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Just chiming in here.  I'd like to encourage my fellow veteran fighters ("Dog" and up) to try and get in a fight with at least one cherry fighter.  As the "veterans", I think a large part of our tribal responsibility is to bring new fighters into the fold, and to lead by example what we expect of fighters within the tribe.  I can certainly understand why many of us put in iPods to listen to music (to "find-the-zone/silence-the-chatter/cool-mystical-deep-phrase-of-choice"), but I'd like to encourage our tribe members to reach out to the newbies.  Engage them in conversation and help them get over their chatter, as it is likely MUCH louder for them.  We've "been there, done that" so to speak, and we're back, so we can help them find the same joy we find in the mutual testing.

Knowing that most of us prefer to challenge ourselves, we often overlook the newer fighters because we are looking to fight at or near the edge of our limits.  To compensate, you can always handicap yourself - a lighter stick, a 1st gen mask, lighter gloves, fighting with the complementary hand, etc. to ensure you're making things challenging.  I truly believe that if we really commit to this challenge, we will strengthen the tribe exponentially over time.  We stand only to gain.  As with the vast majority of things I post online, this is just my $.02.  Thanks for reading, and now, please bear with me as I climb down off of my soapbox...

Okay, having rambled on through that, I am looking to set up a fight or 2 here on the forum.  I've already got my staff fight with Doc set, I'd also like to set up either an espada y daga, a single stick, a double stick, and/or a knife-v-'weapon of opportunity' (rolled up magazine).  I'm going to keep most of my single sticks fights open for cherry fighters.  Yes - I know this is an ambitious line-up, but God/Fate/Nothing willing, I'll manage (fingers/toes/eyes crossed).  Any takers? Look forward to seeing y'all in September.  :-D

Aloha, Poi

Would love to have a single stick fight If you'd welcome another "cherry fighter"

Looking to schedule about 3-4 fights: 

1)  Doulbe stick vs Double stick *(hidden knives encourged),  no grapping rules, would enjoy keeping the fight on its feet.

2)  Single stick vs whateva (no rules)

3)  Kife fight - aluminum or shock knives.(no rules)

b4)  *** Maybe double stick  vs Staff

Well, just got home from a fun night working the Club and Im dozzzin offf while pushnig keys.


Kajiu Dog

As this will be my first time at a gathering, I would be honored if you still have a knife fight opening.

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