformity of genetics and development inside the skull.

While one can look at repetition as the path to mastery, repetition can also be viewed as a method for talent identification.  Ask a track team to run the 100 meter dash 10,000 times.  Eventually, you will find the talented 100 meter runner with the ability to exceed all others subjected to the same training.  In fact, I'm more impressed that 100 meter runners emerge at all despite the ridiculous training routines such as group hurdler's stretch and five mile runs that my entire track team was subjected to.  Two generations of coaches need to pass away for such nonsense to be forgotten.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Stretching
« on: October 08, 2010, 12:15:26 PM »
Don't get me wrong.  There is value in ritual and repetition.  If someone with lower back issues has found a routine that provides relief, stick with it.  Personally, I was in the "seeking relief for lower back pain" category.  The universal recommendation was yoga, but most of those recommendations come from office workers (mostly women) that exercise with yoga exclusively.  After three months of bi-weekly yoga classes, my back was no better off.  What did help is 30 body weight deep slow (5 seconds down, 5 seconds up) squats as well as a new lower body weight lifting routine.  My utilitarian nature is attracted to the stretching and strengthening of weighted squats or performing the oldest known karate kata (Naihanchi) over a static pose (Yoga Pine Tree? comes to mind).

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Stretching
« on: October 07, 2010, 06:56:53 PM »
bluesbassist, you describe the routine of sports researcher Tom Kurz.   Check out his book on the topic "Stretching Scientifically", but the 4th edition is the best.

 _Stretching Scientifically: A Guide to Flexibility Training (4th Revision ed)_ by Thomas Kurz (Paperback - Mar 2003)

I followed his advice for a decade, though I have my own list of why I do not stretch like a dancer or yogi.

Does anyone have an answer to this question :  why is yoga purported to improve performance in every other physical activity, but no other physical activity is purported to improve one's yoga?  

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Stretching
« on: October 06, 2010, 12:31:47 PM »
This thread should be condensed.  After my own research, I've summarized

1) Stretching does not prevent any injuries.
       Break a sweat to "warm up" before any strenuous activity and do your activity regularly

3) Most stretching is a complete waste of time other than the pleasurable sensation it produces.
     If your activity requires an increased range of motion, extending your current range is beneficial at the expense of optimal performance
     in the normal range.  i.e. long distance runners do not need to stretch at all

4) Prolonged static stretching yields a temporary 1/3 reduction in strength for up to an hour
     This also results in a reduction in muscular coordination.

5) Stretching can cause lasting injuries when muscle tension strains connective tissue.

6) Stretching is bad for you when it displaces other physical activity
     Yoga makes you fat when you rely on that hour for your calorie-burning physical training.

7) Most increases in range of motion are better achieved by training the muscles that produce the motion.
    i.e.  Strength training rather than flexibility training will allow for more accurate kicks to the head of a standing opponent.

8 ) Regular training in your activity is adequate dynamic stretching will train your body to the optimal range of motion and will extend it beyond that achieved from sitting in an office, car, sofa or sleep.  This is your sports-specific stretching program.

9) Most static stretching does *not* increase performance in sports that require an increase in the range of motion because muscular elongation is regulated by a neural mechanism that is sensitive not only to the magnitude of the stretch but also to the velocity and acceleration of the stretch.

10) It is better to stretch vigorously than to do no physical activity of any kind.
    There are benefits to stretching, but no one is sure what they really are.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: September 30, 2010, 05:52:20 PM »
Woof Marc,  Your success is well-earned, and you've already amassed an excellent collection of appearances on TV that will live on for decades.  We're all eager to watch the new show.  I'll do my part in spreading the word by posting the schedule to other Internet fora and will host a small viewing party.  

As for the TV disclaimer,  I have the same issue at my own fight night with those that feel they may be mocked internationally for a fight gone wrong or feel an employer's wrath.  Some fighters avoid any sessions involving a TV crew. Since my group is small, I talk about the TV footage issue specifically during the mandatory interview preceding their first event.

I'll use this post to ask everyone to purchase the PPV if possible to demonstrate interest in future Dog Brother fight culture shows.  Otherwise, you'll have to watch fake men on Project Runway, learn every detail of the Kardashians's unimaginably ordinary lives and read Twitters about what Ashton Kutcher ate for breakfast.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: September 30, 2010, 12:23:05 PM »
Woof Marc.  Is that the schedule for the upcoming new PPV show?  I don't have any experience with InDemand . shows PPV providers as Comcast in my area, but has trouble showing me the schedule even for 10/02 .  What's the name of the show?  Awesome.

As for appearance on TV, Marc includes this line on the fighter registration form :  "All copyright (video etc.) belongs to DBIMA, i.e. we can use your fight etc. in our videos and otherwise."  As international television coverage may not be obvious with that disclaimer, a phrase such as "If you do not want your fight to appear on TV, just watch." should be included in both the registration form and the ritual speech.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB on PPV TV
« on: September 21, 2010, 03:48:34 PM »
We're excited.  Please keep us informed about whether this is DISH or some other network.  Advanced notice may be required to subscribe to the channels.

P.S.  Somehow I missed the original posting.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: VIDEO CLIPS OF INTEREST
« on: September 07, 2010, 03:49:18 PM »
Agreed.  The woman should be evicted for the slap, and the older man for his failed assault.  While he was likely responsible for the bad will, the young man was not shown to assault anyone.  If the young man had done to either what had been done to him, he would have been treated much more harshly.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Dog Brothers Tribe
« on: September 07, 2010, 12:04:26 PM »
C-Gyro Dog .  Crazy yet ethnic.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Dog Brothers Open Gathering Sept 19, 2010
« on: August 31, 2010, 06:41:43 PM »
Could I be forward and ask if you could eleborate on your experiences with hose fighting.  

Woof Kaju Dog,

Although I tried only one hose fight with Bart Hubbard at a past Gathering , I've been experimenting with thick black rubber hose fights at my own fighting events.  We've tried the thin 3/4" clear hose and the thick black 1 .. 1.5" in diameter, all available from Home Depot.  The fights are with WEKAF masks for sound, visibility and to allow bare-handed fighting that would be grated into mozzarella on the face mesh of a fencing mask.  Shirt-free and glove-free fights allow for maximum pain.  The thin hose is too whippy, though longer lengths provide plenty of sting.  The thicker hose fights are more fun.   Are you planning such a fight?

Also, we've tried some chain fights with lighter grade chains.  They leave excellent welt patterns, but the sharp burrs should be sanded down as they cut and tear the skin too much.  There is an image of my friend Peter with fading leg pattern the first time we tried the chains with shirts.  Take the picture immediately after the fight, not 30 minutes later.

With respect,

(My web server is finicky.  Save the above file or right mouse-click to open in a new window)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Dog Brothers Open Gathering Sept 19, 2010
« on: August 30, 2010, 07:14:22 PM »
Although there has been a welcomed swell in the number of Gathering fighters in the last five years, many were there for a single fight, and in some cases, only one or perhaps more knife fights.   Also, it is a lot harder to fight several rounds over a period of four hours than the same number over two hours.  It's just hard to be amped up for such a long time span.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Dog Brothers Open Gathering Sept 19, 2010
« on: June 18, 2010, 06:22:51 AM »
For a few years in the 2000s, I organized my friends to help Marc and Fran, then, Ron with photography and videography.  So, I had tallies of fight counts for a number of events.  The average was three, despite manly recollections of greater deeds : one knife and two stick.  1-2 guys would do one or five fights.  Some would do 1-2 knife fights, only (more prevalent at more recent, larger events).  Personally, I would judge those as exhibition matches as a knife fight in itself s not a full Gathering experience.  Three is a good number for a first-timer.  As Marc recommends, the knife fights help release the butterflies from fighting in front of a crowd.  You decide beforehand because it is so easy to sit out from lack of motivation.  Legitimate injuries take out only a few.  If you are worried about stamina, take it easy during the knife fight. 

Here are Nick's new shirts for kids :

I'm having trouble with the link if I click on it, although I can access the image if I paste the address into a web browser.

Here it is on Facebook :

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Earthquake Safety
« on: March 11, 2010, 05:03:09 PM »
Excellent post.  I  spent 17 days (January 2006) in the aftermath of the Kashmir Earthquake of October 2005 as a relief volunteer, walking through the rubble of towns (e.g. Balakot) that were leveled into permanent oblivion. It will be difficult to overcome some of the past recommendations on earthquake safety.  In walking through smaller buildings with collapsed roofs, I was pulled aside many times to be shown that the doorsills were intact.  Over and over, I was shown that the safest place to stand in an earthquake was in the doorway.  Evidently, such a position will keep one safe from a collapsing roof of a single story building and possibly the floors of a 2-3 story building.  Since most houses around the world have no more than two floors, perhaps such advice is still sound.   I did see five story government offices, hospitals, schools and hotels leveled to little more than the sum of the thickness of all floors.  In such cases, the doors were crushed as well.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: BBC: Last Woman Standing : stick fight
« on: March 02, 2010, 03:25:20 PM »
The crying and whining is indeed unfortunate and most probably a complete distortion of the experience, but nonetheless, it is just as valid as showing a hand injury.  The show is about 2/3 of the 60 minute time slot.  The 40 minutes of material were drawn from nearly seven days of footage.   How are these girls supposed to know that their few moments of emotion will dominate the rest of their efforts?   These shows are typically completely produced before the first episode is aired.   Still, these shows are overall excellent and provide the non-Bachelor/Bachelorette/BravoTV population with a taste of globe.  Do you see me rushing home to cheer my favorite American Idol?

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Conditioning
« on: March 02, 2010, 12:44:09 PM »
I prefer a more gradual method for weight acclimation.  Get yourself a newborn and one of those "Instant Domesticator" baby harnesses.  Start with a newborn of about nine pounds.  It would be better if they ramped up the weight more gradually, but they seem to grow much faster and hit 20 lbs in the first six months.  Squats and split squats will help raise the pulse.  For interval training, grab a second baby, such a two year-old, and carry both.

Seriously, sticks are dangerous, but it's not as bad as it looks.  Observe "empty handed" training on a heavy bag.  You see people slam the bag and never miss.  The same person in a ring lands only the rare good blow.  As others have recommended, learn to use a roof/cross block for closing (you are attacking) and a DeQuerdas (medium range) style hand-reinforced block for defense.  (To cover angle #1, stick tip up, weapon-bearing hand at chest level, empty hand (thumb towards body) behind stick to reinforce at 1/2 or upper 1/3.  The important point is to position stick to cross (maximal intersection) #1 angle.  That positioning is effective ableit somewhat uncomfortable without 10,000+ repetitions.  Both of those blocks have worked well for me in sparring and at Gatherings, although I'll have to admit that I needed to be hit very hard in order to learn the proper positions - something years of drills in class will not teach.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: BBC: Last Woman Standing : stick fight
« on: February 26, 2010, 05:24:20 PM »
I watched episode 3 which featured Pekiti Tirsia Kali training with Master Rommel.  There are a lot of initiation and toughening rituals, which overall, develop a tougher person.  I really enjoyed watching the courage development in their cave navigation by candle.  My only complaint with the training is that while heavily-blistered hands and feet may recover in seven days for the final fight, it will compromise the rest of the training. At least that damage took place on the first day.

There was a "Human Weapon" episode with this sort of training.  While I loved the rituals, it seemed as if much of the training was designed to weaken the visitors to ensure that they would not best the locals.

Martial Arts Topics / BBC: Last Woman Standing : stick fight
« on: February 24, 2010, 03:43:01 PM »
Girls Stick Fight - Last Woman Standing - Series 1 Episode 3 Preview - BBC Three

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Fights Well with Others - shirts in kid sizes
« on: February 22, 2010, 02:28:47 PM »
Looking forward to it.  What kid and toddler sizes should be look forward to?

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Conan Picked For ROle
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:52:29 PM »
He's very tall at 6'5".  It will take a lot of steroids to bulk up a frame that tall.  Masculine culture is on the decline when a "metro" male model is chosen for the role.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Nat Geo show : Fight Club No Limits
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:49:35 PM »
We just missed a show on Monday at 12am (PST) and one other over the weekend.

Here is the link to the TV schedule :

Although I do not have the cable service level to see this anymore, I see Video on Demand (VOD) until February 10.   Does that mean they will not eve have the show on VOD again?

Fight Club: No Limits
Available on VOD until February 10
Brad Pitt may have made it famous, but NGC shows you what life is really like in the subculture of competitive fighting. No judges, no trophies and no referees. It's not just a sport but a rite of passage, a personal challenge each man must face.

Read more:

Martial Arts Topics / Nat Geo show : Fight Club No Limits
« on: February 09, 2010, 05:01:09 PM »
We should keep a sticky to alert the tribe of upcoming TV showings of the National Geographic "Fight Club : No Limits" show.

Martial Arts Topics / Fights Well with Others - shirts in kid sizes
« on: February 07, 2010, 09:44:10 PM »
Anyone interested in infant and kid sizes of Nick's "Fights Well with Others" shirts?  If so, send Nick an email.

Perhaps he could go mainstream with this shirt if the scenes were baby martial arts:

1) push other baby down
2) pull away toy
3) pull hair of other baby
4) bite hand of other baby
5) others?

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB in the media
« on: January 16, 2010, 05:10:25 PM »
I'd really like to this documentary.  I don't see it on Netflix, and all I can find on the web are the two trailers.
Any leads for getting a hold of the movie?

Sled Dog, moving smooth in the ring !

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Spring 2010 DB Tribal Gathering
« on: December 10, 2009, 11:55:52 AM »
Sting are you going to fight at this one?

Hard to say if I'll be back for spring or fall 2010.  My daughter is three months old, and my two year-old son is a bezerker.  I'll get back to the Gathering when my family can travel to LA, and my wife is able to manage both kids on the road.
-- Gints

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA DVD: "The Bolo Game"
« on: December 09, 2009, 05:49:16 PM »
Great clip, especially the interjection of the boxing footage.  Roger Tinkoff suggests "Female-American Slap" as the modern American euphemism.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Spring 2010 DB Tribal Gathering
« on: November 24, 2009, 05:34:36 PM »
 also father's day is a day i'd also be sure to make a day with my kids(i'll take EVERY excuse to have have them with me) rather than fighting.

You're describing Family Day.  Some European cultures, such as that of my Latvian parents, did not have an individual component for either the father or mother.   

I remember asking my mother (lives in NY) "Mom, what would you like us to help you with on Mother's Day."   Surely.  When my kids ask me that question for Father's, I'd like to say that I would like them to help me go to the Gathering as that is one thing that I had to give up for a while specifically because the birth of my two children made traveling to that event difficult.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Spring 2010 DB Tribal Gathering
« on: November 23, 2009, 11:50:22 AM »
That is indeed Mother's Day, Guru.  :-(

Is Mother's Day really a problem? Though, if it weren't in hot June, Father's Day would be an appropriate choice for a masculine event such as the Gathering.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The New Kitty Genovese
« on: November 05, 2009, 02:21:02 PM »

"Many teens today have had years of exposure to violent video games and media images, Parks said, which studies show desensitizes them to violence. Richmond police said they believe some of the witnesses took cell phone pictures of the girl's ordeal – further proof of possible desensitization, Parks said.

These same arguments are raised in the anti-spanking debate.  Let's ask a few questions.  Why do children imitate some behaviors they see in the media and in their environment while rejecting others?  Did Popeye influence several generations around the world to eat much more spinach?  Why would childhood spanking escalate to adult criminal violence while persistent pleas to eat carrots and peas do not lead to healthy adult diets? Do animated children's programs with characters such as "Super Readers" actually encourage children to read?

Does exposure to violent images also help improve the identification of violent situations? Why do we live in the most peaceful decade in American history when the frequency of violent images is at an all-time high?

I'd speculate that the people of today are just as cowardly as those of yesterday. The fact that people could provide graphical proof with the technology of today on demonstrates they are more involved than the bystanders of yesterday.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: VIDEO CLIPS OF INTEREST
« on: April 19, 2009, 01:26:38 AM »
You don't think the guys, especially in the first clip, are using real strikes? Interesting.

I'll take back my statement which I made after skipping through the videos in haste at the office.  After watching them in their entirety, they look pretty good.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: VIDEO CLIPS OF INTEREST
« on: April 17, 2009, 06:25:26 PM »
Since we don't see any real blade fighting in life or on video, realism is only left to the imagination.  While it's critical to respect the blade, the same situation requires real strikes, which neither of these players are doing, either.

Congratulations to Nick, Kalani and Erik.  What a great show.  The human endurance contests always deserve a lot of man points.  Kalani's belly strike slow motion video is destined to be an Internet reference classic.

Looking forward to this show. 

Hey guys,

I received a KIL email announcement that Nick "Pappy Dog" and Kalani "Poi Dog" are on a show called "Time Warp."  Nick's episode is apparently on Wed April 15 on the Discovery channel. 

I watched the first episodes this week and saw the preview of a stick striking a belly in super slow motion.  The crux of the show is a 1000 frames/second (could be more, please correct) camera that slows down events by a factor of about 10 (according to cameramen on show.  The numbers don't match up, so I think they made adjust the frame rate according to the duration of the event. 1000 fps /30 fps = 33x and 1000/60 fps = 16x)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Rest in Peace
« on: April 06, 2009, 05:35:17 PM »
I'm saddened to read about the passing of legendary Sijo Adriano Emperado.  Your Art lives on in thousands around the world, as well as little ol' me, who will pass it to his sons.

With respect and gratitude,

Gints Klimanis
Allmighty and eternal God, protector of all who put their trust in thee,
accept the humble homage of our faith and love in Thee, our one true God.
Bless our efforts to preserve the integrity of our United States, a nation
founded on Christian principles.
Enlighten our rules, guide our lawmakers, protect the sanctity of our homes,
and bless our efforts in these exercises, whose sole purpose in developing our
bodies is to keep others mindful of thy commandments.
Give us perseverance in our actions so that we may use this as a means to keep
closer to you, our one true God.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Red Belt
« on: February 27, 2009, 11:54:39 AM »
Little Bolveys is doing well at 1.5 yrs.  Retirement? Have I been out of Gathering action that long?  Please, say it's not true .  Son#2 is due in August.  It will be tough to get to Gatherings this year.  I miss all of you.

Here is little Bol in a video.  He is fond of rattan sticks:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Red Belt
« on: February 26, 2009, 01:36:41 PM »
I enjoyed the flick as well, though I've listened to enough BJJ people ditching the movie due to ... whatever.  Overall, the fights were artistic and intense.  Another belt movie that I enjoyed is "Black Belt" about Japanese karate.  It is in Japanese with English subtitles.  The unarmed vs. katana fights were shockingly surprising. 

As for the Mamet interview, I can't believe he didn't see fight club.  Even if he didn't, the others in the movie did.  Why avoid seeing a masculine cult classic?  In any case, I'm glad to read that Mamet spent time training in martial arts so that he could write as an insider.   

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Ripley's believe it or not.
« on: January 30, 2009, 05:19:18 PM »
While I can't verify whether these demonstrations are indeed fake, I have a few observations.  Demonstrator #1 (young fellow with jar head) tenses his neck before the blow.  The severity of the punch is not known.  You can take a bad punch in the throat and hurt later.  This Also, it is possible that this fellow has natural attributes (height, recessed larynx, strong front neck muscles) that allow him to take such demonstrations.   It is rarer that he can take shots to the throat and groin.  Too many people think that martial arts is 100% development rather than a selection of the able. 

The punch to the belly/solar plexus is unimpressive to a trained martial artist. 

Taken ata face value, the groin shots are remarkable.  I'd like to know more about the groin shots. There are many sleight-of-hand tricks performed by the obvious performer and the less-obvious trained member of the audience. 

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