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Crimes of interest: 2 Wanted in Umbrella Slaying
« on: April 29, 2007, 06:16:27 AM »
Herewith begins a thread dedicated to crimes of interest:

Italian Police Search for 2 Wanted in Brutal Umbrella Slaying of Woman in Subway

Sunday , April 29, 2007

Italian TV stations on Sunday repeatedly showed videos of two women sought in the slaying of a young woman who was fatally stabbed in the eye with an umbrella on the subway platform of Rome's main train station.

News programs played video from surveillance cameras from Rome's Termini rail station, and newspapers ran front-page photos of the two suspects, dressed in white pants and white jackets, walking up a station staircase after the attack.

The ferocity of the attack shocked the nation, where violent crime on mass transport is rare.

Vanessa Russo, 22, died of wounds suffered when she was stabbed in the eye with the umbrella's tip while on her way to work on Thursday. Witnesses and surveillance cameras indicated that two women were involved in the attack.

News reports said that police were investigating whether the victim had argued with the two women shortly before being stabbed, or had made clear that she suspected them of trying to pick her pocket.

A top Rome police official, Alberto Intini, said that fingerprints found on the umbrella were fragmentary but that investigators hoped to get enough DNA traces off the umbrella to confirm that any suspect identified was one of the killers.
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