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Martial Arts Topics / very inspirational.
« on: March 29, 2008, 06:07:48 PM »
that was amazing.  i have been kicking around the idea of getting the YRG videos, that is a clincher.  i have tendonitis in both elbows, a torn posterior tibial tendon in the left foot, a bad back, right knee acl reconstruction, right shoulder rotator cuff reconstruction, and a seperated left shoulder.  this looks like something that could bring gains without aggrevating all the injuries. 
tom, any thought on which videos to pick up?

Martial Arts Topics / to iron tiger
« on: March 27, 2008, 11:00:50 PM »
please respond either by reply or email.
let me know about your status for training at the park in Waipio.  i am all for going, but due to a ripped tendon in my foot, i won't be as mobile as i'd like.  let me know what's up.
looking forward to meeting you.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Vehicle issues
« on: March 11, 2008, 11:20:12 PM »
Ok, i'm starting to dig the discussion.
My father was a cop so i had a head start on the situational awareness thing.  The suggestion about grabbing the guys arm is really good.  It is something I mentally picture doing.  Visualization can be an effective training tool.  So can a partner, but i don't think dogzilla will let me bounce his head off my car roof to practice.  heh, heh,  :-D nice visual.
It also got me thinking about what type of weapon to carry in a car.  tire iron is good, but inaccessable, and i thnk LE will wonder why you have a tire iron between the seats in the front.  i thought of a knife, but that discussion has been done to death (legallity, what to carry, where to hide it so it is deployable, where to stick the guy, if to stick or stab, etc).  I know a guy who had a sawed off pool cue, but that could be a prob with LE. 
The best i've head to date was my buddy, Jimmy "the Saint".  Long dstory about the name.  anyway, he was an escrimador and thai boxer (gruhn, you might remeber him from the skeller) he actually taught me a bunch.  anyway, he used to carry a slightly undersized aluminum bat it the car.  one night on the way home from bartending at the VIP (if you went to PSU, you'll know it.  surrouonded on three sides by trailer parks).  jimmy noticed a car with three guys following him.  at the lstop ligth they started to exit their vehicle and jimmy did the same wiht his bat.  He told them, you might kick my ass or worse, but i promise i'll take at least of of you with me.  it worked, they left.

wow that was a ramble.  Can you tell i've given this topic thought over the years.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Vehicle issues
« on: March 11, 2008, 12:24:29 PM »
It seems everyone did something wrong in this situation.  the kid shouldn't have gone ballistic.  The wife should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have gotten out of the car.  And nobody should be beating on women, let alone power slamming them to the ground. 
it was a tragic situation all around and a poor showing for the aloha state.
I don't want to do the 20/20 hindsight stuff.  the fisrt thing someone is taught about self defense is not a punch or a kick, it is situational awareness.  whaat can i do to stay out of trouble, and i'm not talking about locking yourself in a bubble.  the male vic should not have tried to squeeze into the spot.  I've been to that shopping center.  the spots are tiny, even for a sub-compact car.  hawaii parking lots have dinky little spots, but everyone drives big ass trucks and suv's.  he was driving a durango and the bullies had a truck.  he could have looked for another spot.  if push comes to shove there is a parking lot across the street or additional parking in the back and he could just walk with his family.  if he really wantd the spot, and the family was sitting in the back of the truck, he could have asked them to guide him in.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Vehicle issues
« on: March 11, 2008, 03:07:23 AM »
the final disposition had the father coping a plea.  he got 5 years with parole in two.  the son got one year in DH.  A f***ing travesty.

Beating follows parking lot accident
By Leila Fujimori
What began as a minor traffic accident at the Waikele Center parking lot ended in the brutal beating of a young couple by two men and a woman, police said.

Two witnesses told the Star-Bulletin that a large crowd of shoppers watched in horror Monday afternoon as a petite 23-year-old woman was punched in the face by a man and knocked unconscious, and her 26-year-old husband was stomped and kicked in the head. Meanwhile, their son, about 3, sat in the back seat.

Authorities have charged 45-year-old Gerald D. Paakaula of Waianae with second-degree assault. Bail was set at $20,000. His teenage son was also arrested for second-degree assault and referred to Family Court. The woman, Paakaula's wife, was not arrested.

The alleged attack began after the couple's gray Dodge Durango hit the Paakaulas' green Chevrolet while trying to pull into a parking stall, according to a police affidavit. Neither car was damaged, the witnesses said.

The teenage boy in the Chevy got out, angry his vehicle was struck and allegedly began yelling profanities, calling the other driver "f----g haole" and kicking the driver-side door, according to the affidavit.

A 43-year-old female witness, who asked not to be identified, told the Star-Bulletin that the teen began punching the man, who was still sitting in the driver's seat.

The affidavit said the 23-year-old woman got out of the Durango and tried to push the teen away from the vehicle and her husband. At that point the teen's mother jumped in and started fighting with the woman, police said.

The witness said the teen's mother got on top of the woman and began punching her.

Paakaula then came out of the Baskin-Robbins holding ice cream cones, and his wife told him that the other woman hit her, the witness said.

Paakaula allegedly "punched the woman in the face, picked her off her feet and slammed her onto the asphalt," apparently knocking her out momentarily, according to the affidavit.

Another witness, a 65-year-old woman who also asked for anonymity because of fears of retribution, said the woman flew back 10 feet, landing under her car.

The driver of the Durango had gotten out of the car, was allegedly punched in the throat by Paakaula and fell to the ground gasping for air, police said. The teen then allegedly kicked him in the head and face, causing him to convulse, police said.

The teen's mother finally told him to stop after "she sees blood pouring out of this guy's mouth," the 43-year-old witness told the Star-Bulletin. The man's legs pointed straight out and quivered for 15 to 20 minutes, while a nurse in the crowd called 911 and said "he's seizing," she said.

The couple were taken to the Queen's Medical Center in serious condition.

The affidavit said both received concussions. The man's eye socket and upper jaw were fractured, and his wife sustained a fractured jaw, nose and wrist.

The older witness told the Star-Bulletin that she was disturbed by the use of racial slurs.

"It's really sad to see," she said. "You would think that we as Hawaiians would have outgrown that."

Martial Arts Topics / Re: A Father's Question
« on: September 13, 2007, 09:37:06 AM »
I remember a little ways back, I was watching Inside the Actors Studio and Johnny Depp was on.  He was telling a story about when he was in school and a bully was picking on him.  He said he grabbed the nearest thing he could (I don't remember if he said itwas a book or a rock) and ko'd the bully.  He was never bothered again.

I think that decision for a kid to fight or not is a decision that would affect them for their whole lives.  It can teach them confidence and that it is ok to stand up for yourself.  Seeing what kids are like, my daughter is going to learn martial arts (be it boxing FMA or whatever) and learn that sometimes you need to stand up and fight.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: A Father's Question
« on: September 12, 2007, 03:10:23 PM »
I was a school teacher for seven years here in Hawaii.  They try to have the zero tolerance about bullying, but the system is easily manipulated.  I can only speak for what I have witnessed at one middle school.  Principals are overworked and don't spend much time on bullying.  It is tough to prove. 
As far as fighting, they generally suspend everybody, but if a parent chooses to appeal the suspension, the kid is allowed back into school until the case is decided.  This goes for any suspension here.  A kid can bring a knife to school (which has happened, often) and they will be suspended, but if they appeal, they are right back in school.  I feel safer already.
One course of action is to have the aggressor kid arrested.  If your kid gets hassled, instruct them to say out loud so others can hear, "I don't want to fight you."  Then If the other kid persists, your kid can whoop ass, call the cops, say your kid was the victim and claim self defense.
The best way to deal with principals who don't do what you want is (and God is going to strike me down for saying this) is to mention either one of two words...
"lawsuit" or "Lawyer"  Principals usually wet their pants at those words.
However, the best thing I've found to work is to be involved, and communicate with the school admin and teachers.  Teachers will usually take the time to talk to you, admin may not.  Mention the kids who are bullying and see if anything gets done.  You get more flys with honey than with piss.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Open Letter from Crafty Dog
« on: September 12, 2007, 03:07:12 PM »
I was a school teacher for seven years here in Hawaii.  They try to have the zero tolerance about bullying, but the system is easily manipulated.  I can only speak for what I have witnessed at one middle school.  Principals are overworked and don't spend much time on bullying.  It is tough to prove. 
As far as fighting, they generally suspend everybody, but if a parent chooses to appeal the suspension, the kid is allowed back into school until the case is decided.  This goes for any suspension here.  A kid can bring a knife to school (which has happened, often) and they will be suspended, but if they appeal, they are right back in school.  I feel safer already.
One course of action is to have the aggressor kid arrested.  If your kid gets hassled, instruct them to say out loud so others can hear, "I don't want to fight you."  Then If the other kid persists, your kid can whoop ass, call the cops, say your kid was the victim and claim self defense.
The best way to deal with principals who don't do what you want is (and God is going to strike me down for saying this) is to mention either one of two words...
"lawsuit" or "Lawyer"  Principals usually wet their pants at those words.
However, the best thing I've found to work is to be involved, and communicate with the school admin and teachers.  Teachers will usually take the time to talk to you, admin may not.  Mention the kids who are bullying and see if anything gets done.  You get more flys with honey than with piss.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 300
« on: March 15, 2007, 07:59:49 PM »
Love seeing the kettlebell in there!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Dog Brothers Tribe
« on: March 15, 2007, 07:56:52 PM »
This truly is an honor I can only hope to live up to.  I will do my best to get to a gathering to earn my name.  I look forward to the opportunity to learn from so many outstanding persons and martial artists.
Hey Ryan, I wish I could come back to train with you guys.  I miss the old gym.  I cruise the Titan website periodically.  I think about it often and all the memories bring a smile to my face.  Probably has some ghosts, but they are all in our corners. It was great to see your dad.  I hope I look that good!
I start a new job on Monday and there is much travel involved.  I hope to get a trip that swings through LA (and Happy Valley).
Howls of thanks to all!

Martial Arts Topics / Proper way to condition shins
« on: March 31, 2006, 10:33:12 AM »
I have heard lots of advice on this topic and I'll just repeat what I've heard.  
1) Never strike your shins with anything.  It cause bone bruises that don't heal.
2) It is ok to roll a stick (rattan) up and down your shins.  It will bring results (slowly) but it will help as an add on exercise.  Usually start with about 100 rolls, and work your way up with reps and intensity of pressure on the shin.   Make sure to point your shins to fully expose the shin bone and roll it on the point of your shin not the flat sides.
3) The only tried and true thing that works is kicking a solid heavy bag and thai pad training.  This takes a long time, but it gives results.
4) Don't rush it.  You will get injured.  Like anything else, it takes time, hard work, a decent pain threshhold and determination.
Good Luck

Martial Arts Topics / looking for people to train with in Honolulu
« on: March 08, 2006, 12:05:14 PM »
Hey Irish,
We usually meet as a group every Saturday at Central OAhu Regional Park in Waipio.  We have not been able to train lately for a bunch of schedule conflicts (one guys has an MMA fight coming up, training at work and family commitments.  Yeah I know, excuses suck).
However we are going to get back full force in April for sure.  We are definately meeting downtown on April Fool's Day for some sparring.  Trying to get the entire group together.  You are free to attend.  Don't know where in Honolulu yet, but keep in touch and I'll let you know for sure.  You can e-mail me at:
We'd love to have ya.  The more the merrier.

Martial Arts Topics / Condtioning for the stick
« on: March 07, 2006, 09:45:05 AM »
Thanks tom
I like the swings with the 72lb also.  I currently am trying to get in shape for FLETC, and am cranking out the DOE manMaker witht a 24kg.  I'm up to 190 snatches and 250 squats and am bumping up today.  I ripped the skin off my fingers and the 2 hand swing with the 32kg was an excellant replacement for the one handed snatches.  I also started doing 1 arm rows and standing holds with the kbells.
The kbells have helped my stick work immensely.  Grip is strong, wind is getting better, leg strikes (kangaroo leg shot) is real quick.  I just need to take care of my shoulders, elbows and knees for the academy.
thanks for the help

Martial Arts Topics / Condtioning for the stick
« on: March 06, 2006, 04:43:14 PM »
Say Tom,
ABout the TGU's.  How should I do them.  Just one on each side and keep switching for time or equal amounts on each side with the 24 kg kbell or go for heavier with the 32kg,  I can do the 24 pretty easily and have done it before for a 10 minute stretch switching side with each rep.  It felt pretty good.
I will take your advice with the clubbells.  I am a teacher and short on cash so I may have to settle for the sand filled whiffle bat.

Martial Arts Topics / Condtioning for the stick
« on: March 02, 2006, 04:31:42 PM »
start slow.  If you try to swing for the fences right off, you will develop aches and pains that take a long time to go away (shoulders and definately elbows).  Start slow with a regular stick, one you like that isn't too heavy.  Work your way up to the loaded for bear swings.  Trust me on this.  I have dodgy shoulders (rotator cuff issues) and elbows (tendonitis).

Martial Arts Topics / Hawaiian Clan Stick Fights.
« on: February 02, 2006, 01:20:28 AM »
We usually meet on Saturdays at Central Oahu Regional Park.  Once a month we trek down to Paki Park to get the entire group together.  We are thinking hard about moving the Paki meeting place to Tantalus.  Apparenlty Round Table or Top park in real nice.  Still need to scout the location first.
Anyway, let us know your availability and we'll try to set you up either with the town guys or if you want tohead out to Waipio for the Saturday grouop.
let me know

Martial Arts Topics / gruhns dad wanted to say hi
« on: December 17, 2005, 09:32:58 PM »
Almost forgot,
I got clean sheets and a fan!  Yeah Harry!

Martial Arts Topics / gruhns dad wanted to say hi
« on: December 17, 2005, 09:32:14 PM »
my email is
My home phone is : 808-627-0193.
I would love to see you here.  I'm all respectable now.  Been a school teacher for almost 7 years here. I could scout out some place for you to stay and I'll ask my wife if you guys can stay here!  Save you some dough.  Yeah!!!!
I talked to Goose awhile ago and he said your wedding was great.  He's getting married ya know.  Never thought I'd see the day.
great to hear from you man.
9-0 (tommy)

Martial Arts Topics / gruhns dad wanted to say hi
« on: December 15, 2005, 05:06:25 PM »
I was telling Paul I saw the vid clips and they are awesome!  Makes me wish I were there (snow or not!).  I would consider it an honor to learn from all you guys there.  I know Sifu is smiling down on you.

Martial Arts Topics / Holy cow!
« on: December 14, 2005, 11:54:07 PM »
Hey Gruhn,
It's f'in 9-0.  Aloha from Hawaii.  I been trying to say hi to you for like a year now!  How is everything?

Martial Arts Topics / KK
« on: September 09, 2005, 03:10:01 PM »
Dogzilla knows a bit of the Krabi Krabong.  He has started showing me the first four striking and blocking series.
I have a background in Muay thai and like the way they (FMA and KK) compliment each other.  This leads to Crafty's Los Triques.

Martial Arts Topics / Invictus
« on: September 09, 2005, 10:19:48 AM »
Taking responsibility for one?s destiny.

by William Ernest Henley; 1849-1903

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul. --

Wow!  Those are words to live by!  I'm printing that up and putting that on my workout wall.

Martial Arts Topics / Kapolei Training Group
« on: September 09, 2005, 01:15:11 AM »
DOgzilla has a group that we train on Saturday's at Oahu Regional Park.
You can get in touch with him (his number is under the instructors page Mike Dogzilla Tibbits) or me.  Just post here and I'll get it or call me at home (627-0193).  I am home all day long (I'm staying home with my 4 month old daughter).
The group is a totally cool group.  We all have families.  I also am by no means experienced, but with Mike's help Iam remedying that.  I have been writing down everything he and I practice if a time arises that he can't make it on a Saturday or he can go if I can't make it.

Martial Arts Topics / initial evaluation today
« on: June 16, 2005, 12:22:29 AM »
totally stoked.  the doc recomended the PRK and I am going for it.  She said I am a great candidate (apparently I have pretty thick corneas).  I plan on having surgery in august.
thanks guys

I have the opportunity to get lasik or wave surgery.  I like to spar and plan on continuing stickfighting.
Has anyone had the surgery?  What did you think?  Does it interfere with sparring/fighting?  Are there any limitations to sparring/fighting?  Anyone?

Martial Arts Topics / Kali tudo article
« on: June 01, 2005, 11:08:27 AM »
This article is outstanding.  Kali empty hand has always fascinated me.  It is simple and yet very destructive.  The part in the article about the Filipino Insurrection rekindled a bug I've had for awhile.  As a history minor and school teacher it is hard to find textbooks or other literature that even addresses this topic, even here in Hawaii where there is a large Filipino population.  I guess nobody wants to talk/write about Filipinos fighting Americans.  Can anyone suggest any websites or reading I can do on combat in the Filipino Insurection?
I have already asked for the set from my wife for my first fathers day.
I look forward to practicing the techniques thoroughly.
thanks again Crafty.

Honolulu Advertiser 5/17/2005
This was really depressing to read.  A man comes to the aid of others and gets killed for it.  He apparently had a teenage daughter who went to a prominent local private school.  Well liked man.  Tragic.  :cry:

Waikiki harbor brawl leaves 2 dead, 2 injured

By David Waite
Advertiser Staff Writer

A simple request to turn down a blaring car stereo deteriorated into a melee in which two men died and two people were injured at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor parking lot early yesterday morning, witnesses said.

One man was critically wounded and a woman was left in serious condition with stab wounds to her arms and chest.

Police arrested three men and a boy for questioning in a homicide investigation stemming from the 2 a.m. brawl behind the Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon in Waikiki. Possibly five others are being sought as well. The men are 18, 20 and 22, police said. Police released the 18- and 22-year-old and the juvenile pending further investigation.

Kirk Hodges
Friends identified one of the dead men as Kirk Hodges, 50, a former professional surfer from Kailua. He had been stabbed multiple times, friends said. Police said the other dead man apparently drowned after diving into the boat harbor while fleeing from friends of one of the stabbing victims.

Police homicide Lt. Bill Kato said the confrontation involved seven to 10 males who arrived at the parking lot in three cars and a group of "surfers who sleep in their vans."

The late-arriving group was initially cooperative after a request to turn down their music, but quickly grew belligerent, witnesses said. Just as quickly, the cry "Look out, he's got a knife" gave way to violence.

Aliot Moepono, right, uses the back of a friend, Gordon Mann, left, to describe where their friend, Kirk Hodges, suffered fatal knife wounds during an altercation in a parking lot at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. A number of surfers sleep overnight in the parking lot in their vans.
Richard Ambo ? The Honolulu Advertiser
Hodges' girlfriend of the past 2 1/2 years, who asked that she be identified only as Val because she fears retaliation, said she was sleeping in an older Chevrolet van with Hodges when she was awakened by a woman calling for help.

"All these guys, maybe eight or nine of them, pulled up in two cars and a truck, and were playing loud music when (the woman) asked them to turn it down because people in the vans were trying to sleep," Val said.

Members of the group of young men said they had come to the public parking lot to "hang out and drink" but complied with the request to turn the music down, Val said.

"Then (the woman) noticed one of the cars was parked all kapakahi (askew) and she told them they should straighten it out so they wouldn't attract a lot attention from the cops and get a ticket or get arrested."

Then they started yelling obscenities at the woman and told her to mind her own business, Val said.

Meanwhile, the commotion had drawn the attention of another parking lot regular, a man. He was walking toward the woman when the two were encircled by the group of young men, most of whom appeared to be in their early 20s, Val said.

"By now, Kirk was awake, and he got out of our van and was walking to the group of guys mostly to be another presence with (the man and the woman)," she said.

"I heard somebody yell, 'Look out, he's got a knife,' and I went back behind my van and was dialing 911 on my cell phone when Kirk came over and said, 'I've been stabbed.' "

Val said she handed her cell phone to someone else and began to apply direct pressure to the multiple wounds in Hodges' back.

"The blood was just gushing out; he coughed several times and it just sprayed out of him," she said.

Slain surfer Kirk Hodges told friends he slept in a van in the parking lot because he wanted to be close to the sound of the waves.
Photo courtesy
She said Hodges slumped down next to the wheel of the van and waited for a city ambulance to arrive. Paramedics stopped first to check on the other two stabbing victims about 30 feet away as she frantically motioned them to continue on to where Hodges sat.

"They were using a squeeze bag to help him breathe, and they put a tube down his throat but then they took it back out again," she said. "They wouldn't let me go in the ambulance with him."

Val said she made her own way to The Queen's Medical Center, where she learned Hodges had been declared dead on arrival.

One man was listed in critical condition upon his arrival, police said. The woman was reported to be in serious but stable condition after surgery for her stab wounds, shaken friends and a brother said yesterday morning at the boat harbor.

Gordon Mann, 53, said as many as seven vans park overnight in the lot.

"The police don't hassle us because they know we respect them and they respect us ? they know we take care of the place and don't make trouble," Mann said.

He said he recognized the man who stabbed Hodges as the brother of a man with whom Mann had gotten into a fistfight about a year ago.

Aliot Moepono, 41, sat in the shade of a palm tree at an aluminum picnic table set up on the ribbon of sand between the parking lot and the lagoon, mourning the loss of a friend of more than 20 years.

"I brought this table from home," Moepono said, pushing away tears from behind his wrap-around sunglasses. "Kirk was eating dinner with us last night, potluck. We were all talking story and later on, he move his van across to the other side of the parking lot.

"He said he wanted to be closer to the sound of the waves ? that he wanted to go to sleep listening to the waves and wanted the waves to be the first thing he heard when he woke up."

Moepono said that he, too, was awakened by the shouting coming from the other side of the parking lot.

"I got out and Kirk was already on the ground next to his van," Moepono said.

He said members of the group of young men, including the two suspected stabbers, began to scatter as police arrived.

He said he and another man chased five or six of the men from the other group toward the Ilikai Hotel and that the man who witnesses believe stabbed Hodges dived into the harbor to try to escape. He was later found floating in the harbor and was taken to Straub Clinic and Hospital, where he died, police said.

Police recovered a folding knife with a four-inch handle and equally long blade near the point where the apparent drowning victim dived into the water, said Kato, the homicide lieutenant.

Moepono could only lament the loss of his friend Hodges.

"If anything, he should have died in the water catching a wave," Moepono said, his voice trailing off.

Martial Arts Topics / very interesting.
« on: March 06, 2005, 06:14:27 PM »
Apparently, I'm a Saint Bernard.  Cool.  I can get into that.

Martial Arts Topics / training weak side
« on: December 14, 2004, 12:34:34 PM »
I broke my hand in August.  I was forced to use my left and train with it.
I gotta say, I am happy with the results.  For my first fights, I went all lefty and was happy.  Obviously, I would rather go righty, as that is my dominant side, but I really love the idea of being ambidextrous (sp?).
Sometimes an injury is a blessing in disquise.
When I lift kettlebells, all the top guys say to use your weak hand first, then the dominant one.  

Martial Arts Topics / bumped into a guy
« on: December 09, 2004, 06:47:58 PM »
I bumped into a guy at the post office in Mililani.  He saw my Tshirt and asked me about the group.  I told him to check the website for your number and told him about Paki Park.  Sorry I didn't have your number on me.  Trying to spread the good word.  Heard about a kid and his dad in Mililani also, One of my wife's students.  Trying to get them to go  
Just wanted to say how much I like the group.  Outstanding vibe, great guys and a real good workout.  
Sorry I can't fight on the 18th, I'll be in Idlewilde, CA.  It is only a few miles from Hemet and I hear Surfdog has a place there.  If I can get a ride off the mountain, I will try to pop in.
See you tomorrrow at 8:30am.

Martial Arts Topics / thanks
« on: November 22, 2004, 08:19:12 PM »
gotcha Sir,
I'll try to try on a pair before I buy.
thanks a bunch and my hands thank you too.

Martial Arts Topics / hockey gloves
« on: November 22, 2004, 03:49:22 PM »
The gloves were good, but i wanted something with a little more protection.  I looked online at CAS (Combative Alliance of Stickfighters, I think) and there was mention of lacrosse gloves.  I thought I would ask about them.

Martial Arts Topics / gloves
« on: November 21, 2004, 11:01:59 PM »
it was just the one where i hit the dudes knee.

Martial Arts Topics / good gloves
« on: November 21, 2004, 05:27:18 PM »
I am looking for a good pair of gloves.  I have tried the myolc gloves and a pair of street hocky gloves.  They are okay.
I was looking at lacrosse gloves.  I am a teacher and my wife is pregnant and can't keep breaking my hands (Broke one in August and have a nice bruise on the other one)
I looked online at STX Fusion lacrosse gloves.  They look to have good protection with supposedly complete wrist mobility.
In addition I know I need to work on my techniques (blocks/combinations and more fighting), has anybody had any experience and thoughts on the matter.

Martial Arts Topics / had a blast!!!
« on: November 21, 2004, 03:23:53 PM »
I had a great time.  We did a small round robin and I got in three 2:00 fights.
I fought with a left lead lefted handed for the whole thing.  Coupla nice bruises on my arms and my left hand is swollen (not broken).  It was a great experience.  I plan on getting a pair of lacrosse gloves for Christmas.  I was doing a bit of research and the wrist mobility is apparently very good with good hand protection
Loved it and look forward to the next time I can do this.  I am thrilled with the Hawaii group (Kapolei Tribe) and welcome anyone who comes to Oahu for vacation to look us up.  
Dogzilla is an outstanding leader and a top notch teacher/practitioner.  I haven't had this kind of instruction since I was at Penn State.

Martial Arts Topics / thanks a bunch
« on: November 17, 2004, 11:02:47 PM »
Guro Crafty,
Outstanding advice.  Brought a big ol smile to my face.  Thank you very much.

thanks, I'll watch the right, try to keep it outa the way.

Martial Arts Topics / first time
« on: November 16, 2004, 06:48:03 PM »
Me and another guy were sparring and we were using foam bats.  We were hitting harder than we should have been.  He came down with a right side caveman slash.  I blocked with a roof and tried a drive by.  Tried to hit his left leg.  I bounced my right hand off his friggin rock of a knee.  Honest accident.

Martial Arts Topics / first time fighting
« on: November 16, 2004, 12:07:13 AM »
This Saturday is my first time fighting ever.  We are using 3/4" inch sticks.
I am here in Hawaii with Dogzilla and I know I'm in good hands, but am still nervous nonetheless.  Mostly because I am just coming off a broken hand and do not wish to repeat that.  I broke it on Aug 5th, but my doctor gave me a green light (he also told me I was crazy/stupid).  I had broken the 4th metacarpal near the wrist.
Any suggestions from anybody?  I want to use thicker gloves to protect the hands that much for sure.

Martial Arts Topics / mechanic gloves
« on: September 26, 2004, 11:41:59 PM »
Dogzilla got a pair of mechanic gloves and said he would use them when we all fight in December.  They ar real thin with good grips.  Looks like  batting glove to me.  I'll ask him how he likes them and relay the message.
This will probably be my first fight and my hand is still broken so I'm gonna use something relatively protective for my first time.
I found a pair of sport work gloves at Home Depot.  They are all leather, but i just use them when I get real bad blisters.

Martial Arts Topics / broken hand
« on: September 20, 2004, 03:17:14 PM »
I broke the 4th metatarsel (sp?) close to the wrist, right at the nub.  The doc said it is doing great, but it is just not healed yet.  He checked it at 5 weeks from the injury and i have another appointment next which will make 7weeks from injury.
For rehab I bought a squeezy ball and have a produce rubberband.  I can't use my kettlebells yet, at least not the heavy one till I get more range of motion.

Martial Arts Topics / Real contact stickfighting, injuries and recovery
« on: September 20, 2004, 01:12:27 PM »
How long before you were 100%.  My cast came off early (don't know how it came off doc, it just slid off :roll: ), and it is still broken.  I wear a brace on it so it is still imobile.
Say are you Steve Gruhn's son.  I sent you an Email.

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