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Barefeet is fine. Just a reminder though....there is no "off limits" target (well, other then the back of the head intentionaly). I've broken a foot(through the shoe) with a foam stick before. The bare feet..or any feet a target. I suggest that you training, fight, run and do other activities while wearing your mask in order to get used to the vision, view or lack thereof. Also, since this is your FIRST fight, and you are Kara-ho, it would be in your best interest to attend Crafty's DBMA stick camp on the 12-14 of Aug so you have an understanding of how the stick is used in the hands of a Dog Brother or Kali person rather then the world of Kempo.

Oops almost forgot.

Gear-  I have read and seen where folks are using a fencing mask and hockey gloves is that correct?  Are there any particular types of masks and gloves you folks would recommend, my fencing knowledge is a little

I am curiosu about the stick types used also but I will research that before asking a stupid question in here...

Thanks again
I take it that you are not a FMA practioner. "Dianhshe" reminds me of a Kara-Ho person. At any rate, the Hockey gloves are not actually hockey gloves aas they are too padded and some have a plastic thumb cover (no, no) You can buy all your gear, Mask, Gloves and Stick through  This is Pappy Dog's company (Kombat Instruments Limited). You will also need a mouth piece. Since we are having it at last years venue. You will need a pair of wrestling shoes that have NOT been on the street.

This will be my first Gathering so I have NO IDEA what I am getting myself into except watching clips on youtube.

It looks like most fights are scheduled at the event on the spot as opposed to in here?

Tips from the experienced folks are appreciated.

Some who have fought in the past will often fill up their "dance cards' with fights already arranged whether for a rematch or out of curiousity. If you are "new", you will need to walk up to someone and ask for a fight. Don't sit there and wait.

Make sure that you have a Cup, knee pads and elbow pads (non plastic) and a fencing mask. Be prepared to get hit. Try to get 4 fights in, make the first one a knife fight (it will help work out the nerves)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: August 02, 2011, 06:51:48 PM »
That's a cool assessment C-Gong Fu Dog. But what about me.. an Aged, Short, "Gimpy", half strong, half coordinated fighter? I fear that I am resorted to a Beach Towel as a fight weapon.  :lol:

C-Mighty Dog, besides the fact that such an experience Fighter like you would already be a General, I think that Double Sabers or Double Swords would fit you well. Or maybe a Chinese Walking Cane  :wink: BTW, I got a really nice one of would love it  :-)
you flatter me brother! Chinese walking cane...tell me more, where can I see one, and possibly get one?

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: August 01, 2011, 07:32:21 PM »
That's a cool assessment C-Gong Fu Dog. But what about me.. an Aged, Short, "Gimpy", half strong, half coordinated fighter? I fear that I am resorted to a Beach Towel as a fight weapon.  :lol:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 29, 2011, 07:52:11 AM »
Through my life, I have studied many systems of combat in depth and long periods of time. Sometimes while teaching one system, I am training/learning another style. I am not a "collector" of rank, but rather a person seeking to close as many "holes" as I can. One or twice, I've had conflict with what was "learned" in one style, and what is being "taught" in another. There was a profound impact in the early 90's when I was a high ranking Kempo teacher, and started my journey into FMA. Kempo stick and knife defense (Gun, don't even get me started on the gun defense) was impractical. I knew this NOW, since training in FMA. I truly believe that in order to understand defense from something, you have to understand it's potential. When you don't know better, you can't question. Kempo people don't "specialize" in stick nor knife use. This brought on an Internal conflict. How can I teach something that I didn't believe in and knew better? This argument went all the way to the top. Needless to say, I left the organization never to return.

So, Thomas C-Gong Fu Dog and I have been talking about his use of the 3SS in the Gatherings. God help us all if he ever learns to use that thing like an FMA person does.  Let me way do I mean that C-Gong Fu Dog become a Kali guy,...he is after all C-"Gong Fu" dog for a reason. I mean that once he figures out how to use his weapon in the Medio and Corto range (close-combat range)...we're in trouble. Thomas had stated that he has never used it in combat before, only for forms. I told Thomas to get a padded 3SS and start sparring with it on a weekly if not daily basis.

I know that all weapons come from Warfare, and has a purpose...way before it was made into an "art".
So my question is: When does one determine how effective any weapon is? Most of us will "give it a go" with odd weapons or 2 at the Gathering, only to state that "it doesn't work well". Most of us do "Stick Work" everyday and spar with it on a weekly basis.
What if we Had no choice (like training with your weak hand), and HAD to master another weapon?...Nunchuku , 3SS, Sarong..whatever. At which point, you then have to also break down...Is it the weapon or user? Since none of us swing the Stick the same way either, one person might be "better" suited for a particular type of weapon over someone else.
I look forward to your take on this  :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 25, 2011, 11:44:25 AM »
Woof the Desert Dog and the others that have acsended into and up the Pack!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Guro Dan Inosanto
« on: July 24, 2011, 06:54:00 PM »
You know, some of us here have heard of Guro Inosanto before, and even taken some classes with him.

Woof Sled Dog!!!!  :lol:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 22, 2011, 08:23:37 AM »
C-Gong Fu my brother,   LMAO!!!!!! That's awesome! I can't believe that you would do that just for me! You know that secret fetish I have for Guys in tights shorts! :)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 21, 2011, 06:40:58 PM »
What?...Dog Terry is fighting with horse whips? Is a Stripper Pole needed for this fight? If he wears a Tassel bra I'm game for a dance :)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 21, 2011, 06:45:09 AM »
I'm planning to use a Chinese nine section whip at the next Gathering. I promised Crossover Dog to bring a different weapon... :-)

Well.. I hope you take that dagger off the end! :)     I look forward to seeing it in action

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 20, 2011, 03:22:45 PM »
I know of a Whip professional (who gets paid to do shows)that is also a Pekiti Tirsia Instructor under Sled Dog (Andre Tremblay). He has taught GT Leo Gaje Jr. the whip also. He states that the whip is only good for show, as it is too slow and easy to counter. I spent the week with him learning it, and picked it up pretty easy, and would have to agree. Unless you have a braided metal handle to swing like a nunchuku, it is nothing more then "dramatic".

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 19, 2011, 04:05:34 PM »
I agree C-Gong fu! I run a very large corporation and am measured daily on my ability to fulfill my "word". Sometimes, there are financial consequences to them that affect the company, but as a good leader, you back-up what you say you're going to do regardless of those "consequences". In the case for the Gathering, the only consequence is...Pain! There is no shame in saying that "I can't make it", "i'm not ready","I'm broke" or "I'm scared shitless". But if you say you're going to go, many people are expecting you, not only for the "numbers" in turn-out, but also to fight and develop is time to Step-up, Step-back, Put-up or Shut up.
Heal up! we're dancing in a few months!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 19, 2011, 02:50:47 PM »
Never make a commitments for something that no have little, or no intentions in fulfilling. Your word, whether verbal or written is the measure of you!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: July 19, 2011, 10:30:38 AM »
great article! Yesterday as sat at my desk, I went to pick up the phone and a strange sharp pain entered my right wrist. As if one of my Carpal bones had shifted, and I needed to somehow do some joint mobilization and get it back in place. Poor timing had it, that a patient showed up for me to consult and I found that I was attempting to "recrack" my hand back in never did. As I got home, I spent most of the time guarding it and icing what seemed to be an Arthritic joint. You see, genetically, I'm predisposed to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is probably why I have no Cartilage in my right shoulder (that too will be a "dead arm" as stated in the article). As I am attempting to healing from my Shoulder Arthroscopy, my left hamstring lambrum (from a recent tear), my left hand contusion (from the Tribal) the right hand "arthritis", I am reminded of how old I am. It is easy to forget when you are 5'2" and still look young on the outside. But my "internal" wiring, like a car, is deteriorating. My wife jokingly stated that I may be too old to fight anymore. What?....I know eventually I will have to be a mentor rather then a fighter (like Crafty), but it is difficult to deal with since I have fought for 3 decades now, and found in the Dog Brothers a "true love" again in fighting.
So, As I sit with my splint on my right hand, Ice machine on my right shoulder, performing massage on my left hand and stretching my hamstring any time I stand without moving too long (All of which I do everyday), I remind myself that there will be a time to stop, but just not now,...AND that it is better to be a "Has been" then a "wanna-be".

Woof C-Mighty Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 18, 2011, 07:05:09 PM »
Congrats to all of the EURO Dog Brothers who have stepped up and did what it took to ascend! Hope you'll show up to a Tribal one year. WOOOOF

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Training Camp August 12-14
« on: July 17, 2011, 08:20:28 AM »
Sounds great Crafty!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Rad Martinez is my new favorite fighter
« on: July 17, 2011, 07:21:14 AM »

Damn. Put fighting aside, that is a Great guy! As a therapist working with all types, even TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries), I know Exactly what it takes for this level of care. You can't help but get Choked up watching this. I think that everyone should. Thanks Big Dog for finding this. I'm going to watch out for this guy and really hope that he makes it. Every fighter has a story....mine is nothing compared to this guy.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 16, 2011, 02:03:35 PM »
Ron Balicki tried getting me a job once as one of the bad guys/things but at 6'1" I was 1" too tall for the maximum allowed for the costume.

I gotta say, the whole "visual" of you as an octopus monster or whatever, had me grinning ear to ear!  :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Training Camp August 12-14
« on: July 16, 2011, 06:47:13 AM »
Woof Crafty,
Though I am open to learning new scenarios (carjacking), I am attending Camp to understand YOUR techniques, terminology, and advice to get through the next Gathering, and eventually teach your system. With much respect to Damien, I wouldn't want you to leave out something that may be of value to me to fit in his segment. On top of that....Carjacking? ...I would let them have it in a heartbeat, I have insurance.  So....with that being said I am open to an EXTRA session, but not a replacement in the curriculum.

C-Mighty Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 15, 2011, 04:07:59 PM »
Yes...36th Chambers of Shaolin is the BEST movie with 3SS ever!!! And to be honest, this is where I got most of my techniques from   :wink: :-) :-) :-)

so THAT's the secret! This whole time, I was wasting watching Power Ranger episodes for the latest techniques!  :lol:

I know Bro! NoHo is fighting in your Honor this year. See you in Feb.


I am looking forward to that fight!

Me too  :-)

But C-Mighty Dog is the fastest guy I ever the thought that he will now maybe go Double Sticks against my 3SS is kind of scary  :-o

regarding the "speed", it's an illusion. Because I'm sooo tiny, you have a hard time seeing me  :-D

But, Like Crafty stated earlier...I may come to regret my generous gift to you. Now that it's been wielded with some power, and has broken some bones, it surely is a formidable weapon. I can't wait for the "re-match" bro. I'm developing a unique combo for next Tribal....The cane and nunchukus. I made a pair of "chucks" out of the K.I.L. rattan last night, and plan on having K.I.L. make me a Cane out of the same material.

It will be an "enlightening" experience for sure! See you next year C-Gong Fu Dog!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Training Camp August 12-14
« on: July 12, 2011, 02:08:29 PM »
Woof! I'm coming for Sat and Sunday. I had to compromise with a Daddy/Daughter Camping trip from Wed to Fri. So, Sat and Sunday it is. Those of you who plan on the "end of day Ocean swim", remember, Guro Crafty would have just returned from Europe. Based off of the photos of Switzerland's Gathering, we may catch Crafty still in the "Euro Groove" and sportin' a SPEEDO!...just a warning is all!  :-D

Toki C-Mighty Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 10, 2011, 08:03:59 AM »
"Newly Ascended Gong Fu Dog"....Does that mean that C-Gong Fu Dog has made Full Dog Brother?........ :)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 09, 2011, 07:22:47 AM »
yeah Rick, maybe at  Tribal Gathering where the fighters have a "learning" mindset and not "reactive". I fear that a person...any person..who hasn't fought enough in a Gathering would lack the control or ability to "hold back" when they need too in the adrenaline state. You would see things used in the Tribal that you wouldn't see in an "Open". Such as Aluminum Swords and dagger fights which has a high likelihood for massive damage due to PSI (pounds per square inch)increase. Mae Sowks have been brought up as weapons in previous gatherings. I guess it depends on the person using them. You have to fight a person with that minset of "Pushing" but not "Breaking". Hope you have a great "mini" gathering bro. Let me know how the Mask works!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 08, 2011, 01:11:37 PM »
Hahaha! I'm glad he likes it. I am having K.I.L. make me a custom Cane for next time. One with a bigger hook. I look forward to seeing how C-Gong Fu's 3 sectional skills progresses. Hopefully he learns to fight in Corto range with it so the fights become much more technical (Frankly, am tired of being taken down :))

Thanks for your consideration Dr. Rick! Don't worry, I don't feel like I'm beating up one of my "children" :). I really look forward to our double stick fight. I've been really working my left and it's about 75% of my Right side now. I'm pretty excited to see how much more I can progress in the next 2 months. This will be my first "scrap" with doubles in a Gathering. Poi mentioned that he is looking forward to the staff fight with you. Just like last year, you certainly are NOT having "cake-walk" fights. Props to you bro! Other then you, my other 4 fights are with Full Dogs. Gotta earn my way to full acsention. Look forward to seeing you again Woof!

Thanks Crafty! I know that you're working with him and he'll have more "bag-o-tricks" next time. I certain look forward to the guidence. :-D

Woof C-Gong Fu!...You thought I was fast at this past Tribal!...I'm finding a whole nother level of speed in prep to fight you next year. There is NO WAY I'm letting you get your mitts on me to pull me into guard next time.  :wink:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: European “Gathering of the Pack” 2011
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:15:59 AM »
Have some GREAT fights! I will Eventually make it out there one year. What I see is, there are alot of Newbee's fighting. I'm sure with your experience, you'll do well, while most of them will be wondering why they signed up!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA in the Philippines
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:11:31 AM »
You're Absolutely correct Point Dog on the Winners and Losers (tournament terminology). You probably already know that I used "tournament" for our new guy, as he probably didn't know what a Gathering was,...otherwise HE would have used it. Have some great fights next week! :lol:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA in the Philippines
« on: July 04, 2011, 07:27:06 AM »
Wow! For your first request, you couldn't have started off "smaller scale" like...A good pair of sticks...Some DBMA shorts... or even a Secret technique? :)
I don't think that "Holding" a tournament is an issue at all, it's getting the participants. This is a challenge here too, when it comes to Whole schools or Styles.  What usually happens is a few individuals decide on their own to "give it a go". They either love it or hate it. Those who embrace to experience usually decide to start their own little training groups with "like-minded" individuals, since they can't get their school or teacher to subscribe to the benefit.
Can you imagine what would happen if several "whole" schools participated in a Bare-Stick tournament? The result would be chaos a bad Kung fu movie between rival schools. Credability, trust, revenue...lost.
It is no different from any another Combat system that relies on it's image to move fourth,'s easier to stay within the safety and security of the training structures then to actually prove it on the mat, ring, circle or street. This is no different then in the 80's when Several Karate teachers became kickboxers to prove their skill,...everybody else watched. Think about it, it the land where stick and knife fighting came bare stick tournment, even after 20+ years of Crafty Dog holding his,...there is a reason for this.

C-Mighty Dog

Woof CMG

Canadian Dogs are preping as we speak, forms will be in this week some time

I'm holding my breath..............................still holding................ :)

Me too C-Gong Fu Dog! The Open Gathering is not like the Tribal, it's more caotic and some what "zoo" like. Like the Euro Open I would imagine...many fighters coming for the first time with little to no stick experience do "dance" and see if they like it. The good part is seeing some of those with no experience come back a year later with some Stick fighting abilities because they realize that they should get a teacher, or train harder. See you in May!

Hahaha! I didn't think you'd chime in Dr. Rick, the Toro and NoHo has a "smack-talk" contest before each Gathering. Don't worry, I'm saving a lil something for you too :), make sure you bring your best dancing shoes, cuz it we're using the whole floor. Crafty asked me to post here to get you guys from falling asleep.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: July 02, 2011, 04:46:38 PM »
The Headstand is something that I need you to "demonstrate" at Fight Camp! Not that I doubt that you can, but the visual of your Five Fingers in the air while your face turns red is hysterical!  :lol:

I like to see the list growing. Now, to get the California "casually late" people, and the "on the fence" guys/girls to get in a commit. I'm still ramped up from the Tribal and am bringing my "A" game as always to the fights. My (post Op surgery) shoulder hurts, but not as much as the pain I would feel from sitting and watching. NoHo is going to represent well in honor of our leader Pappy Dog being absent and deployed to Afganistan. Haven't seen any of our Canadian brothers on the list...hmmm, whatcha waiting for? I plan on taking the shirt right off your back :)

WOOF! C-Mighty Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:14:33 AM »
Rick, All this news of you having limited movement because of knee pain brings tears to my eyes!....Tears of joy that is! I believe we have a dance coming up. Though I would like to fight you when you're at 100%. We are both old men now and I'll take any advantage I can get! :)

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:11:17 AM »
It's between the index and middle. Mild lateral movement really hurts, also, just hitting the speed bag straight on with it again pain.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: June 29, 2011, 07:00:53 AM »
I came back from my Post-Op shoulder surgery appt. The surgeon broke the bad news that when he went "in", they found that I was miss all my Cartilage on the lower half of my shoulder girdle, both anterior and posterior. He states that it is very rare and not sure how it happened. May be genetic.
He was AMAZED that I had all my range of motion back. I told him that he put "resume activity with NO restrictions", so I did. I don't take pain meds as I feel that my body eventually copes then blocks it out on it's own. But I am back to training with the same Zeal as I had before...just slower.
I made a commitment that I would work my weak side for 4 months, and will continue with that plan. My concern is that I have increased swelling in between my First and Second MPJ and it is very tender to lateral movement and full flexion since the Tribal. X-rays are negative for a fracture, so it obviously is Soft tissue damage, which now hinders my Left side in regards to grip and some swings.
At nearly 44 y/o, my body on the outside looks 25, the internal workings however...44!

Woof! C-Mighty Dog

Get ...out.. of here!!!! Really! That's awesome!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Rest in Peace
« on: June 01, 2011, 06:29:49 AM »
He was a great man. I had the honor of training with him in the late 80's and early 90's when I too was doing Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. He will be missed.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Dog Brothers Tribe
« on: May 22, 2011, 10:47:51 AM »
C- Wandering Dog, Congrats on the name and the right to use it!

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Training Camp August 12-14
« on: May 19, 2011, 01:42:19 PM »
I will be fresh out of surgery and in a sling, but plan on being there as a wall flower.  :wink:

 :-D ...That is a much better option for CK. Believe me, if I could routinely make the 200 mile round trip commute, you'd see me more often. I do love my NOHO tribe though.

I had initially hoped to be able to attend the tribal this year -- but I got embroiled in training for an MMA fight and then in preparing to move . . . to SoCal.  So chances of attending in the future just sky-rocketed.  Sounds like it was a great event.  Hats off to the fighters.  See you all in 3 . 2 . 1 .


Hey brother, are you planning on training with NOHO? I would be great to have some new blood and fellow Dog to our group.

I'm heading into massive surgery to repair the damage from the last "Open" Gathering this June 21st. Will be having 2 specialist rebuild my right Pec, Reconnect my right Biceps tendon, and my right rotator cuff. They say it will be 7 months in rehab. I've always been a quick healer. It will at least allow me to work on my Left hand. If I am "healed" but lack strength, I hope to be at this one too if I am able. "Fight with what you got" is what I say, and do it is long and often as you can.

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