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 what's in that sequence is what's known to me as sqaut thrust. a burpee, to my knowledge, DOES include a push-up and a jump to be counted as one rep.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: 8 year olds fighting MMA?!?
« on: February 14, 2008, 02:13:11 PM »
 i think you two guys are missing the point of why I'M not for this. i'm not against against kids competing in mma at all. i'm against them competing like professionals. kids in thailand fght professionally because they ARE the ones who feed the family- a VeRY different reason to what this thread is about. get a point system, protective gear, etc. then it would be like doing a sport, not unlike TKD, judo, wrestling, boxing, pee wee football, etc., etc. i'm of the feeling you guys don't have kids, maybe you do. my feeling of this clip is that the kids are being exploited because its kids doing pro stlyle mma; it did not have the feeling of a legit competition.
i don't have much more to say about this.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: 8 year olds fighting MMA?!?
« on: February 12, 2008, 07:52:36 PM »
  ''C-Frankfurter and all others,
  What are your thoughts regarding children in Thailand fighting at even younger ages?''

 i'm not feeling that either, but there is a VERY different reason why those boys are fighting to what going on in the clip this thread is about. 3rd world countries are almost a whole different reality than what we know, or think we know.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: 8 year olds fighting MMA?!?
« on: February 11, 2008, 06:36:11 PM »
 i'm not OKAY at all with that :x what was the point in having those kids fight in that environment?? was it so they could be the youngest professionals to fight mma? that was pretty crappy, and it makes me feel uneasy & riled. kids training mma is fine, sparring mma is fine with me, 8 year olds in the cage fighting in a professional-like atmosphere does not feel ''right'' with me. that wasn't cute or entertaining to me.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Movie Fights
« on: January 16, 2008, 10:23:17 PM »
 i was watching the 1st Blade movie yesterday on STARZ. there are actually a couple good fight scenes in there!


 that may not be law,but reads like justice. however law abiding i may think of myself, i am human. if this were to happen to my daughter, i've a feeling my reaction wouldn't be that different.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Sayoc kali?
« on: September 23, 2007, 10:27:30 PM »

Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Thread
« on: September 20, 2007, 07:44:06 PM »
   i was wondering the same thing about the leonard trigg comment nate made. as i'm sure you know, he no longer trains with team quest, and looking at his corner i would think he's doing his training in vegas.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Suzanne Spezzano: Majadpahit Silat
« on: August 10, 2007, 02:17:03 PM »

  do you e-mail her to buy the DVD or was there some place online you were able to purchase it? let me know.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: What would you have done?
« on: July 05, 2007, 09:53:46 PM »

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Boxing Thread
« on: May 15, 2007, 03:37:37 PM »
delahoya vs. mayweather........

i just wanted to say this was one of the most frustrating boxing bouts I have watched. i am one of the biggest advocates of oscar but the way he fought against mayweather had me not watching the last 3 rounds. one of the most puzzling things he said after they asked why he stopped using the jab after the 1st few rounds,''it just wasn't a jab night''! mayweather fought a tactically flawless fight to me, and the one judge who had oscar as the winner must have been paying too much attention to the ring girls.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: I'm new to this! (Introduce yourself!)
« on: May 15, 2007, 03:31:24 PM »
  i, too, remember seeing the 1st series advertised in blackbelt,etc. mags as part of panther's video catalogue. when i finally was able to get the 1st videos i NEVER thought i would EVER fight a gathering like most of you have said. i was hoping,though, it would be only a matter of time before i trained in DBMA though. i never would have thought i'd be where i am today in my DBMA journey.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Interest in a DBMA Class in Redondo Beach?
« on: March 20, 2007, 06:48:37 PM »

   i just wanted to say you a cool dude. it's really nice the way you're giving us props for just being there to help out mr. saurez and guro marc. i had alot of fun during the weekend myself.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Forrest Griifin's emotional reaction postfight
« on: January 20, 2007, 11:46:21 PM »
 i could be very wrong, but i feel alot of the reason he was so emotional was because felt he let down his trainers and training partners. yes he is a top competitor, but he doesn't really fight like one. he fights, to me, with more heart and will than with a well thought out AND executed gameplan. from what you read he is like one of the hardest workers in the gym, but also one of the nicest, most likeable, and most personable. i think he has alot of guys that put in their own personal time in helping him prepare for that fight that when he lost, especially the way he lost, he not only felt bad for himself but felt really bad for letting  all the guys down(coaches,training partners,friends,etc.). again, maybe i'm way off, but that is my feeling.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: WHERE IS THE FOOTWORK!?!
« on: December 31, 2006, 10:58:45 AM »
    honestly, i think the reason WE see the lack of footwork in fighting is because of our training with guro marc. because of the way he shows his fighters create openings in our stickfights and the kali tudo with footwark we see things we think pros should do. i know ''saying'' is easier than doing, but in the fights last night, and most mma fights, footwork is mainly straight forward and backward. even those that circle use that footwork for defense and we hardly ever see someone use footwork to create angles to be offensive. people say they do train this but we don't see it. the closest was when even tanner was doing those drive-by's on phil baroni a couple to few years back. most try to use feints and head movement to try and create an offensive opening but not footwork.

Martial Arts Topics / Brian ''Porn Star'' Jung
« on: September 20, 2006, 11:38:12 PM »
     do me a favor and e-mail me and give me a what's up. just want to see how you and your familiy are doing with all the ''seriousness'' that's going on over there. i e-mailed you also but posted here hoping you're able catch one of my messages soon.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Fight Science On National Geographic
« on: August 21, 2006, 07:42:19 PM »
 i liked it alot. i thought it was very cool. it may not be, mma, reality based, etc., but i know seeing alot of those moves those martial artists were doing was what made me get into the martial arts. the kung fu guy, the karate guy, the tkd guy,and the ninjitsu guy were all very cool. of course seeing guro dan, rickson gracie, and melchor menor were my favorite pats, but i liked the whole show.

Martial Arts Topics / Next gathering...
« on: August 10, 2006, 09:53:53 PM »
by the way bjung- YOU DA MAN!!! how about e-mailing a pinoy sometime. it's nice to stay in contact with friends you know. e-mail me a what's up!

Martial Arts Topics / Next gathering...
« on: August 10, 2006, 09:51:13 PM »
this is concerning the '' in recent years there has been a lot of techniques taught that have not been applied at the gatherings'' statement made on that other forum. i have been involved fighting at the gatherings only in ''recent years'' and i've used attacking blocks, i've used the off lead, the lameco cross step, drift shots to the knee, combining stick and footwork and cycle drills have been VERY useful for my movement during those few fights i've had, and the footwork matrix defined in recent dvds have helped me to see openings/angles for attack and to stay safe. the staff DVD is almost exclusively movements guro marc has used in his own staff fights and movements guro ben (lonely dog) uses. los triques and krabi krabong have also been utlilized effectively by students trained by guro marc. during guro ben's last fights at last years gathering he used the camel toe and staff movements that can be found in the cycle drills dvd and the staff dvd. everything that guro marc has put out is being used at the gatherings to this day, whether it's used as guro marc says a generator or it is the actual technique (and sometimes,most times, it is both). kali tudo- i do not plan on fighting NHB but i can tell you i even use this in my boxing/kickboxing sparring. i was really a kind of surprised a comment like that was said. these are only my examples, but there are many others AND you sure do not have to be one of guro marc's students to benefit from any of the DVDs .  to be sure everything that guro marc puts  out is used in the gatherings to THIS day, as well as being used in preparing for a gathering, in friendly play, friendly sparring, hard sparring, etc.

    and there are many,many useful tools to ''play'' with at today's gatherings from even the 1st series.


Martial Arts Topics / MMA
« on: July 11, 2006, 02:19:03 PM »
i really liked the stevenson/yves edwards fight. i thought they were being really tough on joe stevenson putting him against edwards for his 1st fight @155. edwards IS a world class lightweight and a legit contender for any organization's title. that was nasty cut stevenson gave edwards- edwards was lucky it was on the top of his head, at least giving him a chance to continue.

    it's too bad that ortiz/shamrock fight was stopped fast. i think it was certain that ortiz was well on his way to an easy win over ken s. i just think with that fast stoppage we will now see a ortiz/shamrock III and the continued WWE/childish rivalry that occurs.

     arlovski/tim s. was maybe the biggest let down of a fight i've ever seen. as all have said why did he stop with the leg kicks?!?! doesn't he know how to throw a right straight down the middle? does arlovski only know how to throw an overhand right? on top of that he was throwing an overhand right while moving backwards. i totally agree with guro marc and his questioning about arlovski's corner. one comment i heard them say was, '' andrei, fight your fight.'' what does that mean?!? that guy may be a rickson gracie brown belt and arlovki's bjj teacher, but he is no coach/cornerman. look at sylvia- he was the one throwing legs kicks, even did a spinning back kick, and almost caught arlovski with a high knee to counter one of andrei's MANY right hands. and his corner was giving him CONCRETE coaching about movement, looking for a counter,etc. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! arlovski should have been all over this guy!

Martial Arts Topics / Tito Ortiz uses FMA
« on: June 05, 2006, 06:22:34 PM »
i'm sure couture did train that ''elbow destruction'' technique with erik paulson. that one-arm pillar with elbow pointing  towards whatever comes to you face is one of erik paulson's punch defenses. it was tailor made , in my opinion, for a guy like vitor. for all the accolades about vitor's striking i never thought he had that many tools. he was fast and pwerful but he only went in a straight line and only threw straight punches. people always talk about randy's clinch work with paulson but i always thought that this one-arm pillar defense is what broke down vitor's striking strategy during their fight (the 1st one).

    as for ortiz using FMA he's trying to use rodney king's crazy monkey defense. whether crazy monkey is influenced by FMA i don't know, but alot of the concepts are similar to me.

Martial Arts Topics / Gathering on June 6 or June 25 ?
« on: April 27, 2006, 04:42:25 PM »
  it's still june 25. guro marc was saying june 2006, not june 6, 2006.

Martial Arts Topics / Knife vs. Gun
« on: February 22, 2006, 06:59:38 PM »
   you DA man!

Martial Arts Topics / Training for Stick Fighting--Beginner
« on: February 15, 2006, 06:19:05 PM »
i 6th the recommendation. i know it will be available on DVD soon but the tapes are an invaluable tool for your FMA fight training and, at least for me, just fun to watch. from the tapes themselves to the training, to the fights,etc. the series is just good. you may not know 12 disarms for 12 angles but if you practice, or just even watch, what's on this series you feel you know much more about the art. for each of the gatherings i've been in i've always referenced the series. it even kind of video documents the beginning of Dog Brothers.

Martial Arts Topics / Undefeated
« on: December 27, 2005, 04:05:01 PM »
the gatherings are about much more than ''winning'' or ''losing''. this is why no one-NO ONE  gets recognition with 1st place, 2nd place,etc. and fight records are not kept (maybe personally they are, but you won't hear next up is so and so who's 64 wins with only 2 losses). if you've come to the gathering -in my opinion- to come and claim your gold medal you've come for the wrong reason.

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