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Martial Arts Topics / Training Knives
« on: April 17, 2007, 11:06:00 PM »

Hey Guys!

I recently purchased some new trainers and I have been very impressed with them.   Check out the website here:

They are made from polycarbonate rather than aluminum.   In my opinion this has some advantages.  First, the polycarb is just as tough or maybe even tougher than aluminum, and it doesn't get those annoying "burs" that can scratch up your training partner.  It also seems that it allows for more designs.  John has several knife designs that includes crossguards that you don't typically see on aluminum trainers.   He also has a Vietnam Tomahawk trainer.   An aluminum trainer looks like a steel knife, which can have some psychological training advantages for both partners.  But it can also attract unwanted attention if you are training in public.  The polycarb may be a more "politically correct" trainer in public places.

John has a large variety of models and told me he has more in development.  He also does some nice custom designs.  He answered my questions promptly by eMail and shipped promptly when I placed my order.   He seemed like a really good guy to deal with and does good work.   Check him out!  :-)


Martial Arts Topics / Panantukan & Kali Tudo
« on: November 21, 2006, 11:21:50 PM »
Greetings all!!!

Panantukan is my favorite aspect of the FMA's.  I love the way that the FMA empty-hand material is grafted so effectively onto a western boxing base.   I recently purchased and have worked thru the Kali Tudo videos and was impressed with the content.  I'm looking to more installments in this series!   Having also seen and worked on the stick material, I know that the dog brother approach to some extent is to take the "traditional" drills and training methods and put them into the crucible of the fight and see what shakes out.   I've been impressed with the training drills that are presented on the stick videos that are obviously a "been there and done that" summary of what works.   So my question is this......

How much of the Panantukan material has been found to hold up in a real fighting situation in the dog brother experience?   What has not been found to be reliably effective?   On the Kali Tudo DVDs I didn't see limb destructions discussed.   Seems to me that this would be one aspect that would show up pretty well and really help the cage fighter.   After all, its very acceptable to pound a guy's quad with round kicks to reduce his mobility and kicking ability....why not pound a guy's biceps with elbow strikes to reduce his ability to punch? 

Anyway....I realize that I have managed to write a rather rambling post.  :-)    The main thing I am interested is seeing discussed is the relationship between "traditional" Panantukan and the Kali Tudo approach to empty-hand fighting.   Thanks!


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