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Politics & Religion / Re: The Gray Economy
« Last post by DougMacG on Today at 10:46:34 AM »
G M: "The only land you own is the land you control.

If you have a piece of paper that says you own the land, but it can be looted, burned or you dare not set foot upon it, then do you really own anything but the paper?"

Right.  You don't really own your land or property if your jurisdiction thinks they own it. Still I think own is better than rent if you wa t to make security alterations, for one reason.
".600,000 vote spike in PA, 99.5% for Biden. Odd or just a popular guy?"

Amazing how so many people can be in a conspiracy and yet so silent, when they are promised reparations
and citizen status ,  and are well funded by globalists Bloombergs Soros Hollywood, and covered for by Democrat lawyers and media
Politics & Religion / Re: Ilhan Omar underperforms
« Last post by DougMacG on Today at 08:16:55 AM »

From the article:
"In Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, Biden received 328,764 votes, President Donald Trump received 72,323 votes, Omar received 255,920 votes and her Republican challenger Lacy Johnson received 102,878 votes."

Omar underperformed, black Republican Lacy Johnson 'overperformed', broke through the black, Democratic firewall.  It is now okay in the neighborhood to be black and vote Republican.   That changes the get out the vote operation.  Now Democrats have to talk to blacks about issues, not just fill up buses and pass out ballots.

Telling also was that Omar won her primary roughly 60-40. A normal incumbent should win 99-1 but this was a clear choice between regular Democrat and off the edge wacko left and the latter includes the majority of urban Dems. 

The huge margins in the city in the general election show that Democrat support is way too concentrated.  Biden won the state but Republicans won the State Senate and flipped one congressional seat to make a divided delegation of 4-4.  If not for Dem success in the rich white suburbs where they flipped two seats in 2018, that representation would be 6 - 2 Republican, even if losing Minneapolis and St Paul by huge margins.
600,000 vote spike in PA, 99.5% for Biden. Odd or just a popular guy?
Science, Culture, & Humanities / Roberts votes with the libs
« Last post by ccp on Today at 05:05:49 AM »

I wonder with  Justice  Barrett now on the Court will Ch. Just. Roberts now become even more of a lib?

Politics & Religion / MUST READ!
« Last post by G M on November 25, 2020, 10:58:45 PM »
Martial Arts Topics / Thanksgiving and a small Expression of Gratitude
« Last post by DougMacG on November 25, 2020, 06:42:03 PM »
2020 was a strange year (so far) full of danger, disappointment and setbacks, but still I am  thankful to be alive and healthy and doing well.

In the under 65 age group, I faced a 0.00018  chance of dying this year due to covid and so far have avoided that.

Contrast this Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims who faced real danger. 45 of 102 Mayflower passengers died in the winter of 1620–21.

We are (mostly) fortunate to live in amazingly prosperous times, and I am thankful for the good health of family in this challenging year.
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