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« on: June 11, 2005, 05:41:22 AM »
I am currently a Gracie BJJ purple belt and a beginning kali student. I emailed the Dog Brothers about the use of Kali in MMA. They refered me to this article. I think it is a great article and I look foward to seeing Kali stand up against Muay Thai and boxing in the cage. Most people doubt that Kali or any other striking art that is not MT or boxing will be able to hold their own. As far as the eye gouging, groin ripping stuff that you guys are talking about goes, well a good martal artist can control his techniques and should be able to distinguish between street skills and sport skills. I doubt that you can't defend yourself without using those few techniques. In BJJ we have techniques that are not used in competition but are very street effective. I hope to see more of the Kali Tudo being performed in the cage and the ring. I will also try to intergrate Kali into my game.

Keep training,

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